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CNN’s This Morning comes home to Atlanta

February 6, 2024

By Chris Forrester

There was a time when all of CNN’s output came from Atlanta. It also had major news bureaux in London (for CNN International) as well as Washington DC (for US politics) and New York (for US business). But in a major move CNN is moving its important This Morning show from New York to CNN’s HQ in Atlanta, Georgia.

The show’s existing 50 staff have been invited to apply for similar jobs at Atlanta, according to reports from the US. The changes affect CNN’s US domestic schedule. CNN’s Internation broadcasts sometimes dip into domestic transmissions when there’s important breaking news.

CNN’s new chief, Mark Thompson, notified CNN staff of the change in a memo, saying: “We have decided to reshape how we approach mornings on domestic cable. First, we’re expanding the show currently known as Early Start by an hour so that in future it will run from 5-7am ET under the CNN This Morning brand. It will be anchored as now by Kasie Hunt in DC and will be produced in Atlanta. Second, we’re moving our CNN News Central franchise with John Berman, Kate Bolduan and Sara Sidner up to 7am and will run it until 10am ET. This production team will continue to be based in Atlanta.”

“That move opens up two hours of new programming at 10am and 11am. Jim Acosta will anchor CNN Newsroom at 10am, and 11am will feature The Bulletin with Pamela Brown, which will launch in the spring. Wolf Blitzer will anchor the 11am hour in the interim while Pam is on maternity leave. Both of these shows will also be produced out of Atlanta,” Thompson added.

“These changes mean that we will no longer produce morning programming in New York and will be disbanding the team that currently produces CNN This Morning in that city. Our New York-based primetime and weekend programming will continue,” he told staff.

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