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nexfibre confirms 800,000 premises RFS

February 23, 2024

nexfibre, the next-generation fibre network operator, has published its latest quarterly rollout update – which confirms that it now has more than 800,000 premises passed and ready for service (RFS).

This update details the progress nexfibre continues to make in deploying its full-fibre network across the UK and that it is on track to reach 5 million premises by 2026. It expects to hit 1 million premises shortly, and is set to become the second largest competitive fibre network by the end of the year.

The report sets out the existing footprint, current activity in-quarter and locations planned for 2024, as well as a map, outlining the continued expansion of nexfibre’s network. With broad coverage across the UK, the places set to benefit with significant volumes include  Lincolnshire, Durham, Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Kent and Buckinghamshire. Wales and Scotland are particular areas of focus, with new areas announced in this release including Annan, Auchterarder and Biggar.

The network operator recently announced it will invest £1 billion in broadband infrastructure this year as part of its plans to drive long-term competition in the fibre access market on a national scale.

Rajiv Datta, Chief Executive of nexfibre, said: “Our latest rollout update outlines the remarkable progress we’ve made; we are on track to build more than any other competitive fibre network this year (aside from the incumbent). Our aim is not just to transform access to full fibre broadband; but also to provide lasting national-scale competition in the full fibre market across the UK. We are here to be the sustainable catalyst that is required to drive progress and innovation, and in doing so stoke the growth the UK economy needs. Our focus from here is on ramping up our rollout and actively working with growth-focused ISPs – that prioritise quality, stability, and customer service – and onboarding them to our network. We’ve made a good start, and remain focused on boosting our presence in the market in the coming months.”

nexfibre has significant capability to invest thanks to its strategic investors in InfraVia Capital Partners, Liberty Global and Telefónica, with £4.5 billion in agreed financing. It also has an exclusive partnership with Virgin Media O2, the second largest retail ISP in the UK, providing a material baseline of penetration to build upon.

As a wholesale-only provider, nexfibre says it is committed to building and maintaining a quality full-fibre infrastructure platform for all ISPs and businesses.

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