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Brightcove launches new web-based video editing tool

March 12, 2024

Brightcove, the streaming technology company, has added web-based video editing capabilities to its Emmy Award-winning streaming technology platform. The new core functionality will add easy-to-use editing that aims to accelerate video creation, management, and publishing workflows.

Designed to serve the needs of publishers, marketing, social media, HR, and communications professionals, the editing functionality is intuitively designed for anyone to use, ensuring all users can leverage its full potential, regardless of their level of video expertise.

“In today’s rapid-paced content environment, rich but accessible video editing tools are essential for teams to create and curate high-quality content,” said Scott Levine, Chief Product Officer at Brightcove. “Brightcove’s in-platform editing functionality eases the video content creation process for teams who want to publish high-quality videos quickly. Our goal is to make Brightcove a one-stop shop for all of our customers’ video marketing and communications needs.”

Brightcove’s web-based video editor allows customers to create content from start to finish within the streaming platform. Included in Brightcove’s Marketing Studio and Communications Studio solutions, this new feature will help customers:

  • Create “snackable” content from longer videos: Repurpose existing video content by editing recordings into clips, highlight reels, or condensed versions for specific audiences. Users can trim and cut sections within larger videos or merge points to create new clips, reels, or highlights, perfect for sharing on social media or other platforms. They can also add graphics, logos, music, artwork and other creative elements.
  • Package Employee-Generated Content: Users can source and edit recordings from employees or other contributors into a finalised video to publish internally or externally.
  • Develop Promotional Video Content: Edit video content with customizable templates for promotions, campaign purposes, and personalized content. Users can also create their own company templates for efficient and quick content creation.
  • Edit video for various channels: Edit or crop brand-ready content to distribute to different channels for broader reach while meeting requirements for specific aspect ratios, including vertical videos.

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