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Media Excel showcases DIVA encoding at NAB

April 14, 2024

Media Excel, headquartered in Austin, Texas, will showcase its artificial intelligence-based video encoding technology, DIVA encoding, at the NAB Show, which will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 14th onwards.

DIVA (Dynamic Intelligent Video Adaptive) encoding’s innovative approach maximizes encoding efficiency by analysing optimal encoding settings for input videos, thereby optimising codec performance to its fullest potential. Moreover, it conducts all analyses, identifications, and encodings in real-time. As a result, DIVA achieves unprecedented levels of video quality at the same bitrate and remarkable compression efficiency at equivalent quality levels.

One key advantage of Media Excel’s DIVA encoding is its applicability to any video codec. This enables service providers to enhance content quality and achieve bitrate savings simply by replacing encoders or transcoders within their existing encoding service environments.

The demand in the encoding and transcoding market for high-quality video and efficient bandwidth utilisation has evolved into a need for new codec developments and their adoption. However, frequent codec development and adoption cycles burden media service providers financially. Additionally, to achieve optimal encoding or maximize encoding, service providers have long endeavored through numerous trial and error attempts to find the best encoding settings. However, this alone proves challenging in maximising encoding performance.

With the newly launched DIVA encoding feature from Media Excel, service providers can maximise existing codec performance without the cost burden of investing in new codecs, thereby resolving longstanding issues in the media service provider industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Unparalleled Video Quality: Provides superior visual excellence with better video quality at the same bitrate.
  • Exceptional Compression Efficiency: Guarantees efficient bandwidth usage by delivering significantly reduced bitrate content without compromising quality
  • Cost-effective Solution: Extends the lifespan of current service chains and delays the financial impact of transitioning to new codecs.
  • Seamless Integration: Smoothly implements this technology within existing infrastructures by simply replacing encoders or transcoders.

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