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Yahoo brings Identity Solutions to CTV

April 16, 2024

Yahoo Advertising has announced that Yahoo Identity Solutions will launch within connected TV (CTV) environments including Paramount, Tubi, NBCUniversal and FreeWheel. With Yahoo Identity Solutions services including Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions, Yahoo DSP advertisers can continue to target and measure the performance of their campaigns across CTV environments in the identity-constrained world, for both addressable and non-addressable environments.

“As CTV investments increase, identity signals are declining, impacting targeting and performance across channels, including CTV,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo. “Yahoo is committed to helping advertisers evolve with the landscape, safeguarding addressability and measurement for our partners while supporting consumer privacy. Today, we’re excited to introduce Yahoo Identity Solutions to CTV environments, furthering its momentum across the industry.”

Yahoo Identity Solutions takes an integrated, omnichannel approach to the identity-constrained world and consists of two components: Yahoo ConnectID for addressable environments and Next-Gen Solutions for non-addressable. Yahoo ConnectID is a first-party data-powered identity solution, fueled by direct consumer relationships with more than 205 million authenticated users in the US. It is currently implemented across nearly 50,000 publisher domains and interoperable with more than 30 top data platforms, including LiveRamp, Epsilon, Adobe, Acxiom and Twilio Segment. The Yahoo ConnectID expansion on CTV bridges the gap between CTV and other digital channels. Through the adoption of Yahoo ConnectID by CTV platforms, Yahoo says it enables a single view of the user across channels in a privacy-minded way.

Meanwhile, Next-Gen Solutions is an AI-built solution for non-addressable environments, when user identity is not available. It leverages Yahoo ConnectID users as a panel audience and creates inferences for targeting, optimisation and measurement to ensure campaign effectiveness when user identity isn’t available.

“Implementing the Yahoo Identity Solution exemplifies Paramount’s commitment to providing best-in-class programmatic activation,” said Leo O’Connor, SVP of Advertising at Paramount. “The enrichment of our premium inventory with Yahoo ConnectID will allow our clients to optimise their campaigns with precision targeting and accurate performance insights.”

“Tubi is delivering free entertainment for the cordless generation and has been a leader in ad tech and CTV for a decade reaching incremental unduplicated cord cutter and cord never audiences,” said Jeff Lucas, Chief Revenue Officer at Tubi. “Yahoo Identity Solutions represents another step forward in our continued commitment to offer people-based targeting and robust performance analytics in CTV, including deeper insights and enhanced performance with a privacy first approach.”

“At NBCUniversal, we are committed to partnering across the industry to bring the best of technology and media together to make television a full funnel performance vehicle for advertisers of every size,” said Ryan McConville, EVP, Ad Platforms & Operations, NBCUniversal Advertising & Partnerships. “That is why we are so excited for this integration with Yahoo ConnectID. By bringing together our first party data assets with the latest programmatic technology, we are ensuring that our advertising partners can maintain the gold standard in automated addressability even as the cookie is deprecated this year and beyond, all while supporting consumer privacy.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Yahoo for this launch because it represents a powerful synergy that propels us both forward,” added Jon Mansell, VP, US Head of Demand, FreeWheel. “As the TV advertising landscape faces critical transformations due to factors like signal loss, our collaboration is timely. These advancements provide marketers with essential tools and insights to enhance viewer experiences and meet the rising expectations that come with addressable programmatic technology.”

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