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Research: 80% of US households have home network router

April 23, 2024

Parks Associates’ Consumer Electronics Dashboard, derived from quarterly consumer surveys of 8,000 US internet households, reveals 80 per cent of US internet households own a home network router.

The research shows 28 per cent of US households report intentions to purchase a home network router or Wi-Fi extender in the next six months, up from 25 per cent in Q3 2022. Households acquired many new laptops, desktops, and printers during the pandemic, and the increase in planned networking purchases may indicate consumers are looking for solutions that will get these devices to work better together and more efficiently.

“The rise of home networking equipment has become a cornerstone in modern living, especially in light of the increasing shift towards remote work and digital lifestyles,” said Sarah Lee, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “This surge in demand reflects a broader societal transition towards greater reliance on connectivity for both professional and personal use cases.”

Parks Associates research finds that 61 pr cent of US internet households have at least one remote worker. Advanced home networking equipment, such as high-speed routers, mesh Wi-Fi systems, and smart home hubs, has facilitated a more seamless and reliable internet experience. This is crucial for entertainment, smart homes, personal communication, and remote work environments, where stable connectivity is a necessity.

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