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Meet the 2024 Manchester City Women’s Team: Stars of the Pitch

May 7, 2024

By Brian Blewis

As the 2024 season kicks off, the Manchester City Women’s Team is ready to impress fans with their top-notch performances. They’ve built a strong reputation in women’s football through their impressive plays in recent years. This season, the team is making some important changes by adding new talented players and adjusting their strategies to aim for both domestic and European championships.

Keep an eye on players like the new midfielder and the experienced striker who are expected to play crucial roles in the team’s success. Get ready to dive into the excitement of top-tier football as we explore what makes these players and the rest of the team special in what promises to be an cheering season. You can watch women’s and other soccer matches on the India 1xbet website.

Team Overview

The Manchester City Women’s Team has become one of the best teams in women’s football since it was started in 1988 and re-energised in 2014. They’ve won several important titles like the FA Women’s Super League and FA Women’s Cups. They compete in the FA Women’s Super League, where they came very close to winning the championship last season. The team is known for their aggressive style of play, quick passing, and good control of the ball. This season, the coaches aim to play an exciting type of football that uses the team’s speed and skills. They want to spread out across the field, attacking from different directions. The team has both young players and experienced ones, which they think will help them do well in both local and global competitions.

Key Players to Watch in 2024

As Manchester City Women gear up for the 2024 season, several key players are poised to make significant impacts.

Among them, Laura Coombs, the team’s midfield maestro, stands out. Since joining City, Coombs has been really important in controlling the game from the midfield with her great vision and passing. She’s won a lot of awards for her skills, including being named Manchester City’s Player of the Season. In 2024, people expect her to continue leading the midfield, helping the team keep possession of the ball and score important goals and assists as they try to win more trophies.

Another player to watch is Ellie Roebuck, the team’s star goalkeeper. Roebuck has been with Manchester City since her youth days and has grown into one of the league’s top goalkeepers. She’s excellent at stopping shots and starting attacks from the back, which has helped City not let in many goals in both league and cup matches. She’s been so good that she’s been nominated for Young Player of the Year several times and has become the best goalkeeper in England. In the next season, Roebuck will be really important for the team’s defense as they try to win the league and do well in Europe.

On the attacking front, Chloe Kelly is the forward to watch. Kelly got hurt in 2021, but she’s back and doing even better. She’s really good at making things happen in games with how fast she is, how well she dribbles, and how she scores goals. One time, she scored the winning goal in the FA Cup final, which showed she can do well in important matches. In 2024, everyone thinks Kelly will be even more crucial for the team, especially when they need to score important goals to win in their league and in Europe.

Finally, the defence is led by Alex Greenwood, who has played in many top leagues and tournaments around the world. Greenwood is a strong leader at the back and is really good at defending during set-piece situations. Her smarts in defense and her ability to make accurate crosses and free-kicks helped City a lot last season. In the future, Greenwood will keep being a strong defender and will also help younger players who are new to the team.

These players, each talented in their respective roles, are crucial to Manchester City Women’s ambitions for the 2024 season. With each player’s unique abilities and the team’s goals in mind, this year could be a really great one for them.

Rising Stars and New Signings

Sophia Smith is a new player on the Manchester City Women’s team and she’s already making a big impact as a forward. She used to play for Portland Thorns in the NWSL, where she showed she’s really good at scoring lots of goals. Smith is quick, makes smart decisions fast, and is great at shooting, which will make City’s attack even stronger. Her skills could help the team score more goals and give them more options upfront.

Aitana Bonmatí is a midfielder who recently joined Manchester City from FC Barcelona. She’s got a lot of experience and she’s really skilled. Bonmatí is known for being really good at controlling the ball and making plays happen. She’s been really important in games in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Her ability to see the whole field and make accurate passes will make City’s midfield even better. She’ll help connect the defence and the forwards, making sure the team works together well.

Mara Gomez, a defender who joined from Atlético Madrid, is going to make City’s defense a lot stronger. She’s really good at defending and understanding how the game is going, which helped her do well in Spain. At City, she’s expected to bring more strength and stability to the team, making sure they defend better against the tough attacks in the Women’s Super League.

Jeanne Lambert is a young goalkeeper from the French Division 1. She’s coming to City as a new talent, learning from Ellie Roebuck, who’s already an established starter. Lambert’s quick reactions and control of the penalty area while playing for Montpellier have shown she could become a really good goalkeeper. At Manchester City, she gives the team more options for goalkeeping and is seen as someone who can get even better with help from the more experienced players on the team.

These new signings and up-and-coming players are going to bring lots of new energy and skills to Manchester City Women’s Team. They’re hoping to make a really good difference in the 2024 season. Their integration into the team will be crucial as City contends for titles both domestically and in Europe.

Tactical Analysis

For the 2024 season, Manchester City Women’s Team plans to use a flexible and lively game plan. They’ll likely use a 4-3-3 setup, which means four defenders, three midfielders, and three forwards. This setup lets them press the other team a lot and switch quickly from defense to offense. Aitana Bonmatí will be key in the midfield, passing the ball well and finding spaces to attack. Chloe Kelly and the other forwards will take advantage of the wide field and accurate passes to score goals. Alex Greenwood will lead the defense, making sure everyone stays organised and ready to stop the other team’s attacks. This plan plays to each player’s strengths and lets the team change their tactics as needed, making them strong both on offense and defense.

The Role of the Coaching Staff

The coaching team of Manchester City Women’s Team has a big role in deciding how the team plays in the 2024 season. Head coach Gareth Taylor leads the team, and they focus on keeping the ball a lot, pressing the other team, and changing from defense to offense quickly. Assistant coaches Emma Hayes and Alan Mahon help the players get better and adjust their tactics for each opponent. Taylor says it’s not just about winning games but also about helping players grow and making sure the team works well together. This teamwork between coaches and players helps everyone get better and makes the team stronger, which looks good for the upcoming season.



In conclusion, the Manchester City Women’s Team for 2024 is a mix of experienced players and promising new talent, all ready to make a big impact on the field. From players like Laura Coombs and Ellie Roebuck to newcomers like Sophia Smith and Aitana Bonmatí, the team has what it takes to compete at the highest level. With a strong tactical plan and coaches who focus on helping players grow and work together, it looks like it’ll be an exciting and successful season. As fans, let’s support the team by going to games or following them online, as they aim for victory and continue to impress us with their passion and skill.

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