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VideoVerse’s Magnifi partners with Linius

May 7, 2024

Magnifi by VideoVerse, an AI-driven video technology company and powerful video-editing SaaS platform, has announce a strategic partnership with Linius Technologies Limited, the cloud-based solution that unlocks the value of video archives with immersive and personalised viewer experiences, to revolutionise personalised video streaming experiences by integrating AI-driven video technology with innovative video virtualisation capabilities.

This transformative collaboration introduces groundbreaking solutions that seamlessly merge live and historical archive content, delivering automated, personalised highlights and highly tailored video streams. By combining Magnifi’s expertise in AI-driven video editing and Linius’ advanced video virtualisation platform, users will benefit from a new level of interactivity and customisation in their video consumption.

“The automated highlights market is a well-established market with both Magnifi and Linius seeking to disrupt that market with our technologies,” stated Linius CEO, James Brennan. “Together, the companies will accelerate that disruption and bring even greater value and innovation to customers. I am excited to be working with the Magnifi team on several near-term opportunities and to further integrate our technologies into highly differentiated offerings.”

The collaboration enables Magnifi and Linius to enhance value to customers through bundled offerings that provide control over preferred content directly to the fans.

“Our new partnership with Linius will allow us to bring greater capability to our customers, unlocking the full value of their live and archived content,” added Vinayak Shrivastav, CEO, Magnifi. “We are excited to be creating the world’s first truly personalised AI-driven automated highlights solution for our customers and their viewers. This unique capability will change the way viewers consume content.”

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