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Samsung Ads UK launches Insights Planner tool

May 14, 2024

Samsung Ads, the advertising arm of Samsung Electronics’ media division, has announced the scaling of its Insights Planner tool to all of its UK clients and advertisers, providing CTV insights to help plan future total TV campaigns.

Samsung’s Insights Planner is powered by Samsung’s proprietary first party and ACR data, as well as additional data sources through partnerships with leading third party data providers such as Experian. The launch of Insights Planner reflects a growing need amongst agencies and advertisers for a more holistic approach to total TV planning which addresses the fragmented TV viewing landscape and helps marketers break down the silos between traditional linear TV and streaming.

Samsung Ads’ proprietary first party and ACR data gives advertisers insight into how viewers interact with their Samsung Smart TVs. As such, it can determine which devices were exposed to a certain linear TV ad campaign. This data is then overlaid with additional third party data, including behavioural and demographic data, to profile the devices and their owners in more detail.

As an example, the Insights Planner will allow brands to see (as a percentage) how many 18-34 year olds a given linear TV campaign reached and, crucially, how many it didn’t. These pre-campaign insights are critical to advertisers planning their total TV campaigns more effectively because of the surge in viewer migration, making audiences harder to reach.

Samsung Ads Insight Planner tool will also answer following questions for clients:

  • What is the audience’s demographic make-up?
  • How do they spend their time on the TV?
  • What apps do they use?
  • When do they watch TV?
  • How can they be reached with future campaigns?

Matthew Bryan, Director of Analytics and Insights at Samsung Ads, commented: “Samsung’s Insights Planner is intended to be used to complement other data sources like BARB panel data. Without important deterministic data, linear TV advertisers have limited visibility on the share of their target audience they didn’t reach, limiting their ability to improve future media plans. With Samsung Insights Planner, we are bringing together the breadth and depth of our available data, and now at an even faster pace, to deliver these insights to more clients.”

Minai Bui (pictured), Director of Product Marketing, Europe at Samsung Ads, added: “By breaking down silos, advertisers can begin to harness the potential of the new data-rich TV landscape. While linear has seen some decline, TV overall is seeing huge growth and expansion. This broader TV ecosystem unlocks access to previously untapped data sources that can optimise advertising on the biggest screen in the home, better than ever before.  However, with these emerging opportunities, new challenges will naturally come to light, which is why a concrete and in-depth understanding of the data landscape is the best tool an advertiser can have to make the most of TV advertising in this new era.”

The rollout of Samsung’s Insights Planner is planned over three phases. Samsung Ads is currently completing phase 1, which includes the launch of Samsung Insights Planner for UK clients, focusing on building a profile of the unreached audience of a client’s linear TV campaign. Phases 2 and 3 are planned for 2024, and the ambition is to include additional first and third party data sets, such as geographical or mobile data.

The Insights Planner is scheduled to expand to Germany soon, with other European markets to follow.

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