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A1 Group partners with UniqCast

May 22, 2024

A1 Group’s International Business division has expanded its offering with a business-to-business white-label OTT platform in the Cloud. The platform is powered by UniqCast IPTV/OTT technology.

“We joined forces with UniqCast to meet the changing needs of our customers. As a global leader in distributing international TV channels, we understand the importance of offering integrated OTT solutions as part of our comprehensive service,” said Elena Petrova, Head of Group Content and Broadcasting, International Business, at A1 Group.

To answer market requirements A1 partnered with UniqCast, a provider of turnkey IPTV/OTT/DVB solution that is used in video streaming projects across five continents. “With both companies operating in similar international markets, and UniqCast’s track record of successful IPTV/OTT deployments globally, it was a logical step to embark on this joint collaboration”, continued Petrova.

A1´s white-label cloud-based OTT streaming service will target operators, broadcasters, and content owners, offering a comprehensive solution that includes. content from up to 60 international premium-quality channels on top of the technical platform. Enhanced by A1´s existing playout and supplementary managed services, this offering becomes a thoroughly well-rounded solution.

What makes this white-label video streaming service attractive to A1 clients is the fact that it is a low-CAPEX Platform with a pay-as-you-grow model, making it accessible even for smaller operators. This new addition of the OTT platform to A1’s portfolio of services offered will undoubtedly make it even more appealing to both A1’s existing and potential clients.

“Our aim was to deliver a solution for A1 Group, designed to accommodate operators of various types and sizes with adaptable business models”, said Darko Robic, CEO at UniqCast, emphasising the flexibility of the solution

The UniqCast platform’s powerful backend allows operators to uniquely present and promote their content with different monetisation options. Moreover, leveraging the platform’s multi-tenant features, A1 will provide a white-label model to each operator, enabling them to customize their services with distinct content, pricing, UX, and more.

A1 will also focus on delivering premium user experience, allowing each operator to create their own UI on all client applications tailored to their specific requirements. In addition to content and pricing, the premium user experience (UX) plays a pivotal role in subscriber retention.

“A1 will now be able to deliver a platform with a genuinely premium UX which will significantly help the operators to attract new subscribers and minimize churn,” noted Darko Robic, CEO at UniqCast.

“We are proud of our long-term relationships with our clients and our dedication to continuously improving our offerings. With A1´s extensive experience in IPTV/OTT solutions and partnership with various TV channels, we believe that we are well-equipped to provide the precise white-label OTT solution our clients need, especially backed by top-tier infrastructure,” concluded Petrova.

“We are thrilled to announce that we have already started our first projects together and we are looking forward to enhancing the streaming experience for operators and TV broadcasters worldwide,” stated Robic.

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