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Comcast Advertising, TransUnion partnership

June 6, 2024

Comcast Advertising and TransUnion, an information and insights company, have announced a new privacy-forward agreement in which audiences within the Comcast footprint of close to 32 million US households can be matched to information within TransUnion’s identity graph to build custom, advanced audience segments for addressable TV advertising campaigns on Comcast platforms.

“With growing issues of signal loss impacting the quality of data, advertisers are seeking more solutions to enable them to accurately target and reach their intended audiences,” said Carmela Fournier, Vice President and GM, Data, Comcast Advertising. “Addressable TV offers a powerful solution for advertisers to confidently reach their desired consumers that would not have been reached with traditional TV alone; in fact, we’ve found 1 in 3 target households would not have been reached without addressable. Our new integration with TransUnion will allow advertisers and agencies to easily tap into valuable audiences delivering effective and efficient addressable advertising at the household level, while upholding the highest standards of consumer privacy.”

Through this integration Comcast’s audience data is directly matched with TransUnion’s already existing identity assets in a privacy-first way, allowing advertisers to create custom audiences and obtain an actionable profile of ideal customers to achieve greater reach and performance. These audiences can then be utilised for addressable TV advertising, which ensures advertisers can target intended audiences at the household level with precision and improved accuracy to drive incremental reach.

“When it comes to audience data, advertisers need to activate at scale, and with speed, ease, and transparency to ensure success,” said Gareth Davies, SVP Product Management at TransUnion. “Our integration with Comcast Advertising will provide advertisers with a better understanding of their high-value audiences, including the size of a specific audience, to activate against and deliver addressable campaigns to households via linear and streaming TV.”

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