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London Tech Week welcomes Nordic innovators

June 10, 2024

For Nordic founders, London Tech Week (June 10th – 14th) may end up shaping the futures of their businesses.

For visitors from the Nordics and Baltics, London is also special because it’s where Tech Nordic Advocates – Northern Europe’s largest – and only pan-Nordic/Baltic tech startup ecosystem originated. The first non-UK sibling of Tech London Advocates, Tech Nordic Advocates offer the Nordic/Baltic tech startup ecosystem a unique, direct gateway to London and the UK through its successful UK Market Access Programme, partnership with London Stock Exchange and most recently appointment as UK Government Department for Business and Trade (DBT) Nordic-UK Referral partner.

Tech Nordic Advocates’ annual London Tech Week flagship event celebrates this unique Nordic/UK gateway.

This year, perhaps more than ever before, Tech Nordic Advocates are bringing a brilliant cross-section of diverse UK-ready Nordic tech innovators to the capital to forge new partnerships, raise capital and in turn, boost London/UK/International investor deal flow and Nordic/UK trade.

Once again, Tech Nordic Advocates partner, London Stock Exchange is hosting the annual event, this year on June 13th. Entitled Scaling diverse Nordic tech companies internationally, the event features 16 diverse companies from the Nordics who have competed their way to the event by winning regional London Tech Week contests across the Nordics in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen. The local contests, held throughout May, saw the final 16 winners selected from over 80 applicants and 55 contest competitors.

20 top VCs across the Nordics and leaders from London Stock Exchange travelled to the Nordics for the local competitions eventually choosing four winners from each country for the grand final in London.

Jeanette Carlsson, Founder & CEO, Tech Nordic Advocates, commented: ”We’re immensely proud of our work across the Nordics/Baltics, helping Nordic tech innovators gain access to capital and scale up opportunities in London, the UK and internationally. Raising capital in London and expanding into the UK (and other global markets) requires unique market know-how. Tech Nordic Advocates offer that know-how and a unique UK and global network, which substantially reduce time to market and scaleup. Our partnership with London Stock Exchange with its innovative range of offerings from private markets to crossover markets through to IPO, reduces time to raise capital in the UK on a scale that no other Nordic/ Baltic startup can do alone or through other routes.”

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