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Netflix boosts investment In Swedish film

June 11, 2024

Netflix has announced two new Swedish films; Trustor, a documentary by Karin af Klintberg and Teresa Alldén uncovering the truth behind the Trustor affair – one of the largest financial cases in Swedish history; and Off Track 2, a sequel to the drama comedy Off Track.

Karin af Klintberg, speaking about Trustor, said: “It is a man’s world with a unique gallery of characters in this documentary. A British lord, some party-loving guys pouring out champagne on the Riviera, a pale ‘puppet master’ orchestrating in the background from the prison. It’s men playing the system, a classic cops and robbers chase, and a financial industry that was cheated. Regardless of whether it was a genius or a clumsy coup, the thieves went home with a box of cash without wearing a mask or having fired a single shot. But there were also victims, that must not be forgotten”.

Teresa Alldén, Trustor producer, added: “I have been trying to reach the mystery that is Posener my whole working life. As a filmmaker, you always want to hear the story straight from “the horse’s mouth”. It would have been an anticlimax to produce a documentary about the Trustor affair without him, so we’re very happy to be given the trust. That’s all we will reveal for now”.

In Off Track 2, Netflix viewers will be able to follow Lisa as she takes on the world’s largest exercise bike race, Vätternrundan. Mårten Klingberg directs again and has written the script together with Maria Karlsson and Christin Magdu. 

Mårten Klingberg, screenwriter and director, commented: “It feels great to be able to tell another story about these characters that are so close to my heart. Just like in the first film, humour will be mixed with seriousness, because that’s how life is”.

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