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Vizio, Goodway join Innovid’s Harmony initiative

June 13, 2024

Innovid, a software platform for the creation, delivery, measurement, and optimisation of advertising, has announced that Goodway Group and Vizio are the latest companies to lean into its Harmony initiative to optimise CTV advertising.

Launched in April, Innovid’s Harmony initiative brings together industry players to work collaboratively to optimise CTV at the infrastructure level to improve efficiency and ROI, enhance transparency and control, reduce carbon emissions, and provide better viewing experiences for consumers.

As part of the initiative, Innovid launched Harmony Direct to streamline the workflow for guaranteed, non-biddable CTV media to its purest form by removing all friction points, including additional technology hops, fees, and energy waste. Goodway Group and Vizio join Assembly, CMI Media Group, PMG and Roku as the first partners to use Harmony Direct.

Jay Friedman, CEO, Goodway Group, commented: “As the CTV industry grows, we must work together to ensure that walls stay down, efficiencies are realised, and the TV experience remains relevant and accessible for all. We are committed to helping solve the challenges looming over CTV advertising today and are excited to be part of Innovid’s Harmony initiative to drive change for all.”

Zvika Netter, CEO & Co-Founder, Innovid, added: “We are encouraged that more forward-thinking industry leaders, including Goodway Group and Vizio, are leaning into Harmony to help address the complexities of the CTV ecosystem. As viewers and advertisers continue to move to streaming, we have an opportunity to come together to ensure the CTV marketplace avoids the pitfalls of digital’s past. We created the Harmony initiative and suite of products to solve for emerging complexities before they become too big to be undone. Harmony Direct was designed to remove waste from the guaranteed, non-biddable supply path and bring efficiencies to both the buy- and sell-sides. We applaud our partners for helping us make this a reality for the growing CTV marketplace.”

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