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Vrio to offer Project Kuiper broadband in South America

June 13, 2024

Vrio Corporation, parent company of DirecTV Latin America and Sky Brasil, and Project Kuiper, Amazon’s low Earth orbit satellite broadband network, have announced a distribution agreement to offer internet connectivity in seven countries in South America.

Vrio plans to use Project Kuiper’s network to provide connectivity services to residential customers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia through DirecTV Latin America and Sky Brasil, in accordance with local regulations. This agreement will bring new high-speed internet connectivity options to an area with a total population of approximately 383 million people, including approximately 200 million people the World Bank estimates are still not connected to the internet.

DirecTV and Sky will use Project Kuiper’s low-latency, high-bandwidth satellite network to bring the benefits of fast and reliable internet to areas that would otherwise be both challenging and prohibitively expensive to serve. With Project Kuiper, the companies will offer nationwide coverage in each country – something that is not practical with traditional connectivity options like fibre optics or fixed wireless that require extensive infrastructure.

Darío Werthein, president of Vrio, commented: “This collaboration with Project Kuiper is in line with our strategy of extending our services throughout South America and continues to define us as a regional leader in information, digital entertainment, connectivity and innovation promotion. We are concerned with bridging the technology gap and even more so the digital divide for our future generations. And the time is now. Our commitment translates into action. Providing internet access across the region ensures the development of communities; and that is a commitment for our company. We look forward to bringing the benefits of affordable internet access and connectivity to more communities to reach further with a service that will revolutionise the way people connect.”

“Project Kuiper is a powerful opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Panos Panay, Amazon’s senior vice president for devices and services. “There are hundreds of millions of households around the world that don’t have access to reliable broadband internet, which means they can’t take part in things that we can take for granted, like being able to learn online, run a business online, shop, or enjoy streaming entertainment. Working with Vrio to bring affordable access to broadband means we can enable so many more people to create, connect, and learn in new ways.”

“Project Kuiper’s mission is to deliver fast, affordable broadband to areas that have traditionally been difficult to reach,” added Rajeev Badyal, vice president of technology and head of Project Kuiper at Amazon. “Our network has the capacity and flexibility to serve tens of millions of customers around the world, and this distribution agreement with Vrio is part of our commitment to working with regional providers who share that vision. We look forward to working with Vrio to serve customers across South America.”

Project Kuiper recently tested two prototype satellites as part of its successful Protoflight mission. It expects to begin deploying its satellite constellation in the coming months, and to start service demonstrations with Vrio and other select customers later this year.

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