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Yahoo data partnership with VideoAmp

June 13, 2024

Yahoo Advertising has announced that the Yahoo DSP is the first platform to integrate measurement and audience data from TV data and technology player, VideoAmp. The partnership will bring VideoAmp’s targeting and measurement solutions to enhance connected TV (CTV) campaigns when activated against the 108 million+ households that the Yahoo DSP reaches. This partnership sees the integration of Yahoo ConnectID, the Yahoo DSP cookieless identifier, and VideoAmp’s big data and tech engine VALID (VideoAmp Linked Identity & Data), leveraging its viewership data and identity graph.

“For advertisers, the CTV landscape is increasingly complicated but great data can ensure optimised planning, targeting, and measurement,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer, Yahoo. “The recent JIC certification granted to VideoAmp is an important milestone for the industry and recognition of the importance of having accurate data measuring and informing media for today’s marketers. As the first DSP to work with VideoAmp in this way, we’re helping advertisers navigate this new normal by building on our industry-leading tools and ensuring campaigns are independently validated by a trusted, currency-grade measurement leader.”

Through this integration, Yahoo DSP advertisers can more effectively reach their audiences with segments and real-time optimisations based on audience exposures and frequency, even when 3P cookies are not available. Advertisers can then validate campaign performance with reach and frequency measurement across both linear TV and CTV platforms, gaining insights into the incremental reach of CTV audiences.

“To connect disparate datasets, you also need the privacy-forward, first-party data-based identity layer,” added Herbst-Brady. “Yahoo ConnectID has seen incredible momentum, and we are thrilled to continue its expansion through our relationship with VideoAmp.”

“Identity is at the core of what we provide to the industry,” said VideoAmp’s Chief Commercial and Growth Officer, Pete Bradbury. “As we come together in partnership with Yahoo, the intersection of ConnectID and VALID data and technology is a milestone of interoperability and one we are extremely excited about at VideoAmp.”

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