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BINGE Korea on Roku

June 18, 2024

NEW ID, the Asian FAST service company, has announced the launch of BINGE Korea, a specialised FAST platform for K-content offering both live broadcast and VoD services, on US streaming platform Roku.

In addition to Roku, new versions have been updated on globally launched TV OS platforms such as Samsung, LG, Amazon Fire TV, and VIZIO TV. This allows viewers to enjoy a wide range of K-content including K-pop, dramas, movies, variety shows, kids, food, and pets on the BINGE Korea TV app.

BINGE Korea plans to soon integrate its proprietary Shoppable TV technology, which uses AI analysis to provide customised content, across the entire platform.

NEW ID CEO, June Park, commented: ‘We are pleased to offer both live channels and VoD services so that US viewers can binge-watch premium K-content. We will continue to strive to make Korean content easily accessible in everyday life through global platforms with high viewership in various regions.”

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