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Cognitiv, Adform bring ContextGPT to Europe

June 18, 2024

Cognitiv, a provider of deep learning AI for marketers, has announced a partnership with Adform, the media buying platform, to exclusively provide ContextGPT, Cognitiv’s GPT AI-based contextual targeting across the major European languages. This is the first time that GPT AI based contextual targeting is available to digital advertisers in Europe. PubMatic is the chosen SSP providing inventory access in the deal through their Connect solution.

ContextGPT uses large language models (LLMs) to ‘read’ all of the content on a page in a way that no traditional keyword technology does, giving buyers access to targeted context at scale. Supported European languages will include English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish.

With ContextGPT, brands are able to move beyond keyword targeting and into the world of expressive natural language targeting through AI prompts. These AI prompts, which can be written in any language and produce specialised contextual segments, continuously fine tune campaigns over time. AI prompts also can match content across languages — a French prompt can be used to find URLs with German content. Adform buyers will be able to access it with standard or custom contextual segments.

“AI holds huge potential for marketers, and we’re set for a wave of innovation in the sector. Cognitiv’s ContextGPT product is next-generation AI contextual targeting and we’re thrilled to bring this solution to our European customers. We know how precise and local brands need to be to drive performance. With Cognitiv´s solution, they will be able to harness AI to deliver incredible accuracy and nuance, while still achieving scale, across languages” said Oliver Whitten, COO at Adform.

“Cognitiv is reinventing contextual targeting with the latest LLMs, and advertisers are benefiting from better performance without sacrificing scale. Our partnership with Adform enables brands to tap into the latest in AI media buying technology across the major languages in Europe, dramatically enhancing their current contextual capabilities,” added Jeremy Fain, Co-Founder and CEO at Cognitiv.

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