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Forecast: VLEO satellite investement at $220bn by 2027

June 18, 2024

A study from Juniper Research, experts in technology markets, forecasts that global investment into VLEO (Very Low Earth Orbit) satellites will reach $220 billion (€205.1bn)  by 2027; growing substantially from $17 billion this year.

VLEO satellites operate at an altitude of approximately 300km; enabling reduced communication latency and higher-resolution imaging.

As part of the study, titled Global VLEO Satellites Market 2024-2030, Juniper Research has announced the launch of the new Future Leaders Index. It scores companies that are either challenging dominant players in established markets, or positioned to become leaders in emerging markets. In assessing these future leaders, the model enables businesses to benefit from insights into market shifts and emerging threats, and thus make informed strategic decisions.

The model uses a range of criteria, such as funding and investment, market coverage and the extent of innovation in the leaders’ solutions. The vendors primed for future VLEO success are:

  1. Thales Alenia Space
  2. LeoLabs
  3. Redwire
  4. Blue Canyon Technologies
  5. Albedo

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