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Titan OS launches Titan Ads

June 19, 2024

Titan OS, a European technology, entertainment, and advertising company, has announced the launch of Titan Ads, a marketplace for Connected TV (CTV). Headquartered in Barcelona, Titan OS and Titan Ads operate in key European markets, leveraging the content and advertising expertise of its local teams in markets such as the UK, Germany, France, Spain & Italy, with plans for further expansion.

Titan Ads will allow advertisers to impact millions of difficult-to-reach streaming viewers via Titan OS – available on Philips, AOC and JVC connected TVs in Europe – thanks to exclusive first-party data and inventory.

“Titan OS already powers more than four million TV sets and we are focused on increasing this footprint by proposing a strong win-win business model to TV manufacturers,” said Jacinto Roca, CEO at Titan OS. “Titan OS provides unique premium advertising inventory and exclusive customers first-party data to drive Titan Ads monetisation”.

Titan Ads also enables advertisers to extend their campaigns to over 30 million streaming households across Europe through strategic partnerships with leading TV manufacturers, content partners and telcos. These include Virgin Media in the UK, where Titan Ads is a sales partner for premium FAST inventory.

“The Titan Ads team have demonstrated a strong understanding of the local CTV market, combined with an advanced technology and data stack to help drive incremental revenue for our FAST business,“ commented Gareth Vaughan Jones, Head of Advertising Sales, Virgin Media.

Titan Ads enables advertisers to deliver high-impact CTV ads in premium and brand-safe environments. Initially, it will offer two impactful formats: Homepage Ads and Instream Video.

Homepage Ads help brands maximise their reach with large banners that are the first thing a viewer sees when they turn on their TV.

Instream Video allows brands to have a full-screen impact alongside premium content with non-skippable CTV video pre-/mid-roll ads during ad breaks on premium streaming channels and content partners such as Euronews, A+E, Red Bull TV, Bloomberg and FUNKE Digital.

“How users watch TV is changing. TV viewership is fragmenting into many different streaming applications, making it more difficult for advertisers to reach them. The homepage of the connected TV is the one place that all users have to pass through, meaning our homepage ad format provides maximum reach for advertisers”, Tim Edwards, COO at Titan OS.

Titan OS puts user privacy at its core, with a custom-built consent management platform powered by OneTrust providing users full control over how their data is used. For consenting users who wish to see more relevant targeted advertising, Titan Ads will offer brands the ability to target their campaigns contextually, placing their ad within relevant content, based on Titan’s first party audience viewing data or based on retailers’ first-party data through partnerships with brands such as Currys in UK and the Nordics and Boulanger in France.

Building on the retail data partnerships, Titan Ads’ offering will help advertisers drive direct action with shoppable ad formats that allow users to purchase products shown on the screen by scanning a QR code on their mobile device.

“Combining our first-part retail data with Titan´s impactful CTV formats helps to deliver more relevant advertising experiences as part of our Currys Connected Media network. It’s an exciting, innovative opportunity to engage consumers,” said Andy Barratt, Head of Retail Media, Currys.

“Premium CTV inventory from Titan is a great addition to our omnichannel retail media solution for advertisers & we are excited about future creative formats that can help brands to drive users from the TV to the store via their mobile devices,” added Olivier Beal, Boulanger.

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