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Redge Technologies secures NCBiR funding for R&D project

June 24, 2024

Redge Technologies has secured significant funding from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) through the FENG proposal call. The project, titled ‘Innovative system for user redirection and real-time network analysis for distributed multimedia content distribution on the Internet, utilising AI and machine learning mechanisms to deliver higher quality content by optimising current network infrastructure usage’, has been officially approved and has received over PLN 6 million (€1.39m) in funding from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) through the FENG proposal call. It is scheduled to run until March 2027.

The project focuses on enhancing Redge’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) by developing an advanced user redirection system and real-time network analysis.

The goal is to dynamically redirect end-users to the optimal CDN node based on a detailed analysis of network conditions. Utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system will assess network performance within the infrastructure and across the broader internet landscape. This will ensure that users receive the best possible content delivery by optimising the network path from our servers to the end-user.

The increasing consumption of video content by internet users has led to a significant rise in demand for network bandwidth. This surge, coupled with infrastructure limitations, necessitates the optimisation of existing resources. Despite high-quality connections from local internet providers, many users experience issues such as buffering and forced lower video quality or resolution.

Traditional traffic management and user redirection solutions are inadequate for complex scenarios due to the lack of real-time information on the network’s structure and status. The extensivity of network infrastructure usually limits monitoring to the segments managed by the CDN operator.

By implementing this system, Redge Technologies will optimise the use of current network infrastructure, significantly enhancing the quality of video content delivery for end-users. This means users can enjoy higher quality and resolution streaming and smoother transmission by finding the optimal path with the best available bandwidth, without needing additional bandwidth from their local connections.

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