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LG launches OLED evo M4 series TV

July 1, 2024

LG Electronics (LG) is set to begin the global rollout of its new OLED evo M4 series TV with the accompanying Zero Connect Box that provides wireless connectivity between the TV and the receiver. The company is presenting the new model in 65, 77, 83 and 97 inches. Powered by the LG α (Alpha) 11 AI Processor, LG says the OLED M4 delivers superior home entertainment experiences while its proprietary wireless-transmission technology unlocks new possibilities in living-space curation.

LG’s OLED evo M4 is the first TV with the ability to display wirelessly transmitted video and audio at 4K 144Hz. The Zero Connect Box sends signals to the TV’s self-lit OLED screen without any direct wire connections, as there are no cables between the two devices to disconnect and reconnect.

Thanks to its wireless transfer capability, the Zero Connect Box can be placed almost anywhere in the room. Bringing new possibilities to the art of ‘interior curation,’ the Zero Connect Box also enables users to effortlessly move the screen, or the Zero Connect Box itself, whenever necessary. An additional benefit with the Zero Connect Box is that it becomes a simple solution to achieving a clutter-free living space. Users no longer have to think up creative ways to hide or tolerate the usual tangle of cables around the TV.

Meanwhile, in addition to wireless connectivity, the LG OLED M4 boasts high picture quality with its self-lit screen and the new α (Alpha) 11 AI Processor. The M4’s faster AI processing speeds, along with its Neural Processing Unit (NPU), elevates gaming experiences. Supporting 4K content at 144Hz, it delivers fluid gameplay and lifelike visuals.

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