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UnchainedTV partners with FAST Channels TV

July 9, 2024

UnchainedTV, the world’s only free, plant-based streaming TV network, has announced its collaboration with FAST Channels TV to introduce their latest venture, a FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channel, to audiences worldwide.

UnchainedTV Food & Lifestyle is the newest addition to the FAST channel lineup, offering a unique look at celebrities who are living the plant-based lifestyle for their own health, to do their part to fight climate change and to express their love for animals. For more details and where to watch, visit UnchainedTV’s official website.

FAST Channels TV enables over 130 content owners to create and launch their own FAST linear channels, providing state-of-the-art white-label platforms and playout generation services for broadcasters, operators, and content owners to swiftly launch and monetise their FAST channels.

UnchainedTV contract was signed last week, and within 2 days the channels was created and already available on the first four TV streaming platforms including: Vidway.TV, Nomad Slow TV, In The Black Network and TrueTVPlus.

Russell Foy, CEO of FAST Channels TV, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: “We are delighted to welcome UnchainedTV Food & Lifestyle to our roster of channels. This partnership underscores our dedication to providing unique  and captivating content to our viewers.”

Jane Velez-Mitchell, Founder and President of UnchainedTV, expressed her delight and gratitude over this opportunity to reach a global audience, adding: “Russell and the FAST Channels TV team are giving us an opportunity to share transformative information with millions of people hungry for a healthier lifestyle that also features absolutely delicious food with a high nutrient count. With the help of some of the world’s biggest celebrities, we introduce viewers to a way of eating and living that’s joyous, scrumptious and, yes, less expensive.”

The partnership between UnchainedTV and FAST Channels TV is giving the public access to information they’re not getting anywhere else, information that can literally save lives.

Stay on the lookout for UnchainedTV Food & Lifestyle on FAST Channels TV, the ultimate destination for life-changing content that’s also a lot of fun to watch. You’ll never stand there and watch your blender do its work again.

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