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Molang goes to the Movies

July 10, 2024

Millimages, the independent European animation studio and IP developer, and Belgian cinema chain Kinepolis have announced Molang’s first ever cinema film event. Opening on September 1st and distributed by the chain’s distribution arm Kinepolis Film Distribution France, Molang at the Movies will screen in 40+ cinemas across France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Molang at the Movies is a 55-minute family film compiled from Molang’s vast catalogue comprising six award-winning preschool TV series.  Aimed principally at preschoolers and their parents, the movie features Molang taking care of its surroundings, whether it’s helping out a turtle in need or cleaning up the galaxy. For added entertainment there will be a five-minute break in the middle of the film for two on-screen games (a spot-the-difference and a counting game).

“We are thrilled to announce this release! Molang is an exceptional show that has earned worldwide acclaim in the animation industry,” says Steven Clerima, Head of International Event Cinema, Kinepolis Group. It possesses all the qualities needed to captivate our audience across Europe: charming and emotive characters, superb music and storytelling, and a distinctive visual style. We believe that Molang’s unique charm and heartwarming narratives will resonate deeply with viewers of all ages, making it a standout addition to our programming lineup.”

“The Millimages team and I are thrilled to be a part of this milestone for Molang. Just like all the young kids who will come to see the movie, a first time in the cinema is a truly big deal – and in five countries at the same time no less,” added Mathilde Bayle, Head of Communication, Brand Image and Marketing, Millimages. “Molang has already conquered social media and TV everywhere with its message of kindness and unwavering positivity; what a joy to be a part of this next chapter.”

Other animated compilation movies distributed by Kinepolis Film Distribution France include global hits Peppa Pig and The Smurfs.

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