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Player FM unveils self-serve advertising portal

July 10, 2024

Player FM, an independent podcasting app by publisher Maple Media (available on the App Store, Google Play and on the web at Player.FM), has announced the launch of its innovative self-serve advertising portal, designed to provide podcasters with powerful tools to promote their shows, increase audience engagement, and drive downloads.

As a top podcasting platform, Player FM has consistently demonstrated a commitment to supporting podcasters through its robust suite of advertising opportunities. Player FM experiments with new and innovative features that can enhance listener engagement and offer podcast creators unique ways to interact with and build their audience, setting them apart from mainstream platforms.

The new self-serve portal enhances this commitment by offering podcasters unparalleled control over their promotional efforts, enabling them to tailor campaigns that align with critical dates for show launches or episode releases, while staying within their budget and achieving growth objectives.

With the self-serve advertising portal, podcasters can:

  • Customise Campaigns: Create personalized promotional campaigns to coincide with important launch dates or special episodes, ensuring maximum impact and audience reach.
  • Manage Budgets: Self-serve options offer an array of flexible campaign choices, making advertising accessible to podcasters with varying budget sizes, from small independent creators to larger networks.
  • Analyze Performance: Player FM provides podcasters with deeper insights to better understand listener behavior, engagement, and new subscriber growth. These insights empower podcasters to refine their content and marketing strategies to achieve better results.

“Player FM’s new self-serve advertising portal is a game-changer for independent podcasters,” said Jonathan Demel, Advertising Sales at Player FM. “We understand the unique challenges podcasters face in growing audiences and promoting content effectively. This portal empowers them with the tools and flexibility they need to quickly launch successful campaigns that resonate with their target listeners. Promoting your podcast on independent apps means less competition compared to larger platforms, increasing the chances of your podcast being featured prominently and discovered by new listeners.”

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