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ViewersLogic launches new acquisition tools package

July 10, 2024

ViewersLogic, the consumer behaviour data company, has launched its new acquisition tools package. This gives brands for the first time a direct, one-to-one view of the behaviour of its competitors’ customers and then allows them to segment according to media habits – TV and online, interests and behaviour. They can then use these insights to build campaigns that directly target the audiences of their rivals and gain a competitive advantage.

Unlike probabilistic, patched-together audience intelligence, ViewersLogic’s acquisition tools are exclusively fed data from its single-source panel.

For each audience segment, brands will be able to understand:

  • Media Consumption – What do they do online, watch on linear TV and which VoD services and social media platforms do they use

  • Customer Interests – What do they really care about? Brands will be able to break down interest including categorising consumers as: being environmentally friendly; fashion focused; food orientated; environmentally friendly; fashionistas, etc.

  • Online vs Offline Shopping Habits – Which products do these segments buy in physical retailers versus online stores?

The package will also include seed audiences for each segment that can be used for online targeting through platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. This will further enable brands and agencies to create more impactful campaigns that span multiple platforms converting competitors’ users to loyal customers — wherever they spend their time online.

Ronny Golan, CEO and Co-Founder at ViewersLogic said: “Only single-source data offers direct access to the behaviour and interests of a competitors’ customers. Our new acquisition tools package is built on true single-source data, allowing brands to identify the best channels to reach a competitor’s audience, develop the best creative strategy to win them over, and generate seed audiences for cross-platform targeting.Brands that want to gain an advantage over their competitors really need to ask their agencies what data they are using.”

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