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MySpace mobile videos

MySpace is launching a new streaming video service for mobiles, which will allow its members to watch all MySpace-hosted videos on a range of multimedia phones. MySpace is using technology by RipCode that works in real-time and can play video out across multiple handsets, screen sizes and playback specifications. MySpace claims10 million unique users access […]

December 4, 2008

UPC Ireland and Nagravision settle court proceedings

UPC Ireland and Nagravision have reached a settlement of court proceedings against an illegal distributor. This brings to a conclusion a prolonged investigation which originally commenced in November 2006. Operation Gaelic, a covert investigation, revealed an extensive distribution network in Ireland managed by Thomas Roddy which involved the sale of illegal digital boxes and distribution […]

December 3, 2008

Time Warner CFO predicts woe

Time Warner Cable will likely sell fewer than expected video, Internet and phone subscriptions this year, and expects a further decline next year due to the worsening U.S. economy, Chief Financial Officer Rob Marcus said. “In 2008, we’re on track to deliver less than 2.5 million additional revenue-generating units,” Marcus told the Reuters Media Summit […]

December 3, 2008

UKTV hires Porritt

UKTV has hired Keith Porritt as executive director for commercial operations. Porritt, who will start his job in the new year, will have responsibility for managing UKTV’s relationships with programme suppliers, handle legal and business affairs and lead all commercial activity outside advertising sales. This will include handling the relationship with BBC Worldwide, the corporation’s […]

December 3, 2008

Gaming consoles prime for video services

According to a report from researcher TDG game consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PS3 are evolving into multimedia gateways with legitimate non-gaming media arsenals. Armed with the growing video libraries of Xbox LIVE and the Playstation Network, these consoles can deliver on-demand video services with content similar to local cable or satellite […]

December 3, 2008

France broadband figures

ARCEP has published the figures for the 3rd quarter of broadband in France. At 30th September, France has 17.125 million broadband subscribers, including 16.3 million in ADSL. The park is increasing by 16 per cent over the year (2.3 million subscribers).

December 3, 2008

Fox signs BT Vision deal

Twentieth Century Fox has signed an agreement giving BT video-on-demand rights to a range of new and classic movie titles for BT's digital TV service, BT Vision. From 15th December 2008, BT Vision customers can enjoy, on demand, hit movies from the Twentieth Century Fox library. All Twentieth Century Fox movies on BT Vision will […]

December 3, 2008

Visible World and Ensequence expand advertising solutions

Visible World and Ensequence have revealed a solution that offers media companies and advertisers a comprehensive advertising product that provides addressability, measurement and interactivity through a single platform using the ETV/EBIF standard. By leveraging the ETV/EBIF industry standard, interactive television advertising content can now be delivered to a specific target audience through Ensequence’s interactive television […]

December 3, 2008

Boxer delivers IPTV service

Swedish DTT platform Boxer has unveiled its IPTV service. The pay-TV operator has launched on four small broadband networks around the country as part of its strategy to reach a larger audience through different distribution technologies. "We have long said that we should use multiple TV platforms, and TV over broadband is a part of […]

December 3, 2008

American football drives HDTV sales

HDTV manufacturer Samsung has revealed that a survey found American football to be the most popular sport to influence HDTV purchases among sports fans in America. The survey from Kelton Research revealed that more than half (54 per cent) of all football fans would most likely purchase a new HDTV for the start of football […]

December 3, 2008