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Chris Forrester

Chris Forrester is one of the most experienced and highly regarded journalists in the field. His insight and analysis, particularly in the satellite and pay-TV arena, is highly prized. He has written for all the major business journals in the sector as well as several national newspapers.

Musk readies Starship launch

Elon Musk says his giant Starship could make its debut flight during the third week of April. Observers suggest April 20th is a dependable target date, subject to the usual weather and technical considerations. Work at the launch site has been happening for months and intensified over the past 10 days, with Musk saying that […]

April 12, 2023

Virgin Orbit COO hits out at bosses

Virgin Orbit’s outgoing COO Tony Gingiss had some tough words for his fellow company leaders in a company-wide email obtained by news channel CNBC. The New York NASDAQ index is also suspending the company’s stock listing, effective April 13th. Although Gingiss doesn’t name CEO Dan Hart by name in his memo, or main backer Sir […]

April 11, 2023

UMG: “Time to face the music”

Universal Music Group (UMG) has suffered a double downgrade from investment bank Exane/BNPP. The bank’s new rating is ‘Underperform’ (from ‘Outperform’) and comes with a target share price that reduced by 24 per cent. “Following an LA field trip and underpinned by new data products, we see reasons for caution. We expect top-line growth to […]

April 10, 2023

Musk’s Starship launch draws near

Elon Musk’s giant Starship combination of rocket plus Super Heavy booster looks likely to be launched in the next few days. The importance for the satellite community is its potential capacity to launch far more Starlink satellites simultaneously – or larger/heavier commercial and NASA satellites – into orbit with a single launch. There are other […]

April 5, 2023

Questions over AST SpaceMobile

In November 2022, AST SpaceMobile reported that it had successfully managed to unfold the ‘origami-like’ giant 64 square metre space antenna. Called BlueWalker-3, the antenna is the largest-ever placed into space and in low Earth orbit. The antenna, and its important sister craft, are vital to AST’s plans to girdle the planet with ordinary – […]

April 4, 2023

Intelsat Action: “Core deficiencies remain”

The long-running Class Action against alleged Intelsat inside traders has seen a rebuttal submitted by the Defendants. They argue that the Plaintiffs have failed to make their case and has not made any plausible facts demonstrating that Intelsat obtained any material non-public information prior to the Defendants [sale of shares]. The rebuttal calls for the […]

April 3, 2023

Market reacts to SES, Intelsat rumours

The potential link between the world’s two largest satellite operators, SES and Intelsat, is intriguing the market. The news – at this stage more rumour than hard fact – follows on from a slew of similar mergers/acquisitions in the sector including Viasat’s upcoming purchase of Inmarsat, Eutelsat’s merger with OneWeb, and plenty of smaller satellite-based […]

March 31, 2023

Telesat insists all well with Lightspeed

Telesat’s president/CEO Dan Goldberg, in a March 29th investor call, insisted that the Canadian satellite operator was still spending cash on planning and development of its Lightspeed mega-constellation of 200 satellites. Goldberg added that the business demand for Lightspeed was a strong as ever. Goldberg told analysts that Telesat was still confident of the project […]

March 30, 2023

ITU problems for Rivada Networks

Rivada Networks wants to build and launch 600 satellites in a mega-constellation. However, the business is on a tight timetable as far as its launch schedule is concerned and badly needs the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to relax its rules. The first batch of satellites, numbering 300, are already on order. Rivada had hoped that […]

March 29, 2023

EU unveils IRIS2 tender documents

The European Commission (EC) has published its tender specifications for its IRIS2 global satellite project. The EC wants the contract to be firmly in place within one year. The concept is for an EU-backed fully independent constellation of satellites. The IRIS2 project is for a multi-orbit satellite network and managed as a concession by a […]

March 27, 2023