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Virgin and Universal unlimited music and policing deal

Virgin Media and Universal Music have unveiled plans for a digital music service designed to bring about a rapid and permanent change in the way UK consumers buy and listen to music. The service will enable Virgin Media broadband customer to both stream and download as many music tracks and albums as they want from […]

June 16, 2009

Homes with no Web access don't want it

More than 70 per cent of UK homes without Internet access have no interest in getting broadband or feel it would be too expensive to do so, according to research published from Ofcom. With Internet takeup in the UK running at about 70 per cent, and only another 5 per cent promising to get connected […]

June 12, 2009

New CEO for CableLabs

The Board of Directors of CableLabs has named Paul Liao, the chief technology officer at Panasonic, the next CEO of Cable Television Laboratories Inc. Liao will take over from long-time head Dick Green.

June 12, 2009

NGNs 'open' under EC proposals

The European Commission is recommending that rules governing the emerging next-generation broadband services – specifically, those around competitor access to infrastructure and wholesaling of broadband access – should be developed through a "common approach" across the continent. If national telco regulators find that a dominant telco has significant market power over the faster lines, they […]

June 12, 2009

Cable nets look to online

According to research from The Diffusion Group US cable networks are becoming much more active in regards to online video distribution strategies, even at the cost of straining relationships with their Pay-TV platform partners. “Cable networks have libraries filled with high-demand video content, but in many cases the content can only be enjoyed via Pay-TV […]

June 12, 2009

Western broadband growth healthy

Against the backdrop of a maturing broadband market and a challenging economic environment, Western European broadband is in relatively good health, according to a report published by analyst firm Strategy Analytics. Sixty-one per cent of Western European households had broadband connectivity in their homes at the end of 2008; this number will grow to exceed […]

June 12, 2009

France "three-strike" system vetoed

France’s highest legal authority struck down a key provision of the controversial law that would have cut off Internet access to people who repeatedly download copyrighted content illegally. The council rejected the core portion of the measure, under which a newly created agency, acting on the recommendations of copyright owners, would have been able to […]

June 12, 2009

BT: no free lunch for content players

BT has told video streaming sites that they will have to contribute to the cost of upgrading its broadband networks if they want consumers to enjoy a good level of video quality in future. BT Retail MD John Petter told the FT: "We can't give the content providers a completely free ride and continue to […]

June 12, 2009

UK gets 24% of advertised mobile broadband speeds

Research by Epitiro, the broadband communications authority, reveals that speeds delivered to UK mobile broadband users are significantly less than those advertised. The research covered popular broadband activities such as web surfing, downloading music and movies, VoIP telephone calling, Internet gaming and watching streaming video. Leading mobile broadband operators 3, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin Media […]

June 12, 2009

Illegal downloads lose economy £12bn a year

The cost to the UK economy of unauthorised downloads of digital content including software equates, as a conservative estimate, to £12 billion (E14bn) a year, according to a study into the economic impact of illegal file-sharing. commissioned by The Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property (SABIP). Unusually the report spelled out its calculations and extrapolations. […]

June 12, 2009