Advanced Television


Hybrid opportunity for telcos

The report – Taking Advantage of the Best of IPTV and SatTV – from the firm's Telecoms, Information, Media & Electronics (TIME) Practice, predicts that it will not be long before linear TV is replaced by an on-demand, ad hoc consumption model, brought about by consumers' growing familiarity with Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and on […]

August 22, 2008

ITN for Dailymotion and MUZU

Dailymotion users are encouraged to share video with their friends, upload it on blogs and spread it across the web. The service is funded by advertising across channel pages with revenue shared between ITN On and Dailymotion. MUZU TV has also signed a content deal with ITN for access to 80,000 hours of content from […]

August 21, 2008

Google bucks downturn in slow quarter

On a trailing twelve months basis, Strategy Analytics' DMI grew 5.8 per cent in Q2 2008 to reach 153, equal to a 53 per cent increase from the index base year, as of December 31, 2006. Three companies managed to beat the quarterly index growth: Warner Music Group's Digital Business, up 8.5 per cent, Google, […]

August 21, 2008

Joost against Kangaroo

Several VOD operators are concerned that the venture could hike prices charged for content to rival distributors. In its submission to the commission’s inquiry on the yet-to-launch VOD platform, Joost acknowledged that "(our) business has (already) suffered as a result" of its inability to get public service content in the UK as it has done […]

August 20, 2008

Mackenzie for MyVideoRights

Ashley Mackenzie says the company will aggregate videos and the rights to commercially exploit them, then syndicate them to what he says is a growing appetite for web video amongst small- and medium-sized destinations, like magazine websites. The focus is on short-form clips and MyVideoRights will handle all the video encoding chores on behalf of […]

August 20, 2008

Apple more valuable than Google

The phenomenal popularity of the phone has fuelled a 44 per cent surge in Apple’s share price in 12 months. Meanwhile, Google’s once dazzling star has waned slightly as America’s economic slowdown has eaten into online advertising and investors have wondered how the company can produce solid profits from expensive ventures such as the video-sharing […]

August 19, 2008

IPTV equipment posts strong growth in Q2

The Synergy report finds that IPTV equipment sales continue to be driven by upgrades to Carrier networks, especially at the Edge, handling the surge in subscriber and traffic growth. Synergy anticipates Worldwide IPTV subscribers are set to increase substantially over the next two years and approach close to 40 million by 2010. Synergy research further […]

August 19, 2008