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EuroMedia March/April 2017

EuroMedia March/April 2017 AR and VR are seen by many as the next frontier in broadcastig, but while the benefits are clear for gaming and many b2b abd b2c applications, is it ready for live applications? Colin Mann dons his headset to look for some answers with the help of a range of industry executives. […]

April 25, 2017

EuroMedia Spring 2017 UHD Special

EuroMedia Spring 2017 UHD Special All the latest insights and developments in the fast-growing Ultra HD sector Read the Spring 2017 UHD Special issue here

April 25, 2017

EuroMedia February/March 2017

EuroMedia February/March 2017 Featuring By any measure, there is no one description – or forecast – that applies to the whole MENA area. What is happening in go-getting Dubai or Abu Dhabi and Kuwait will certainly not apply to Afghanastan, or even Egypt. Chris Forrester takes a lose look at the current – and future […]

March 19, 2017

Cable Media Volume 9 Number 1 2017

Cable Media Volume 9 Number 1 2017 Read the latest Cable Media magazine – a round up of cable news and analysis in the European market – here

March 8, 2017

EuroMedia November/December 2016

EuroMedia November/December 2016 Featuring the Test And Monitor Segment Survey 2016… Read the article and the rest of the issue here

December 8, 2016

EuroMedia Africa Special 2016

EuroMedia Africa Market Briefing 2016 Special According to Geir Bjørndal, VP International Strategy, Sales Middle East and Africa at Verimatrix, forward-looking operators are investing in flexible upgradeable security to keep ahead of pirates and prepare for premium content delivery and OTT. Read the article and the rest of the issue here

November 11, 2016

EuroMedia Content Security Special

EuroMedia Content Security Special UHD Peter Peterka, CTO, Verimatrix, explains how the integration of forensic watermarking bolsters content protection regimes in the UHD era. Read the article and the rest of the issue here

October 12, 2016

EuroMedia September/October 2016

EuroMedia September/October 2016 News: Forecasts suggest that millions of 4K TVs will be in the market by the end of 2016, but how much 4K content awaits them? Colin Mann looks at the challenges facing the broadcast industry in terms of content creation, workflow, storage and transmission, and potential standard schisms… Read the article and […]

September 8, 2016

EuroMedia Autumn UHD Special

EuroMedia Autumn UHD Special UHD is part of ever broadcaster conversation but is it ready for the market? There are plenty of TVs being sold but what about standards, content, workflow, capture and transmission? Chris Forrester chaired a panel of experts brought together by Advanced-Television. Read the Autumn UHD Special issue here

September 8, 2016