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EuroMedia Sep 2011


With an ever-increasing amount of content available to the TV viewer, the challenge is now greater than ever to ensure that it can not only be accessed readily, but is relevant to the viewer’s preferences. Colin Mann discovers some answers from a range of industry experts.

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EuroMedia July 2011


Some regulators and industry players seem determined that the future of the set-top box may be limited, to be replaced by other devices or The Cloud. Euromedia spoke to major manufacturers and their supply partners to find out about current offerings and future prospects.

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EuroMedia June 2011


In a world of potential Over The Top providers, implementing the Home Gateway is vital for service providers who want to maintain customer loyalty and enhance their services and monetisation opportunities. But with a myriad of in-home and portable devices to connect, and an array of content types, this is no easy task. Colin Mann talked to a range of industry experts to unlock some answers.

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EuroMedia April 2011


Prospective channels seeking a niche audience that can be monetised via subscriptions, donations or targeted advertising now have another route to market with OTT and Connected TV allowing them to ‘market test’ their TV proposition, potentially on the way to  becoming significant broadcast players. Colin Mann talks to some of the providers making helping them along the way.

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EuroMedia Jan 2011


The Middle East appears to be a lucrative market which is attracting international content players with a number of local providers fighting it out over distribution. Chris Forrester reports on the realities of how new and established players are grasping the opportunities of the new media age.

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EuroMedia Dec 2010


The pre-supposition of better quality service and a high quality media experience is at the heart of how current service providers will defend themselves against cord cutting. This means that in the highly challenging environment of IP transmission, interactivity and multiple-device home networks, very high reliability and consistency of service, all delivered economically, become crucial to the provider. Euromediaspoke to major industry players to gauge how they are responding to the new challenges.

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EuroMedia Aug 2010

All-Round Performers

Any content, Anywhere, Anytime’ is an attractive slogan for the service provider, but a real challenge for content and transmission management. How is the aim of 360° media affecting the development of digital workflow systems? Colin Mann seeks the advice of some industry experts.

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EuroMedia June 2010

Supporting multi-service operators

The service provider world is changing rapidly, but what about the software glue that binds the operators’ services together? Steve Gold spoke to some of today’s movers and shakers in the marketplace to work out how this important segment is evolving to meet the diverse needs of multi-service providers.

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EuroMedia April 2010

Home Networks

The seamless transport of any media to any device around the home is the most important near-term challenge for service providers. it is a simple problem that has many – often complex – solutions. Colin Mann finds out what the options are from a range of industry experts.

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EuroMedia Jan 2010

No Easy Street in the East

Once regarded as something of a ‘klondike’ for experienced media entrepreneurs and companies, Russia, the CIS and central Europe, has paid major dividends for a few, but for most has proved a complex and ever-changing challenge. Colin Mann looks at where the downturn has left media investments in the major territories and what opportunities lie ahead.

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EuroMedia Dec 2009

EuroMedia at 10

In our last issue we asked industry friends and colleagues to share their highlights of the last 10 years in the converged broadcast and communications industries. We now bring our readers their predictions for the next decade.

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EuroMedia Sep 2009

Managing the Bigger Picture

In the quest to deliver content to consumers “anywhere, anytime, on any device”, broadcasters find themselves having to accommodate large volumes of multi-format content based on cunsumer demand and the need to deliver beyond conventional distribution. Farah Jifri discovers how the broadcast industry is reposnding to the challenge.

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EuroMedia March 2009

Rising Demand

The concept of video on demand has progressed from cable MSOs supplying ‘big ticket’ movies to encompass a range of short and long-form content across a range of devices. Colin Mann looks at the implications for players in the value chain. 

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EuroMedia Oct 2008

Mobile Media

Increasingly, service providers, be they telcos or pay-TV operators, are looking to add media mobility to their portfolio. Euromedia correspondents report on what’s on offer in their region, and we speak to one quad-play operator who sees great benefits from the multi-platform approach.

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EuroMedia Jan 2008

Analogue Unplugged

Terrestrial switchover has already been achieved in two countries, reports Robert Briel from Amsterdam.

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