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ATV@ Sony 4K UHD Theatre MIP TV, Royal Opera House

Tony Followell, Head of Media, at London’s Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, explains their commitment to UHD for their audience beyond the opera house, reflects on technical trials and new business models and predicts a UHD future for the company’s growing remote audience. [bitsontherun NqFgV7xv-ni7dlelE]

April 4, 2016

ATV@ Sony 4K UHD Theatre MIP TV, Infront Sport

Daniele Gauna reveals what they have learned in trial broadcasts of Serie A as they prepare to bring a slate of games to the Italian audience next season. And he looks forward to more sport coverage in UHD. [bitsontherun eCcVz9gb-ni7dlelE]

April 4, 2016

ATV@ Sony 4K UHD Theatre MIP TV, BBC

Andy King, Technology Controller BBC Television, talks about the broadcaster’s commitment to UHD, what they are learning as they trial the first drama shoots, and the importance of agreeing some standards. [bitsontherun v8oWKXBL-ni7dlelE]

April 4, 2016

ATV @ Sony 4K UHD MIP TV Theatre, Insight TV

Advanced Television brings you the latest from Cannes and the 4K UHD Conference. Mariam Zamaray runs Insight TV, the first all 4K, all action channel. Why 4K? What is the additional cost? [bitsontherun zP38wHFs-ni7dlelE]

April 4, 2016

UHD 2016 Roundtable: 4K UHD, good to go?

UHD is part of every broadcaster conversation but is it ready for the market – there are plenty of TVs being sold but what about standards, content capture, workflow and transmission? Chris Forrester chaired a discussion with senior representatives from BT Sport, Harmonic, Harmonic, Snell Advanced Media and Sony. [bitsontherun xioz1Mru-hLYU43gg]

March 30, 2016

Limelight: Taking broadcasters online

Jason Thibeault, Senior Director Content Marketing, explains Limelight’s suite of solutions that take the complexity and the heavy lifting out of a broadcaster’s transition to online. Video, CDN, workflow, web performance, security, storage, all form modular parts of an end-to-end service, so no matter the scale of the broadcaster, or where it has reached in […]

March 23, 2016

Talking to Irdeto’s Andrew Wajs, March 2016

Advanced Television talks to Andrew Wajs, CTO at Irdeto, about how all platforms now need to work with multiple DRMs for multiscreen provision, and how Irdeto can manage a providers’ keys and credentials and all DRM  operations through a cloud service. We also talk about UHD and forensic content marking at origin, and the market intelligence that […]

March 7, 2016