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Record month for iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer notched up 145 million requests for programmes in December, breaking its own record for the third month in a row. In December 2009, the catch-up service attracted 114 million requests. But last month, Top Gear was the most popular show with the two Christmas specials being watched almost 1.3 million times each. […]

January 19, 2011

MRG: Managed IPTV market steady growth

Based on information from 875 IPTV Operators, where the total number of IPTV Operators have increased by 22 since Q2/2010, the rate of growth of global IPTV Operators continues at a rate of over 10 new Operators per quarter, with 50 per cent of those in North America reports MRG. With the unprecedented number of […]

January 19, 2011

Premium VOD tops theatrical challenges

Premium VOD and piracy rank the two biggest challenges facing movie theatre owners in 2011, according to John Fithian, CEO of National Association of Theatre Owners. Speaking in a conference call hosted by MKM Partners, Fithian said studio efforts to bolster declining home entertainment disc sales through premium VOD presents a greater risk to the […]

January 17, 2011

Global TV bounces back

The global TV industry made a recovery in 2010, with revenues growing by 7.1 per cent to €289.2 billion after the stagnation of 2009, according to research group IDATE. According to its 21st World TV Markets report, the TV industry’s revenues grew by only 0.6 per cent in 2009 before rebounding last year. The US […]

January 14, 2011

Digital video applications propel HDD market

The demand for gigabytes and terabytes of storage from PC users, game enthusiasts, and TV entertainment folks is keeping the industry growing to the degree that In-Stat forecasts HDD unit shipments will increase to over 1 billion units by 2014. The main drivers of growth have been the notebook PC market, set top boxes, and […]

January 14, 2011

51% of French homes to have triple-play by 2015

Fifty one per cent of all French households will subscribe to triple-play bundles in 2015, up from 36 per cent in 2010, according to a report from Pyramid Research. The regulatory environment encourages competition, but a saturated market makes it a tough operating environment. “Convergence is the key competitive factor in France, and it is […]

January 13, 2011

Spanish TV advertising to rebound

A new report from investment bankers Morgan Stanley says that TV advertising in Spain, which suffered badly during 2008-9, will again grow this year by about 10 per cent and achieve Europe’s strongest momentum. Elsewhere in Europe TV advertising will remain stagnant in France (around zero growth), an improving 2-5 per cent in the UK, […]

January 13, 2011By Chris Forrester

US digital entertainment spend up $19bn in 2010

Spending on home entertainment reached $18.8 billion in the US during 2010, down slightly from $19.4 billion in 2009, according to a report from the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG). The US home entertainment market continued to benefit from the steady growth of Blu-ray, which reached sales of $1.8 billion, while consumer spending on digital distribution […]

January 12, 2011

Research: Online piracy and counterfeiting pose complex problems

A sampling of only 22 brands revealed that websites offering pirated digital content and counterfeit goods generate more than 53 billion visits per year, according to research carried out by enterprise brand protection specialist MarkMonitor. Sites offering pirated digital content draw the lion’s share of the 53 billion annual visits while sites selling counterfeit goods, […]

January 11, 2011

Research: Mobile broadband users to hit 1bn in 2011

Mobile broadband subscriptions are on track to surpass 1 billion in 2011 only months after reaching half a billion, Ericsson has reported, highlighting a key growth driver for the telecom sector. “During the course of 2010, a significant milestone in terms of mobile broadband subscriptions was reached as their number surpassed the half-a-billion mark globally,” […]

January 11, 2011