Advanced Television


40m IPTV households expected worldwide by 2010

Forecasts from analyst firm Canalys indicate the IPTV market will see rapid growth over the next three years, driven by telecom operators' desire to boost ARPU (average revenue per user) and counter the growing threat from competing triple-play providers. Worldwide IPTV subscriber levels will increase more than tenfold by the end of the decade, growing […]

November 2, 2007

HD in 14% of US households

The Nielsen Company has reported that 13.7 per cent of TV households in the US are equipped with a HD television. Los Angeles has the highest penetration of HD Capable homes (20.4 per cent) and New York has the highest penetration of HD Receivable homes (have HD channels available) 17.5 per cent. Nielsen also reports […]

November 1, 2007

Interest in Mobile TV continues to wane

Interest in mobile TV remains very low, with just 1 per cent using it in the past 12 months and only 3 per cent saying they were likely to try it in the next year, according to Continental Research's Autumn 2007 Mobile Report. Mobile phone owners were asked whether they would prefer to have an […]

October 31, 2007

Asia-Pacific: 78% mobile TV viewers

The Asia-Pacific region is leading the adoption of mobile TV broadcasting. according to a new report from analyst firm Berg Insight. About 38 million viewers – almost 78 per cent of the total mobile TV audience – was found in Japan and South Korea in mid-2007. Berg suggests that these markets are several years ahead […]

October 29, 2007

Research says mobile video expands in US

M:Metrics, the mobile media authority, reports that the mobile video market in the US is growing. At 8 million in August, the total audience for those who viewed mobile video, either from the carrier or video content sent by a friend or family member, grew by 34 per cent from January of this year. With […]

October 25, 2007

TV watching remains at record levels

The Nielsen Company has reported that television watching in the US during the 2006-2007 television year (18 September 2006 to 23 September 2007) remained at the record levels set the previous year. The number of homes with Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) more than doubled. According to Nielsen the total average time a household had a […]

October 19, 2007

Internet TV growing strongly

The number of people watching internet TV has increased steadily year on year according to Continental Research's Autumn 2007 Internet & Convergence Report. In particular the number watching shows they have previously downloaded from the Internet has doubled from 1.3 million in 2006 to 2.4 million in 2007. There is also substantial interest in Internet […]

October 18, 2007

Spectrum scarcity to block mobile TV until 2010?

The number of mobile broadcast TV subscribers in Western Europe is expected to pass 20 million by 2011, according to a report from Juniper Research. However, following the exit of the BT/Virgin Mobile DAB-IP offering from the market, the UK is not expected to re-launch mobile broadcast TV services until 2010 at the very earliest, […]

October 18, 2007

More US consumers watching TV online

Close to 16 per cent of US households who use the Internet watch television broadcasts online, The Conference Board and TNS reported. The number of consumers viewing entire episodes/shows on the Internet has doubled from a year ago. Nearly 73 per cent of online households use the internet for entertainment purposes on a daily basis […]

October 17, 2007

Internet TV set for acceptance

In the modern-day media age, consumers are being afforded more choice and control when it comes to content. Whether it’s PVRs, User Generated Content, or TV shows online, the market has fundamentally started the process of 'unbundling television/video entertainment', and this redistribution of control will likely come to dominate the overall consumer landscape in years […]

October 16, 2007