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With Advanced Television and IBM and join a discussion about the dramatic contribution AI can make to digital media production.

At the heart of AI’s contribution is the ability of machines to learn functions and constantly improve outcomes based on simply provided, real-world data. In broadcast production this can include image and sound recognition to enable, for example, better, richer, more targeted highlights all produced far more quickly than human editors could achieve. As Official Technology Partner of the recent Masters Golf Tournament, IBM produced, among many other features, embedded video clips of every shot at every hole. Media companies are also using IBM Watson chatbots to answer customer questions faster and more accurately than most humans can manage.

How many elements of your production could be automated? How many more features could your production or service make available with AI enabled automation implemented? You could transform one-off events in to full year activities; use virtual agents to manage big spikes in traffic for better customer experience; deliver packaged highlights based on viewer preference.

This is an exclusive invitation to join an evening in London hosted by Nick Snow of Advanced Television and Alison Davis, Industry lead for Telco, Entertainment and Media of IBM to hear about IBM’s abilities in AI for media providers, including fascinating case studies, and to share your queries and experience with fellow senior practitioners.

Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London W8 4PT

Tuesday 25th June, 7pm for 7.30pm.


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