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‘Experience wealth is the new material wealth’ is a modern truism that describes the evolution of the entertainment market as Millennials, and the consumer generations that follow them, value Experiences over Things. You can see it in the ever-growing draw of festivals, major sports events and adventure holidays.

How can broadcasters deliver better, more personalised, and so more valued experiences? How can content providers turn programmes, series, or channels, into viewer experiences that will attract audiences, underpin loyalty and provide monetization opportunities through advertising, sponsorship and product placement?

Cognitive AI is the key enabler in developing the kind of adaptive content approach that delivers the experience audiences desire. Its ability to interrogate and manage vast data sets in near real time, is at the heart of next generation media.

Learn how IBM iX deployed IBM Watson Media for Talks @ Cannes, a cognitive video search platform enabling the thousands of delegates to interrogate the vast choice of video material using natural language, instantly finding the most relevant material and stimulating interaction.

This is an exclusive invitation to join an evening in London hosted by Nick Snow of Advanced Television and Alison Davis, Industry lead for Telco, Entertainment and Media of IBM.

Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London W8 4PT

Tuesday 24th September, 7pm for 7.30pm.


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