Advanced Television

IBC Show Previews L – M

LiveU – Stand 7.C30

The cloud will take center stage on the LiveU stand at IBC with innovative cloud workflow solutions. LiveU will be highlighting its end-to-end live video and remote production (REMI) solutions, powered by the LiveU cloud video platform, enabling new levels of reliability, flexibility, and cost savings. Schedule a meeting with LiveU by clicking here.

For the first time, LiveU will be showing its end-to-end cloud production workflow with, which the company acquired in May 2022, enabling innovative and interactive live experiences. With the integration, LiveU aims to offer a full end-to-end solution for live contribution, cloud production, orchestration, ingest and distribution, serving the needs of every type of customer from global broadcasters to niche sports and entertainment.

With the accelerated adoption of remote production workflows, LiveU will also be presenting its cloud-based solutions for sustainable live productions.  Leveraging its IP technology to reduce travel, power and equipment costs, LiveU helps to lower each organization’s carbon footprint – while enabling them to produce high-quality content in the cloud.

In the run-up to the show, LiveU will unveil its new 5G live video transmission solutions as part of its complete 5G product suite for broadcast-quality coverage.


LTN – Stand 5.A77

LTN provides leading media technology solutions to empower content producers and distributors to create, acquire, transform, deliver, and monetise content at scale. Built on the world’s fastest and most reliable IP multicast video network, the company’s digital media ecosystem supports uniquely unified, optimised, and automated end-to-end workflows that bring customers greater efficiency, agility, and creativity in delivering more content to more viewers.

At IBC2022, LTN will be showcasing a range of technologies, including its newly launched solutions LTN Lift and LTN Arc. LTN Lift is the award-winning cloud-based playout solution that provides news-and sports-producing media companies with automated versioning capabilities to seamlessly spin up new channels and reach cross-platform audiences. LTN Arc is a fully managed production service that handles every aspect of live event versioning, enabling content owners and sports broadcasters to deliver customized streams and extend reach across platforms and geographies.

LTN will also be spotlighting LTN Wave, a terrestrial IP-based distribution solution designed as an alternative to satellite distribution, enabling broadcast-quality multicast distribution over IP.


LCEVC Showcase – Stand 5.D30 and 5,D33

After the success of the first MPEG-5 LCEVC Showcase at NAB’22 in Las Vegas, a similar display will reunite the growing LCEVC ecosystem in Europe for the first time – to present the new video standard by MPEG, MPEG-5 LCEVC – at IBC.

The LCEVC showcase will promote the capabilities of MPEG-5 LCEVC across multiple applications and devices, including encoders, media players, cloud transcoders, online video platforms and video SOCs.

A group of companies in the video delivery ecosystem will be supporting the showcase, including: Allegro, AMD/Xilinx Amlogic, Harmonic, Kynesim, MainConcept,  Montage-LZ, NETINT Technologies, NVIDIA, Oregan Networks, PresenZ, Qencode, Realtek, Red5 Pro, Redpill VR, Forum SBTVD, Simplestream, SOUTHWORKS, Steinwurf, THEOplayer, Visaic and V-Nova.

The stands will feature demos to show practical use cases delivering LCEVC-enhanced content to TVs, mobile apps and web browsers, as well as new XR applications, all powered by the interoperating products of participating companies. These will include:

  • Live 2160p60 UHD streaming decoded by an existing TV chipset
  • LCEVC-enabled apps decoding content on iOS, Android and Windows platforms
  • LCEVC-enabled ShakaPlayer decoding LCEVC on any HTML5-capable browser
  • LCEVC applied to real-time-communication applications for improved QoS and reliability
  • LCEVC enabling cloud-rendered XR and gaming applications
  • A photorealistic rendering of 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) VR content not possible with any other available technology today

“This showcase is a must-see at IBC this year. The breadth of use cases and demos available is testimony to the growing ecosystem of support for LCEVC. This is due to the low complexity nature of the technology, which allows it to be deployed at different levels in the software decoder stack. Following further standardization for digital terrestrial services in Brazil, we can only expect availability to service providers to increase dramatically”, said Guido Meardi, CEO of V-Nova

“These showcases are fundamental to show interoperability between new solutions. We’re glad to participate and show LCEVC enhancing MainConcept codecs, up to 8K resolutions and including VVC”, said Thomas Kramer of MainConcept.

“Live Events in the Metaverse is the next frontier in entertainment and one that could be available to millions. At the LCEVC Showcase, Redpill VR demonstrates its vision for the Metaverse and how LCEVC is a key enabler for live XR events at scale”, commented Laurent Scallie, CEO of Redpill VR.


LYNX Technik – Stand 10.A10

LYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, announces its new Server Module for its yellobrik products. The SVR 1000 server module is a companion product to the company’s Rack Controller; model RCT 1012, which is designed to ease the process of controlling, configuring, and updating the popular yellobrik line of throw-down bricks. This new system approach to yellobriks will be shown at IBC. With the new SRV 1000 yellobrik server module and the yellobrik rack controller, users can control all yellobriks that are located at different sites from a central location. This enhanced functionality providers facilities with a streamlined interface to control yellobriks centrally, reduces technical onboarding, reduces support time, and ensures centralized yellobrik monitoring, reporting, and other status indicators – for small and large yellobrik systems alike. The SRV 1000 operates as a central control module for yellobrik installations and applications and is scalable in nature, supporting a single rack to hundreds of racks deployed across many facilities. The control topology is all accessed through the complimentary LYNX Technik software, LynxCentraal application. A single SRV 1000 server module can extend the control of up to 256 Rack Controller yellobriks which in turn can each connect to up to 12 yellobrik modules. The SRV 1000 is designed to be used with the yellobrik Rack Controller and yellobrik Rack Frame and provides Ethernet LAN connectivity to a yellobrik system for enhanced control (remote or local) from several computers (MAC or PC) or third-party applications. It provides remote control, status monitoring and event error reporting for all yellobrik modules in a system.


M2A Media – Stand 5.H57

Innovators in cloud video solutions, M2A Media will unveil a refreshed portfolio of products and solutions at IBC Show in Amsterdam, allowing broadcasters, OTT platforms and sports-rights owners to tailor their chosen M2A Media solution to precise needs.

M2A CONNECT is a simple to use, feature-rich product for scalable video aggregation and distribution of live video streams in AWS. M2A Media has reshaped M2A CONNECT with a new tiered product offering. This encompasses core features at each level, giving broadcasters, OTT platforms and rights-owners the ability to choose add-ons to suit specific requirements.

M2A CONNECT’s core features have been enhanced to improve upon the industry’s best cloud automation product for live content acquisition and distribution. Upgrades to the product include:

  • Redesigned Source Creation allowing the user to add sources to M2A CONNECT easily.
  • Market localisation, starting with the addition of Japanese language to improve user experience. Implementation is on a modular basis and makes it simple for all language support.

M2A Media’s new concept enables M2A CONNECT customers to tailor services to their needs and budget, without compromising user experience. Available add-ons include:

  • An integrated Live Capture feature to record live video feeds to AWS S3 storage for VOD, archive or compliance uses
  • Award-winning, motion-compensated Cloud Frame Rate Converter
  • Event-based routing for dynamic distribution of content to takers on an event-basis
  • 24/7 Operations for hypercare monitoring and the highest level of support for live services

M2A Media will also showcase M2A LIVE at IBC 2022, the scalable platform for global live streaming. M2A LIVE automates traditionally complex, engineer-driven processes, placing these in the hands of operations teams. This includes building new live streaming profiles with the integrated Profile Composer, testing and deploying to a live environment in hours, not days.  M2A LIVE drives operating efficiency and delivers high-quality live streaming for broadcasters and OTT platforms, reaching millions of concurrents globally.

M2A LIVE also utilises a new tiered product offering with the following innovative add-ons:

  • Dynamic Content Insertion for effective localisation of ads and content.
  • Linear-like services with VOD to Live allowing customers to create pop-up and FAST channels to further monetise existing content.
  • M2A CONNECT add-ons including Live Capture and 24/7 Operations can also be deployed as part of an M2A LIVE service.

M2A CONNECT and M2A LIVE are now integrated into a single user interface, the M2A Console. This ensures a smooth transition between content acquisition and direct to consumer streaming platforms, improving implementation of services for broadcasters across the value chain.

Matt Hughes, Chief Commercial Officer, M2A Media said, “We offer unbeatable services in the AWS Cloud for the broadcast and media industry. Our exciting developments across M2A CONNECT and M2A LIVE represent big leaps in our commercial offering, creating the best user experience available We get broadcasters and rights owners, we understand your pain points and our products are removing the complexity from the cloud. Working closely with AWS, M2A Media is creating services for our customers, which deliver broadcast-grade quality and availability without the complications of traditional infrastructure”.


Magewell – Stand 7.A40

Magewell is poised to unveil a powerful new flagship model in its Ultra Encode family of universal live media encoders for applications ranging from live streaming to IP-based production and AV-over-IP. The new Ultra Encode AIO builds on the flexibility of the company’s original Ultra Encode models with expanded features including HDMI and SDI input connectivity in a single unit; 4K encoding and streaming from the HDMI input; simultaneous multi-protocol streaming; higher streaming bitrates; file recording; and much more.

“The rich feature set and versatility of our Ultra Encode HDMI and Ultra Encode SDI have made them very popular with streaming and production professionals as well as systems integrators, and we’re excited to expand the family with the new Ultra Encode AIO,” said James Liu, VP of Engineering at Magewell. “Ultra Encode AIO takes the capabilities of its siblings to a whole new level for advanced professional use cases, from recording and 4K encoding to greater flexibility for multi-destination streaming.”

Ultra Encode AIO supports multiple video encoding formats – including H.264, H.265 (HEVC), NDI|HX 2, and the new NDI|HX 3 – and a wide array of delivery protocols including RTMP, RTMPS, SRT, RTSP, RTP, HLS, and TVU’s ISSP technology. Video can be encoded at resolutions up to 4096×2160 at 30 frames per second from HDMI sources, or up to 1080p HD at 60 fps from the device’s 3G-SDI input.

The single-channel Ultra Encode AIO can encode one live input source – either HDMI or SDI – or mix video from the HDMI and SDI inputs (picture-in-picture or side-by-side) into a combined output. Video can be encoded at bitrates up to 32Mbps, while up to eight channels of audio can be encoded in AAC format. Two concurrent encoding profiles with distinct combinations of resolution, frame rate, and bitrate can be specified, and up to eight user-configurable overlays – including text, images, and a clock – can be applied to each profile.

Configurable presets enable easy streaming to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, or custom targets. Ultra Encode AIO can stream to up to six different target destinations simultaneously, including the ability to stream concurrently in multiple protocols. Inputs can also be recorded as files to an SD card, USB-connected storage device, or networked storage (NFS, CIFS or SMB).

For IP production workflows and AV-over-IP signal distribution architectures, Ultra Encode AIO supports NDI|HX 3, the latest version of the high-efficiency, low-bandwidth option in the popular NDI IP media transport technology platform. NDI|HX 3 improves video quality while enabling very low latency. Ultra Encode AIO also supports the earlier NDI|HX 2 for broad compatibility.

Ultra Encode AIO can be configured, monitored, and controlled through its browser-based web interface – accessible through any computer or mobile device, with an optimized layout for smartphones – with centralized management of multiple units available through the Magewell Cloud software. In addition to manual control, scheduled streaming and recording are also available through the web UI, while the unit’s touchscreen LCD screen provides status information and snapshot previews. HTTP-based APIs are also available for systems integrators and third-party developers to incorporate Ultra Encode AIO into their solutions.

Ultra Encode AIO devices measure 214.9mm (8.46 inches) by 128.2mm (5.05 inches) with a height of 44.55mm (1.75 inches). Pairs of units can be rack-mounted together with included mounting hardware. The device can be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or the included power adapter. In addition to HDMI and SDI video input and loop-through connections with embedded audio support, Ultra Encode AIO also offers line-level analogue audio input and output. For network connectivity, the encoder features built-in Wi-Fi and an RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet port, as well as support for optional, third-party 3G/4G broadband modems.

Ultra Encode AIO is slated to start shipping in Q4. The existing Ultra Encode HDMI and Ultra Encode SDI models continue to be available for customers needing only a single input connectivity standard and who do not require the additional advanced capabilities of Ultra Encode AIO. Meanwhile, Magewell’s Ultra Stream encoders remain the gold standard for non-professional or less experienced users with fairly straightforward live streaming and recording needs.


MainConcept – Stand 7.D12

MainConcept, the leading provider of codecs for production, broadcast and streaming technologies, has announced the launch of their VVC/H.266 SDK, which will be demonstrated at the upcoming 2022 IBC Show and will be made available as a part of the company’s Beta program. Predicted by many to be the next major professional video codec for the professional media market, VVC promises to provide unsurpassed quality and efficiency making resolution jumps like the one to 8K more palatable to content distributors. In Hall 7, Booth D12 of the RAI, the MainConcept team will share exciting technology demos and highlight their advancements in the development of VVC along with 8K-optimized cloud encoding built on top of their award-winning HEVC/H.265 SDK and other MainConcept technologies that are essential ingredients used to process over 90% of today’s professional videos.

“We look forward to returning to the IBC Show in Amsterdam and to sharing the numerous advancements we’ve made, keeping ahead of the rapid growth of digital video and audio,” said Deacon Johnson, Senior Vice President, Technology Licensing & Strategy, MainConcept. “Our partner ecosystem and codec library have expanded tremendously since we were at IBC in 2019. This is reflected in our optimized ARM architecture compatibility, a broad portfolio of professional FFmpeg plugins, and high-performance HEVC products to support cloud-ready 8K, 4K and HD live encoding workflows on a single low-cost server, as well as newer offerings such as VVC.”

VVC/H.266 Encoder SDK launch

MainConcept is launching their new VVC/H.266 Encoder SDK, which is designed for real-time 10-bit operation. For the Beta program, the SDK will be available for broadcast trials, field testing, and TV standards development and verification. For rapid deployment and evaluation, an FFmpeg plugin will be released as well. You can apply to be part of the MainConcept Beta program today.

The MainConcept VVC/H.266 encoder is designed to support future broadcast standards like DVB and SBTVD, as well as OTT applications. MainConcept also offers a portfolio of components that work together (e.g., audio encoders and multiplexers) to complete the solution for organizations adopting the new VVC standard for broadcast and streaming in 1080p, 4K and 8K.

MainConcept’s IBC Digital Video & Audio Showcase—Present & Future Technology

At IBC, MainConcept plans to demonstrate their VVC SDK capability by streaming VVC multi-layer real time encoding running in parallel on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using MPEG-DASH. This demo directly addresses broadcast applications, showing greatly improved immersive visual quality in more live channels, and opens up countless use cases in streaming over internet and mobile.

MainConcept also plans to showcase encoding of 8K content in real time via a remote AWS instance, complete with a dashboard for visualizing system performance, frame rate and bitrate. This demonstration will use multiple MainConcept technologies, including Live Encoder (powered by their industry-leading HEVC/H.265 encoder), WebASM and Hybrid GPU acceleration to show how you can encode 8K, 4K and HD in a single instance. The MainConcept 8K encoder can deliver more live channels or ABR layers per system at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions and is available for use on premises, in the cloud and in hybrid workflows.

To see for yourself the impact of MainConcept’s essential ingredients for production, broadcast and streaming products, you can also experience using their Content Creation Lab which includes compatibility for Fraunhofer, Panasonic and Sony plugins as well as VVC, HEVC and AVC software. This tool enables users to evaluate the compatibility and quality of encoded files, review the console log and command line parameters, and learn about MainConcept FFmpeg plugin usage


Marshall Electronics – Stand 11.C23

Marshall Electronics, an industry leading developer and manufacturer of Broadcast proAV video equipment, debuts the CV620-TBI PTZ camera at the 2022 IBC Show. Designed to auto-track and follow presenters using more natural Pan/Tilt/Zoom movement methods with AI accuracy, the CV620-TBI uses new facial recognition technology and intelligently learns motion dynamics of the subject and anticipates movement. This removes much of the guess work for camera intelligence reducing late or inaccurate maneuvers that require corrective adjustment, greatly minimizing viewer fatigue and motion sickness.

The CV620-TBI (black) and CV620-TWI (white) PTZ cameras are built around new highly sensitive Sony sensor technology with 20x optical zoom range of 5~110mm starting at roughly 60° angle-of-view. The CV620-TBI delivers outstanding color reproduction with exceptional detail even in challenging light environments. These new PTZ cameras feature simultaneous HD outputs of 3GSDI, HDMI and IP ethernet connectivity with up to 1920x1080p resolution at 60fps. Also boasting a flexible 340° horizontal range of movement and 120° vertical tilt, the CV620-TBI provides a large reachable viewing area for the new auto-tracking feature.

Track and follow technology is not new to the PTZ camera market. Early versions required a secondary fixed camera usually installed into the base of the camera to scan the environment and required a lanyard to be worn by the speaker.  Viewers of content of these early auto-tracking cameras had to deal with viewer motion sickness and fatigue. As auto-tracking features have been refined over the years, these elements have been removed and much smoother maneuvers with greater accuracy have been implemented.

“Marshall has been waiting for AI technology to advance enough to integrate it into auto-tracking cameras, and deliver smooth accurate positioning without causing viewer fatigue,” says Tod Musgrave, Director of Cameras for Marshall. “The CV620-TBI now offers that level of performance without requiring lanyards, extra software or a secondary reference camera.”

The new CV620-TBI track and follow cameras are equipped for local AV production workflows with 3GSDI and HDMI outputs, as well as a remote AV over IP camera source. Ethernet (IP) connectivity offers ease-of-setup and operation with one cable for PoE+, video, audio, tally and control.

Marshall dedicates considerable resources to ensure its cameras are compatible and controllable from common soft codecs such as OBS project, vMix and other software production tools. Control can be sent from the included IR remote or a Marshall VS-PTC-IP broadcast-style controller, VS-PTC-200 entry level controller, Video Management Software (VMS), software GUI from a web browser, as well as third party control decks, such as Skaarhoj and others.

Marshall also collaborates with companies like Netgear to enhance ease of configuration with managed switches specifically engineered for AV over IP. Marshall cameras are selectable within the Netgear M4250 and M4300-series switches to allow for quick setup and configuration.


Maxon – Stand 7.A27

Maxon, developer of professional 3D software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers and visual effects artists, is pleased to announce that they will be showcasing their Maxon One product line in-person on stand 7.A27 at the 2022 IBC Show in Amsterdam from September 9th-12th. Having demonstrated these tools for the first time altogether at NAB 2022, IBC offers yet another opportunity for attendees to see the impressive collection that makes up the Maxon toolkit. In addition to the product showcase, a host of talented digital artists will share their workflow tips and tricks live. These presentations will also be streaming live via the 3D and Motion Design Show each day of the show.

“After kicking off the return to live in-person events with NAB at the start of the year, we have been so pleased to find that the demand for these connections between our company, community and partners has remained just as strong as ever,” says David McGavran, Maxon CEO. “We are looking forward to the industry’s return to IBC and we’re certainly aiming to come back with a bang. We are working hard with a range of partners and artists to ensure an exciting showcase of all of the latest additions and updates to our suite of Maxon tools and the endless creative possibilities for our community.”

The Maxon One suite of creative tools includes Cinema 4D, Maxon’s award-winning suite of 3D modeling, simulation and animation technology, the blazingly fast Redshift rendering solution, the Red Giant lineup of revolutionary editing, motion design and filmmaking tools, the creativity-on-the-go Forger mobile sculpting app, and the industry-standard digital sculpting and painting solution, ZBrush.

September 3D and Motion Design Show – Live from IBC

Following the success of the NAB and SIGGRAPH shows earlier this year, the 3D and Motion Design Show will again be an in-person event, and will be live streamed directly from the Maxon IBC stand. Presentations will also be available on demand shortly after airing on, as well as the Maxon YouTube channel.

Presentations will take place from 10am CET / 4am ET / 1am PT each day throughout the show from industry-leading artists who are keen to demonstrate their professional 3D techniques and real-world production workflows using Cinema 4D, Redshift, Red Giant products, and ZBrush tools.


Media Links – Stand 1.C45

Media Links, manufacturer and pioneer in Media over IP transport technology announces that the company will launch its 4K JPEG-XS version of the MDP3020 MAX IP Media Gateway at IBC.Now enhanced with support for two 4K-UHD/12G SDI video channels, the MDP3020 MAX is SMPTE standards-based, designed to address the need for cost effective, remotely configurable, and protected 4K video over IP services at the network edge. The MDP3020 MAX processes incoming 4K, 12G SDI video/audio streams by first applying JPEG-XS compression, and then encapsulating this content into packets for transport over an IP network.By utilizing JPEG-XS with its inherent high image compression and ultra-low latency processing characteristics, the MDP3020 MAX is ideal for live, remote production broadcast applications where network edge bandwidths are typically constrained and where time sensitive, immediate interaction between the studio and venue(s) is a necessity. Other key and standard features include a 10GbE/1GbE data port, dual 10GbE optical interfaces to support network redundancy along with Seamless Protection Switching (aka Hitless Media Processing or SMPTE ST2022-7), redundant power capability, and integrated frame synchronizer. The Seamless Protection/Hitless switching function operates on all media (video, audio and data), and prevents signal disruption should there be intermittent problems in any one of the two diverse IP network paths.The MDP3020 MAX IP Media Gateway is being used globally by TV media service providers and broadcasters for sporting and remote production environments. It is providing the connectivity for multi-format video/audio signal transport as well as simultaneous data and control signal transfers between venues and central operating and production centers. Typically, its small footprint (1/2 rack unit) is a deciding factor for portability, along with its low power consumption and ruggedized design, built to withstand the rigors of harsh physical field environments.


MEDIAGENIX – Stand 1.C25

Visit MEDIAGENIX at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam (booth 1.C25) and discover how you can drive business performance on four levels:

  • Multiplatform operational efficiency
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Multiplatform audience engagement
  • Content monetization

With one source of truth, touchless operations and actionable intelligence, you can:

  • Substantially reduce operational costs and hidden supply chain waste
  • Establish company-wide empowerment to maximize added value and Content ROI

Invest in the long term — Raise added value in the short term

With the WHATS’ON Media Business Management Platform you can rapidly achieve unified, data-driven workflows around content, rights and planning in a lean and smart content supply chain.

Fast user adoption throughout the company is ensured with

  • The rich WHATS’ON functionality
  • The elimination of repetitive tasks
  • The facilitation of cross-functional collaboration
  • Best-practice innovations

Fast time-to-value is further ensured with

  • The MEDIAGENIX capabilities for integration and adaptation
  • The proven track record of successful deployment on time and on budget

Book a meeting and ask for the latest innovations

Discover our steadily growing WHATS’ON HIVE range of collaborative apps, including:

  • WHATS’ON Schedule Gallery
  • WHATS’ON Content Cockpit
  • WHATS’ON Strategic Planning
  • WHATS’ON Content Curator
  • WHATS’ON Metadata Portal
  • WHATS’ON Marketplace

We will also demo a wide range of new functionalities and features that bring efficiencies in strategic, long-term and medium-term planning, short-term and continuity scheduling, trailer scheduling and as-run reconciliation.

Also ask us how we connect data assets across the content supply chain to fast-track advanced BI and AI capabilities that visualize and optimize Content ROI.


Mediakind – Stand 1.D09

MediaKind will exhibit the full breadth of its media portfolio during IBC 2022. The centrepiece of MediaKind’s booth activity will be a live, end-to-end streaming experience, using esports style car racing game simulator pods to create real-time live video content for all on-booth and partner demonstrations. Visitors can explore how MediaKind’s media technology solutions enable broadcasters, content owners, telcos, and service providers to stream live without limits at scale. They will also learn how the company is transforming audience engagement, personalising services, and enabling new monetisation models for all content across all screens.

MediaKind will be demonstrating examples of live content acquisition applications, including media workflows and media processing in cloud contribution; at-home/remote production workflows; content replacement for targeted advertising distribution; all-IP workflows; and live event pop-up video streaming and monetisation.  There is also a chance to win a prize on stand by participating in the Track the Ads challenge.


Mobius Labs – Stand 5.D55

At IBC 2022, Mobius Labs, a developer of next-generation AI-powered metadata technology, will unveil Visual DNA, a new AI-based system that is set to transform the way the broadcast industry manages video ingest, image tagging, search and archive.

Visual DNA ushers in a new generation of AI-powered solutions for ultra fast analysis and creation of descriptive metadata from video content, providing broadcasters and other content owners with a range of intuitive new ways to search, discover and analyse video assets with the innovative ability to completely re-index their libraries without the need to return to original footage.

By creating an ultra-compact description of video frames (around 10,000 times smaller than the corresponding 4k video content) at lightning speed, one hour of video content requires just 10MB of Visual DNA metadata storage and can be re-indexed in less than one second.

Visual DNA also unlocks a host of additional new benefits not previously available with traditional metadata. This includes natural language customisable tags and facial recognition based on expressions rather than 6 or 7 over-simplified emotions.

Compatible with existing MAMs or DAMs in the cloud or on-premise, the new software is capable of intelligently searching archive video that was poorly tagged or has no metadata so that content libraries can always be kept fresh and relevant.

“Many media and broadcasting companies around the world are already leveraging AI metadata technology to streamline their workflows and productively manage their content archives,” said Appu Shaji, CEO and Chief Scientist at Mobius Labs. “We’re proud to be a leading this transformation and are looking forward to showing how broadcasters and other content owners can benefit from this new technology.

“Broadcasters realise that their content library is only as valuable as their ability to search it quickly and efficiently,” said Jeremy Deaner, COO, Mobius Labs. “The technology is now available for them to do this without human intervention and to maximise opportunities for content monetisation.”


Mo-Sys – Stand 8.A49

Mo-Sys Engineering, a specialist in image robotics, virtual production, and remote production, will launch a new product called bMR (broadcast mixed reality) at the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam in September. Mo-Sys bMR is a new category of product that combines an LED content server with a MOS controlled on-air graphics system powered by Unreal graphics. The product has been designed for broadcasters who want to transition to an LED based virtual studio, with MOS controlled on-air graphics based on Unreal, and is targeted at sports, news, and current affairs programming. In developing bMR, Mo-Sys has partnered with on-air graphics specialist Erizos Studios, and combined Erizos’ expertise in broadcast graphics and MOS based news/sports workflows, with Mo-Sys’ expertise in LED virtual studios and precision camera tracking. Equipped with virtual studio software licenses for green screen, Mo-Sys bMR enables broadcasters to transition from their current green screen virtual studio and incumbent on-air graphics solution, to bMR, but in two stages where either the virtual studio or the on-air graphics are upgraded first. Mo-Sys bMR’s on-air graphics system offers three ways of displaying templated data-fed graphics; standard 2D keyed graphics, keyed 3D graphics, or 3D ‘in-scene’ Unreal element graphics. The system conforms to MOS protocol and can be controlled by commonly available newsroom computer systems (NRCS) such as Octopus, ENPS, or other popular NRCS. It is based on web browser technology and uses a fully redundant server/client architecture. Importantly, it is an on-premise solution and is not cloud-based. bMR’s LED content server can drive any size/shape/pixel pitch LED virtual studio (equipped with sufficient render nodes), with the base system able to drive an LED studio with up to 8million pixels. The system offers multi-camera switching capability up to UHD4K resolution, enabling multiple cameras to be used with an LED volume, where switching between cameras is orchestrated with the LED wall updating correctly. Set extensions with simultaneous augmented reality (AR) are also possible, with the delay between the Unreal graphics perspective displayed on the LED wall, and the camera’s actual position, the lowest on the market today. Mo-Sys will offer bMR customers a service creating custom user interfaces for controlling their LED studio virtual scene, simplifying the operational load. In addition, bMR offers the ability to create custom interfaces for on-air graphics, simplifying connecting data sources to graphic templates, and driving multiple graphic elements in use simultaneously.


MRMC – Stand 12.D11

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon company, will showcase its range of motion control robotics and control software, as well as industry leading broadcast solutions at IBC2022 in Amsterdam (September 9-12) – the global crossroads event of the media, entertainment, and technology industries. 

MRMC’s gold standard motion control robotics and Flair software solution will be on display on stand D11 in Hall 12. Visitors to MRMC’s motion control stand will be able to see the award- winning high-speed Bolt Jr+ Cinebot in action, showcasing choreographed automated camera movement created with Flair. The booth will also have an LED Volume featuring an eye-catching visual display of content captured by the Bolt Cinebot range. 

Visitors will also be able to see a visual showcase of MRMC’s Flair software, with its intuitive UI and key features in operation. Flair is the culmination of over 50 years of industry experience and has recently been updated with a new Focus Assist tool, which automatically measures the distance to the operator’s target, simplifying and speeding up moves. 

Meanwhile, at stand C30 in Hall 11, MRMC will be showcasing its industry-leading offering for broadcasters. The MRMC Broadcast team will exhibit its full range of studio heads and arms and remote production solutions such as the automated subject tracking software Polymotion Chat, which helps streamline production costs.  

Broadcasters and media creators will learn how to take content capture to new levels with tech that features exceptional speed and precise repeatable moves with smooth motion. 

Visitors can also find out how to enhance their PTZ production with the new ARC-360 rugged PTZ camera and the QRS-1 quiet rail system, a cost-effective, modular track designed for studio, event, and mixed production environments. 

MRMC is also demonstrating its StudioBot XL robotic arm, which provides unrivalled, high-end, and automated motion for news and studio settings. The TRH-1 track system produces smooth movement on a rail-mounted tilt column, while the PTA-2 and AFC-180 illustrate the versatility of MRMC’s robotic head range, offering speed and high payload options. All MRMC’s robotics are camera agnostic and can fit seamlessly into existing workflows as well as new technologies including virtual production sets. 

Solutions for sports will also be on display, highlighting MRMC’s ability to remotely control the camera through a variety of interfaces including Pan Bars, a Joystick Control Panel or software, or how to use automation to help capture hard-to-reach action for track and field-based sports. 

“IBC is a key date in the calendar across the media, entertainment and technology industries and is an ideal opportunity for MRMC to showcase our products and solutions to visitors from around the world,” commented Assaff Rawner, CEO at MRMC. “We have some exciting and innovative technologies to share during the exhibition and we look forward to welcoming industry colleagues to our stands as we continue to share technology announcements, updates and customer success stories.” 


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