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IBC Show Previews L – M

LiveU – Stand 7.B19

Helping its customers to create dynamic, viewer-engaging content, in as efficient and seamless a way as possible, is the driving force behind LiveU. Content that encourages viewers to return for more.

LiveU’s EcoSystem, with its IP-video solutions and cloud workflows, enables content creators to produce impactful and engaging live broadcasts with far less effort, time and, importantly in today’s environment, cost.  At IBC2023, LiveU will showcase its latest live video workflows and collaborations in contribution, production and distribution across sports, news and other live productions, bringing greater efficiencies across workflows while shortening the time to air. These include its flexible remote and on-site production solutions, using IP-bonding and cloud workflows to replace traditional production hurdles with easy-to-use, high-quality, and low-cost solutions.

A core element of the EcoSystem – its openness and interoperability – will be highlighted on the stand. LiveU’s latest integrations will be demonstrated with other leading technologies encompassing 5G, cloud and AI. Real-time use cases will be presented across the entire video production chain.

Delivering more production value for less

All LiveU IP-video solutions are built on LiveU’s field-proven LRT (LiveU Reliable Transport) protocol for low latency, high-quality, and rock-solid resiliency.

Show highlights include:

LiveU Studio: First Cloud IP Live Video Production Service to Natively Support LRT™

The easily accessible, fully cloud-native IP live video production service, LiveU Studio, is the first to natively support LRT. It is a fully scalable, SaaS solution, making it easy to create and distribute more live content across a myriad of digital media channels. LiveU Studio supports multiple IP video protocols and provides live switching, audio mixing, graphics, remote guest management, and one-click distribution to up to 30 different, simultaneous digital destinations.

The solution signifies a world-first approach to live production, leveraging the high quality, low latency LRT protocol across the entire workflow – from contribution and production to distribution.

LiveU Ingest: Ingest Cloud Solution for Automatic Recording and Story Metadata Tagging of Live Video

LiveU’s automated workflow solution accelerates the time-to-air and conversion of assets into digital media, increasing production efficiency. It’s an automatic recording and story metadata tagging solution for cloud and hybrid production workflows. Ingest automates metadata association, reducing errors and storage costs by generating sub-clippings on the fly while delivering lightning-fast storytelling. It’s a monetization accelerator.

LiveU Matrix: Next-gen IP cloud video distribution service

LiveU will show how plugging into the LiveU Matrix, our large global private video distribution system, can supercharge content monetization and give instant access to a world of creative possibilities.

Dynamic Content Acquisition Solutions with LiveU’s Powerful, Reliable and Flexible Field Units on Show

LiveU will also be showing its latest field units – the game-changing 5G multi-cam LU800, with up to four 1080p60 fully frame-synced feeds or a 4Kp60 feed from a single unit for the ultimate in content gathering performance; the powerful-yet-compact HD/4K LU300S with 5G capabilities; and Solo PRO for efficient, one-touch, wireless live streaming for every type of content creator.

The LiveU EcoSystem also has a host of production tools, all designed to add efficiency and shorten workflows, allowing customers to produce more for less.


Looper Insights – Stand 5.A60

Looper Insights, the leading end-to-end SaaS analytics solution in the Media & Entertainment industry, is set to launch its groundbreaking feature, Looper Boost, at this year’s IBC event. Looper Boost is a game-changing innovation tailored to meet the growing demands of the dynamic VoD Streamers and Broadcasters’ merchandising landscape. The new feature provides digital marketers with an immersive interface that reflects the devices they target including mobile, web, smart TV, set-top boxes, streaming devices and games consoles. This dynamic interface in Looper Boost showcases past, present, and future merchandising efforts, allowing marketers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their content’s performance and impact.

Looper Boost provides streaming services and broadcasters with a visual solution for collaboration on planning merchandising strategies for New Release titles, ensuring compliance of campaigns and full tracking of merchandising performance versus their competitors using Media Placement Value (MPV). MPV provides marketers with a deeper understanding of the true value of content placements across the whole product lifecycle, encompassing buying, renting, subscribing, and advertising VOD.

As the entertainment industry continues to embrace the connected TV landscape, Looper Boost provides a clear pathway to success. By leveraging the insights provided by Looper Boost, digital marketers can elevate their marketing strategies, seize emerging opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic and ever-evolving entertainment industry. With subscription prices soaring amidst pressure from Wall Street, the top US streaming services now costing $87 compared with $73 this time last year, it is now more important than ever to encourage subscribers to keep paying for your service.

“Thriving in today’s competitive market demands not only innovative strategies but also the tools to make well-informed decisions. Looper Boost is not just a feature; it’s a strategic advantage for digital marketers,” says Lucas Bertrand, CEO and co-founder of Looper Insights. “With Looper Boost, marketers can harness the power of data-driven insights to make informed decisions, enhance their marketing efforts, and ultimately drive success in the digital age.”


LTN – Stand 5.A76

LTN, the industry leader in transformative media technology and video transport solutions, will showcase how its IP-based technologies empower media companies to create, version, and monetize content across multiple platforms and regions at IBC2023. Visitors to LTN’s stand will discover why major media companies are migrating to IP-based video transport for a more reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient approach to managing and distributing high-quality content.

The company will spotlight LTN Wave, its award-winning, fully managed, multicast-enabled IP-based transmission solution that provides customers with an intelligent and reliable alternative to traditional satellite or fiber-based models. Underpinned by the ultra reliable LTN Network with extremely-low latency, LTN Wave delivers next-generation business intelligence and seamless interoperability to enable media companies to deliver multiple tailored versions of content across any region, device, or platform. Some of the industry’s leading media organizations, including German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle and US sports network MSG Networks, harness LTN Wave to future-proof their transmission strategies while driving operational efficiencies.

“Shifting to IP-based video transport is going to be top of the agenda for many business leaders at IBC2023. Media companies are increasingly moving to an IP-first roadmap to drive greater flexibility and business intelligence while securing profitability,” said Chris Myers, EVP, Chief Revenue Officer, LTN. “LTN Wave gives media companies a best-in-class, fully managed solution that enables a stress-free migration to IP, while laying the foundations for greater customization and monetization across all digital platforms.”

LTN will also showcase LTN Arc, the fully managed, cloud-enabled production solution that handles every aspect of live event versioning at scale for rights holders and sports platforms. Through automated workflows and supported by the highly redundant video transport backbone of the LTN Network, Arc delivers the versioning, customization, and decoration capabilities that rights holders need to tailor and deliver their content for diverse worldwide audiences while enabling downstream monetization.


Magnifi by VideoVerse – Stand 5.C96

Magnifi by VideoVerse – an AI-driven video technology company and powerful video-editing SaaS platform – today announced details of the exciting showcase of new AI products and functionalities that it will be presenting at IBC.

The company will be displaying demos with the solutions available at the show:

1. Entertainment solution: Magnifi will unveil its latest product designed exclusively for entertainment content. This innovative solution automates the creation of short clips from long-form content using advanced recognition of faces, speech, places, objects, actions, and audio cues. The platform is expected to be launched in beta to a select set of early access clientsby the end of the year.

2. Bulk “Auto-Flip”: This solution, in conjunction with Digital Highlights Pro, empowers users to “auto-flip” a large quantity of videos simultaneously with exceptional accuracy. The feature automatically adjusts the aspect ratios of each video, enabling rapid production and efficient Go-To-Market delivery.

Magnifi’s high-performance “ball tracking” technology ensures that the action remains centered during the auto-flip process.

The success of Bulk “Auto-Flip” has been demonstrated in the 2023 season of the Vietnam Pro Basketball League (VBA), where it efficiently handled multiple aspect ratios of 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1.

3. Reely: For the first time at IBC, Magnifi will present its recently acquired, a prominent esports AI-Powered content creation and social media distribution company. Reely’s platform automatically identifies highlights and key moments within a game, simplifying the creation and sharing of highlight videos across various social media channels.

It has started its integration into VideoVerse’s suite of solutions to expand and enhance capabilities in the gaming market, providing advanced tools to players, streamers, and content creators seeking to develop, share, and extend the reach of high-quality video content.

4. Logo detection for Marketing Brands: Magnifi will demonstrate a new functionality within its software solutions that enables the automatic detection of logos for sponsors and marketing brands. This feature provides tangible proof of performance for brands.

In addition to the demos, Magnifi’s Co-Founder and CEO, Vinayak Shrivastav, will participate in a special panel on Saturday 16 September, at stand 5A.28. The panel, titled “Key Steps to Success in the Streaming of Sport,” will explore how sports production and delivery can evolve to offer viewers a more personalised and engaging experience, with AI playing a pivotal role in enhancing post-production processes and supporting creativity.

Vinayak Shrivastav, CEO and Co-Founder of Magnifi by VideoVerse, stated, “At Magnifi, we continuously push the boundaries of technology to enhance the viewer experience. We are thrilled to return to IBC, the most important broadcast tradeshow in Europe, with upgrades to some of our most popular solutions, simplifying the work of broadcasters and delivering an exceptional final product to consumers.”


MainStreaming – Stand 5.H38

MainStreaming is excited to meet IBC 2023 attendees and present its Edge Video Delivery Network, which is revolutionizing video streaming technology.

If you are thinking about the future of streaming and delivering your VOD and live video content at scale, with high performance for superior viewing experiences for end-users, with the goal of improving your ROI when monetizing the content, then Hall 5, booth 5.H38, is where you need to be.

MainStreaming has organized the MainStreaming Espresso Series, where we will share some key insights on the following topics, while enjoying a real Italian espresso:
Friday, 3:00 PM Video streaming taking over traditional terrestrial TV: Planning for your imminent future
Friday, 4:00 PM MainStreaming’s new Partner Program
Saturday, 10:00 AM Overcoming the technical challenges of Live Streaming at Scale
Saturday, 3:00 PM Improving your QoE KPIs: The key to driving the best Audience Engagement
Sunday, 10:00 AM New operating models for broadcasters to transition to streaming at scale
Sunday, 3:00 PM Innovation in Streaming Economics


manifold – Stand 9.C01

manifold technologies, provider of service-oriented software solutions for Tier-1 live productions, is introducing manifold CLOUD to the European market at IBC 2023. manifold CLOUD, initially presented at NAB 2023, provides users with access to an on-demand pool of configurable live production functionality through a single-sign-on web UI. manifold CLOUD can handle the most demanding live sports, entertainment and news productions while providing the benefits of scalability, resiliency, quick deployment, and unified control. manifold CLOUD will be demonstrated at IBC in stand 9.C01 (arkona technologies).

Designed to run on COTS FPGA acceleration cards from multiple manufacturers, manifold CLOUD services include compression, multi-viewing, routing, up/down/cross conversion, audio/video mixing, color correction, color space conversion, and more. Services are quickly created and configured on-demand within a private cloud environment and automatically assigned to an accelerator card. Services are grouped in clusters that can operate simultaneously – each supporting an individual cluster, such as a sports event or news show. In the event of a hardware or link failure, services are automatically restored on another accelerator card for maximum resiliency.

manifold CLOUD offers all the benefits of cloud while retaining the performance of Tier 1 live productions – such as scalability, commodity hardware, automatic provisioning, resiliency, and efficiency, while supporting large, live uncompressed workflows with subframe latency and with 90% less power consumption than CPU solutions.

“Visitors at NAB got a sneak peek at manifold CLOUD, and it was an incredible success,” explained Erling Hedkvist, sales & business development at manifold technologies. “The most frequently asked question was ‘How soon can I get it?’ We are now delighted to bring it to the extremely important European market at IBC. This solution has the potential, and capability to change the way we work in this industry. It takes the complexity out of developing a cloud-based infrastructure for demanding Tier-1 live productions, while maximizing sustainability, resiliency, and reliability.”


Matrox Video – Stand 7.B15

Media technology innovator Matrox Video has announced its lineup for IBC2023, where its experts will be on hand on Stand 7.B15. The company will feature the critical technology powering broadcast workflows for live, tier-1 programming; broadcast television; and specialty content production today and into the future.

Broadcasters, integrators, and developers will discover a range of production solutions:

Live Production – Software-Only Production of Tier-1 Live ContentIntroducing Matrox ORIGIN, an empowering framework that redefines live production workflows for broadcast and media developers. A truly groundbreaking asynchronous and scalable architecture, Matrox ORIGIN offers a native, IT-based approach to television production, providing scalable, low-latency, and frame-accurate broadcast operations for tier-1 live television production. Bridging the worlds of broadcast and IT, Matrox ORIGIN guarantees synchronization throughout the live production process and overcomes the challenge of integrating video and IT. With the ORIGIN framework, accurate processing happens on any level within the distributed environment — on-prem or in the cloud. The framework manages inherent redundancy without requiring any additional intervention. It also supports redundancy across multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) availability zones for mission-critical applications.

Matrox ORIGIN offers the freedom to choose on-prem or in the cloud, capex or opex, and best-of-breed products and services.

Attendees can learn about the potential of Matrox ORIGIN at the session “Live Production Unlimited: Making Time with Matrox ORIGIN” on Friday, Sept. 15, in Room G106 at the RAI. Join industry luminary Richard Cartwright as he unveils how high-performance, multicore, distributed computer systems can play with the meaning of time itself, enhancing the processing of live media streams without any compromise on quality.

  • 1 p.m. — Press Session (30 minutes)
  • 2 p.m. — Technical Session (2 hours)

Matrox ORIGIN will also be shown on Stands 8.B75 at Pebble and 7.B18 at RT Software.

Video Conversion — Monitor, Route, and Convert Media ConvertIP — Visitors interested in signal management — including two-way, high-density ST 2110-to-HDMI/SDI monitoring and conversion — are invited to the ConvertIP pod. There they will see how they can reduce the cost of ownership, ease switching requirements, and gain baseband monitoring flexibility and redundancy with Matrox ConvertIP. Thanks to the new daisy-chaining feature in ConvertIP Version 2.0, users can even send multiple streams through one connection and display any stream on any connected monitor. These fanless, NMOS-aware devices are 4K- and IPMX-ready, support both ST 2110-20 uncompressed and ST 2110-22 compressed JPEG XS workflows and include PoE+ for easy integration.

Remote Production and Contribution – Encode/Decode, Talkback and Tally, Return Feed Monarch EDGE Encoders and Decoders — For remote production applications, users can send up to four synchronized SDI broadcast-quality camera feeds from any location over the open internet and/or public/private cloud using just one Monarch EDGE 4K/multiHD encoder and genlockable decoders. Built-in features like tally and talkback eliminate the need to purchase extra equipment, saving money and installation time. New at IBC2023, Version 2.05 adds support for SCTE 104, closed captioning, and more for easier integration into broadcast workflows. Visitors to the Monarch EDGE pod will see how collaborator GlobalM depended on Monarch EDGE to cover Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and why Monarch EDGE is “made for remote production.”

3P Partnerships – Matrox Video at IBC2023RT Software (Stand 7.B18), Pebble (Stand 8.B75), intoPIX (Stand 10.D31i), STAGETEC (Stand 8.A95), Anyware Video (Stand 2.B39d), and TAG Video Systems (1.C18) IBC2023 visitors should look for Matrox Video technology at work in its partners’ stands at the RAI and see how industry leaders integrate Matrox Video hardware, software, and infrastructure to produce best-of-breed broadcast and AV solutions.

OEM Developer Products — Codec and I/O cards, On-prem and Cloud Media-Processing ServicesSolution providers and developers create the broadcast and AV industry’s most successful and powerful products and services using Matrox Video OEM technology, and IBC visitors will see the latest hardware and software advancements in the OEM area of the Matrox Video stand. Matrox Video will show how manufacturers, using a unified API, can save on development costs and gain the highest quality technology to easily integrate IP video processing, video capture and delivery, and software services into complete solutions or to offer complementary functionality.

ST 2110, H.264, SDI I/O – SDK ImprovementsAt IBC2023, attendees will discover the latest improvements to the Matrox Video range of ST 2110 and H.264 encoders and decoders and SD/HD/UHD I/O cards. New features include ultra-low latency with sub-frame transfer, 8K support, and improved Linux support.

LUMA H.265 Codec Cards — New Release Based on Intel ARC GPUOperators delivering H.265 will enjoy the LUMA H.265 codec card. This Matrox Video professional implementation of Intel ARC Graphics encodes/decodes multiple H.264 and H.265 streams for easy multiformat delivery. Matrox LUMA is available in a fanless, low-profile version for specialty applications and easy installation.

Remote Control and Operations — IP KVM Extension and SwitchingExtio 3 4K IP KVM Extenders — Workstation operators can visualize more information and make faster decisions from a smaller equipment footprint with remote access and connectivity for studios, control rooms, and OB vans using Extio 3 4K IP KVM extenders over 1GbE networks. The latest updates include support for pressure-sensitive Wacom tablets so graphic artists maintain full creative control even in remote locations. Users can create scalable and cost-effective 1GbE KVM matrix switching environments with secure, low-bitrate 4Kp60 4:4:4 and up to quad 1080p60 4:4:4 video extension and switching over LAN, WAN, or the internet.


Maxon – Stand 7.A27

Maxon, developers of professional 3D software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers, visual effects artists and creators of all types, is pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting the latest updates to the Maxon One product line at the 2023 IBC Show.

As always, Maxon’s IBC lineup will feature compelling presentations from a diverse group of talented artists and studios. Presentations will showcase artists’ work on a variety of projects for film, games, TV, advertising, live events and more. In addition to useful tips and tricks, presenters will also be demonstrating how they use Maxon One as part of their unique workflows.

“The Maxon team is excited to return to IBC and delighted to be joined by a fantastic selection of creative pros in Amsterdam,” says David McGavran, Maxon CEO. “Industry events provide the community with a space to reconnect and learn from one another. Our presenters offer an abundance of inspiration as well as technical skill that is truly off the charts. Just as important are the many serendipitous moments that wouldn’t happen anywhere else.”

Presenters at Maxon’s IBC 2023 Booth:

  • Andy Needham is a UK-based motion designer with nearly 20 years of experience. He has worked on projects for major brands such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Pepsi. In addition, he has been an established trainer in the motion design industry for the past nine years, creating professional educational resources, including tutorials and courses. Andy will talk about how he uses Cinema 4D’s Pyro and Volume Builder features, as well as ZBrush and rendering in Redshift.

  • Anna Natter is a 3D artist with 18 years design experience, whose work is focused on digital art, 3D design and branding. She is a Substance 3D design evangelist at Adobe and shares educational video tutorials.

  • Bas Hemlig, the co-founder of Tiny Giants, is a craftsman in his art and 3D is his way of expressing reality in new perspectives and dimensions. In his presentation, Bas will explore the creative freedom in abstract art and precision in technical models within Cinema 4D, transforming possibilities into reality. He will also dive into some of his studio’s commercial productions and show some of the work they have created.

  • Bastien Genbrugge studied agro and biotechnology in Ghent and later got his master’s degree in graphic design in Antwerp. He is an experienced motion designer and serves as co-founder and creative director at Studio Plankton.

  • Carolin Kattermann and Timo Ott will be representing, a creative studio that develops unique animations and immersive experiences for clients, including Mercedes, Universal Music, Audemars Piguet and Porsche. Carolin and Timo will share a comprehensive breakdown of their studio’s CGI design and production pipeline. They will also talk about how they use AI for the ideation phase and provide a step-by-step walkthrough of their workflow using Cinema 4D and Redshift, with a special highlight on the capabilities of Cloth Dynamics.

  • Chad Perkins is an award-winning filmmaker and author, and a visual effects and motion graphics artist. He is on the board of managers for the Washington chapter of the Visual Effects Society and posts free tutorials and software training on his YouTube channel, Movies and Computers. Chad is also a senior trainer at Maxon.

  • Christina Worner and Ana Aguiar are the founder and senior creative producer, respectively, at Dada Projects. As a women-led studio in a male-dominated industry, Dada Projects challenges convention while introducing a fresh perspective on visual storytelling. Relying mainly on Cinema 4D, Dada Projects’ work encapsulates imagination and the ability to seamlessly blend mundane objects with surreal digital landscapes. Christina and Ana will offer a behind-the-scenes look at some of their favorite projects, shedding light on production processes, software and obstacles.

  • Daniel Balzer and Niko Tziopanos will be representing Cannon + Sparrows, a creative studio working in the fields of moving image, interactive design and game development. Daniel has more than 20 years of experience in game creation, creative direction, motion graphics, visual effects, concept and digital art, illustration and animation. Niko is an experienced 3D generalist, as well as a motion and live-action director with over 20 years of professional experience. They will be presenting workflows for creating and animating game assets to be used in Unreal Engine 5.x and Cinema 4D.

  • Dušan Vukcevic is a self-taught 3D artist with over 15 years of experience in the CG industry. Specializing in architectural visualizations and animations, he collaborates with world’s top creative studios and companies from his small studio in a remote part of Slovenia. Dušan will talk about how he used Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Redshift and Red Giant tools for his latest project, “The Lifer.” He will also share how he applies photographic aspects to his projects, while focusing on creative lighting and photorealism.

  • Elly Wade, aka Maxon’s resident AI, is a trainer and 3D workflow specialist on the Maxon Training Team. With a passion for teaching through live training sessions, quick tips and hands-on workshops, Elly specializes in Cinema 4D and Redshift and loves to inspire students and professional creatives along any part of their 3D journey.

  • Hanna Nordholt has been an animation filmmaker since 1985. Her work focuses on the relationship between science and art, society and media. She is a Cinema 4D Certified Master Trainer, and is a lecturer in 3D animation, character design and animation at MetFilm school. In her presentation, Hanna will talk about using Cinema 4D for visual music and music video clips, and she’ll cover how she uses features like the Sound Effector, Dynamics, Cloth, Pyro and many more to create unique visuals and think outside of the box.

  • Jeroen Grondijs and Thomas Drenth are 3D animators and artists from Sensu, a visual marketing agency for science and innovation. With a mission to elevate world-changing innovations into visual experiences, they create eye-catching 3D animations, branding, web design and film for their clients who are focused on biotech and clean energy. Jeroen, a 3D animator, and Thomas, Sensu’s head of animation, will offer a behind-the-scenes look at a recent medical project, “The Beauty of Neuroscience.”

  • Jonas Pilz is currently a software evangelist and Cinema 4D master trainer at Maxon who frequently gives Cinema 4D and Redshift workshops and does presentations on Maxon One tools and features at events. Before joining Maxon in 2015, Jonas was a 3D generalist working in industrial visualization and motion graphics.

  • Josh Thorpe and Pamela Gray join from Territory Studio, a creative team that draws on expertise in narrative-led creative design to imagine, realize and build new worlds. Josh is a 3D artist and motion designer with more than 12 years experience across advertising, titles and film and is Territory’s 3D lead in London. Pamela is a senior motion designer from Glasgow, who is driven by a love of creating style frames and finding new ways to combine 2D and 3D techniques, her work focuses primarily on concept and look development for motion projects across film, brand and creative tech.

  • Keanu Visuals is a filmmaker, editor and director with an extensive background in the film and video industry. Across various social media platforms, he uses his expertise to educate and inspire an audience of over 270,000. Keanu’s mission is to empower creatives by leveraging technology, simplifying complex editing concepts and showcasing impactful filmmaking techniques.

  • Maximus Raharjo is a resident colorist and trainer at Maxon based in Germany. He is also an International Colorist Academy instructor, as well as a certified Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve trainer. Max is on a mission to help creatives build sustainable color grading knowledge by demystifying complicated technical details into bite-size chunks so artists can have fun finding their unique style when grading.

  • Nicolas Dehaut is a creative director and motion designer from Liège Belgium. He started as a 2D/3D generalist in Brussels in 2005, and later became director of animation commercials for various advertising companies. He co-founded Aftertouch Studio in 2014 and has worked on various TV, cinema, documentaries and corporate films. In his presentation, Nicolas will focus on his workflow from concept to style frames and explain how he relies on Cinema 4D and Redshift.

  • Ploy Motion is a motion graphic designer and animator based in London. She has worked on many types of projects, including motion graphics and animation for film, broadcast, social content, web, artwork installations and live events. She will share tips and tricks in Cinema 4D and After Effects, showcasing creative and innovative ways to problem solve and create the animation you want by faking it.

  • Robert Hranitzky is a motion designer and filmmaker based in Munich, Germany. With a keen eye for good design, motion graphics and animation, he has worked on an impressive range of projects, from visually captivating opening titles to engaging showroom trailers, feature films and recently his very own Star Wars Fan Film.

  • Simona Todorova works in the game industry as a junior 3D artist and has a bachelor’s degree in VFX and 3D production. She also has experience with VFX and loves creating stylized 3D artwork with ZBrush and 2D blended elements using Krita. Her presentation will focus on the development, inspiration and pipeline of creating illustration images using a mix of 2D and 3D techniques, including sculpting in ZBrush.

  • Tobias Van Der Meer is a senior 3D artist working in the games industry, specializing in stylized art with a love for hand painting. For his presentation, Tobias will cover how his team at Little Chicken uses ZBrush to create assets for games.


MEDIAGENIX – Stand 1.B47

We are delighted to invite you to the MEDIAGENIX booth at IBC. We will hit Amsterdam with great news about the combined SaaS capabilities of WHATS’ON and BeBanjo.Our promise is nothing less than a boost in business agility:

  • simplified content, rights, and planning workflows
  • easy and collaborative metadata capture and enrichment
  • fast & easy launch and management of FAST & pop-up channels
  • powerful insights with easy reports and BI dashboards
  • clear view and control of content lifecycles, strategies, budgets, and content performance
  • ratings predictions for all content types (with AI/ML)
  • management by exception in a data-driven content supply chain with one source of truth, collaborative workflows and touchless operations
  • easy & seamless integration with your ecosystem
  • smooth scalability


Media Links – Stand 1.A59

Media Links, manufacturer and pioneer in Media over IP transport technology, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, announces it will showcase the new Xscend IP Media Platform at IBC 2023.Xscend is an ultra-dense, ultra-versatile IP media platform designed for the network edge. It incorporates an adaptable, media-tuned architecture that can accommodate evolving network protocols, physical interfaces, codec algorithms, and video formats for a wide variety of applications. This newest platform from Media Links provides broadcasters and service providers with the technological solution to transport up to 128 contribution quality services across both fully managed and unmanaged IP networks, including 4K video and 25Gbps hitless video and data. It addresses the migration from SDI-to-IP as well as IP-to-IP environments and is an ideal transport solution for high-density, low-latency remote/distributed production applications, including ground-to-cloud connectivity.  All while retaining Media Links’ core commitment to operational excellence, second-to-none quality, and world-renowned customer support. Comments Media Links President Al Nuñez; “Xscend’s innovative design enables unprecedented workflow flexibility, delivering many capabilities in a surprisingly compact, power-conserving 2RU footprint. Its empowering combination of modularity, density, breadth of network interfaces, media formats, and intuitive orchestration layer set it apart in transporting synchronized, frame-aligned services across IP networks.” Xscend’s uniqueness lies in its density and flexibility to accommodate ever-changing industry developments. Through its modular hardware, feature upgradeability and reconfigurability via software and licenses, new or existing IP-to-IP workflows incorporating firewalls, network address translation, and system trust boundaries for enhanced network security can be adapted to support a multitude of use cases. In particular mission critical distribution of live, production-quality, and other high-value content, including data. At IBC, Media Links will showcase Xscend’s support for ST 2110-20/22/30/40, ST 2022-2/6, JPEG-XS, and VSF TR-01/07/08 along with its capability to implement future recommendations and video compression standards. This provides users with an IP Media Platform that ensures media exchange interoperability by providing the workflow flexibility, processing horsepower, and bandwidth headroom necessary to accommodate current advances as well as those to come. Support for SRT and RIST protocols enables use in cloud and unmanaged networks.In addition, SFN (Single Frequency Network) and STL (Studio to Transmitter Link) synchronization incorporating IEEE 1588 PTP- PrecisionTiming Protocol packets over terrestrial IP networks will be presented, providing a much more secure, resilient, and ultimately less expensive alternative to conventional GPS-based installations.


Motion Impossible – Stand 12.G48

Motion Impossible; the specialist in production-proven robotic camera dollies and stabilisation solutions, will return to Amsterdam to showcase the latest in motion control. Most significant for this year’s IBC show will be the introduction of a new version of industry-leading modular robotic camera dolly, AGITO.
The new AGITO will be the focal point of stand 12.G48, where the team will be demonstrating its new user-driven features that act as proof points to Motion Impossible’s commitment to innovation in its research and development. These features represent the next generation of motion control that makes the most complex camera control setups work as seamlessly as possible, whether it’s for significant sporting events, entertainment and studio productions, or film and high-end television.
Alongside the new version of the AGITO, Motion Impossible will be introducing new firmware for the range that adds multi-path capability with AGITO Magtrax and supports up to three different routes to choose from on the fly. It will also show two new products as part of its technical showcase at IBC; AGITO Commander and AGITO Sonar.
AGITO Commander is the brand-new centralised software-based application and infrastructure that enables users to control up to three different AGITOs in either Trax or SkyTrax configurations from a single command station.
And AGITO Sonar enables camera operators to work safely beyond a line of sight or in environments with dynamic assets. It features built-in proximity detection and avoidance that stops the AGITO if there is a high probability of colliding with the talent or anything else in a studio. AGITO Sonar and AGITO Commander can be used together for non-line of site operations using both forward and reverse full HD camera streams.
Talking about Motion Impossible’s relationship with IBC, CEO and co-founder Rob Drewett said: “Going back to the show this year is exciting for me and for the company. We’ve come a long way from making our way into the show and managing to blag ourselves a free stand in 2018. I’m of course looking forward to showing the broadcast industry how much we’ve grown as a company, but most importantly, introducing the industry to the new generation of AGITO. It’s going to be an exciting one, for sure.”


MRMC – Stand 12.D20

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon company, has today launched its latest innovation, the Cinebot Mini, a small, lightweight and versatile camera robot designed to enable operators to take charge of every shot. Debuting at IBC2023, Cinebot Mini has been engineered for simplicity, with a range of user-friendly, simple and portable features ideal for studio owners, content creators, grips, cinematographers and camera operators.

The Cinebot Mini is a compact camera robot offering the ability to manually control and record camera positions, helping to make complex camera movements more accessible. Built to be highly portable, it allows for convenient transportation, setup and location work. It can also run up to eight hours on battery power, providing an extended period of operation without a main power source. In addition, the Cinebot Mini allows users to control the robot by hand, directly from a mobile device or via MRMC’s Industry leading Flair Software.

Emphasising user-friendly control, the Cinebot Mini simplifies on-set operation for grips and Directors of Photography. It can handle a camera payload of up to 10kg and offers a 1.3m arm reach, allowing operators to shoot from a variety of angles and positions. For added flexibility, the Cinebot Mini comes with a track and pedestal option. This feature allows the robot to be used on an adjustable pedestal for height variation or equipped with a track for an additional axis of movement, expanding creative opportunities.

“MRMC continues to develop the most innovative technologies to meet the evolving needs of the film and cinematography industries,” said Assaff Rawner, MRMC CEO. “It’s the ideal solution for professionals looking to record and replicate any movement manually made on set with maximum flexibility and ease of use to meet a wide variety of production requirements.”

Motion control is often seen as a specialised technical skill that allows for absolute control of the camera path. It can be used to create high-precision moves and repeat camera movements for visual effects purposes. Typically, motion control has been achieved using software to create keyframes that are then joined together to create a smooth camera path. This has been mostly seen in high-end work or high-budget productions. MRMC’s latest innovation integrates motion control with the familiarity and type of control that is used on everyday sets, using regular grip equipment. Cinematographers can hand-hold the camera in various positions, and the robotic arm will record them. They can also push the track like a standard dolly, and this movement can be recorded and played back. The idea behind the Cinebot Mini is to make motion control available to any set with simpler, familiar control, a smaller footprint, and a price that makes it accessible to everyone, not just for bigger productions.

Delegates at IBC2023 will have the chance to control the robot and demo its capabilities using the MRMC Tracker app.

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