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Nanocosmos – Booth 5.C34

Nanocosmos reveals adaptive, data-driven interactive live streaming at IBC 2022

The Berlin based B2B provider launches new innovations rounding up their live streaming platform and API nanoStream Cloud with new features to establish optimized Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for interactive live streaming.

nanoStream Cloud will be presented with improved usability, reliability, security, additional data-insight and the integration of additional streaming protocols like SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) and WHIP (WebRTC-HTTP ingestion protocol). Furthermore, nanocosmos makes Live Transcoding and Adaptive Bitrate Playback (ABR) accessible as a standard to enable smooth streaming for all clients and free trial accounts. The added features continue to highlight the focus on optimized Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for a 100% stable and reliable system, which is based on a unique combination of an ultra low-latency live streaming CDN, browser-based player and advanced analytics.

Adaptive streaming jazzes up B2B interactive applications

Nanocosmos enhances its adaptive streaming service not only by making it much easier for customers to manage their live transcoded streams with a new function called Stream Grouping, but also enabling uncomplicated access to the passthrough stream and live transcoded streams with different video quality levels. Adaptive Bitrate Playback and Live Transcoding are critical features for smooth playback on all devices for any network in any region. The ABR stream automatically adjusts to the best quality for the available network while the live transcoder converts the original live stream from a high-quality input stream into lower bitrate streams depending on the available bandwidth which is particularly important for on-the-go access via mobile. In combination with the new player for sub-second latency, nanoStream Cloud is now positioned to cover both as part of the standard package: Interactive live streaming with the possibility to achieve sub-second latency, including live transcoding and adaptive playback. 

Newly added features strengthen security of interactive live streaming

JWT (JSON WebToken), a common secure token format in the web and streaming industry, improves playback security of the nanoStream Player. With the combination of the ABR Stream Groups, it facilitates easy and flexible protection of business streaming content.

The interactive live streaming platform and API now benefit from added misuse protection; it is possible to block specific IPs and websites that are using content inappropriately via both: API and dashboard.

Enhanced measures for end-to-end observability

Nanocosmos upgraded its nanoStream Analytics platform with an enhanced data logging and search backend. Customers will gain improved insights on streaming performance and respective parameters from ingest to playback. This benefits service and viewers’ experience. Customers can access additional data made available via API or dashboard.

Additional client metrics include API support for the webcaster and ABR data, allowing customers to access information on browser, operating system, and bitrate. 

Nanocosmos expands platform’s ingest capacity/coverage with SRT Protocol

nanoStream Cloud users can now ingest using the RTMP, SRT and WHIP protocols for WebRTC ingest for improving connectivity, especially for remote ingest locations and higher bitrates. “We are working with different partners and hardware vendors to better streamline support for ingest configuration and connectivity for our business customers”, says CEO Oliver Lietz.

From ingest to playout to support and data-insight, nanoStream Cloud integrates all areas needed for B2B interactive live streaming and to continuously improve 100% stability, reliability and customer success. “You no longer have to compromise quality of service, quality of experience and ease of use to engage your audience with interactive content. The demand for reliable interactive live streaming solutions is stronger than ever, and we embrace the challenges on a global level. Our commitment is to provide interactive streaming of high quality and we see nanoStream Cloud 2022 in the front row for B2B interactive live streaming; our updates at IBC redefine interactive experiences based on the reliability and stability that our customers are used to”.


Net Insight – Stand BS18

Net Insight is defining new ways to deliver media, opening up opportunities for content owners, broadcasters, production companies, service providers, and enterprises to produce and deliver the future of live sport, news, and online content. At this year’s IBC, Net Insight will be showcasing its broad portfolio of innovative media and 5G synchronization solutions that enable media and telecoms organizations to future-proof their operations with virtualized tools, automated workflows, and flexible networks.

Net Insight will be demonstrating Nimbra Edge, its intelligent open-standard cloud media delivery platform, that delivers the flexibility media companies need to migrate to IP and cloud-based workflows seamlessly, in line with SMPTE 2110. It will also be demonstrating its market-first 100GE IP Media Trust Boundary for the delivery of an uncompressed IP playout solution. In addition, Net Insight will be showcasing its JPEG-XS video codec that achieves visually lossless image quality at microsecond-level latency, and, particularly, VSF TR-07 which allows for production networks to effortlessly extend over the WAN without PTP Time Error performance.


NOA – Stand 8.C79

AV digitizing and archiving specialist
NOA will be present at IBC 2022 showcasing its latest innovations that are designed to meet the evolving needs of broadcasters around the world.

During the international event, which takes place Sept. 9–12 in Amsterdam at the RAI convention center, the company will unveil its latest version of the FrameLector ingest software: FrameLector 2.0.

With the introduction of state-of-the-art FrameLector 2.0, NOA transforms the dual-stream ingest software into a four-stream solution, allowing users to host four channels from just one computer, notably reducing cost and optimizing utilization of available hardware resources.

FrameLector 2.0 provides low-level transfer analysis for unmonitored parallel ingest of multiple streams in a simple and intuitive user interface for efficient and quality-controlled mass digitization of video tapes. The easy-to-use tool combines built-in shot detection and a mathematically lossless open-source recording/mezzanine format in 8-bit or 10-bit. It allows archivists to capture video material — along with technical metadata including VITC and/or LTC timecode — without compromising quality.

FrameLector 2.0, which also features remote control and an infinitely scalable multi-stream parallel solution with complete previewing, supports four parallel ingest sources and connects peripherals through SDI. A separate customized NOA hardware (VTRi-1) provides RS422 and RS232 connection, as well as ISR and RF readout via a simple USB connection.

In addition, at IBC2022 NOA will unveil the latest advances to its MediaButler transcoding processor, which now also support HD formats.

In addition to natively supported long-term archival formats such as FFV1 in order to meet the need of archives who wish to store ingested material in high resolution, NOA’s media transcoding processor MediaButler is now also capable of transcoding into many more formats (such as XDCAM HD in OP1a MXF and more), MediaButler HD scaling will be available for workflows requiring sophisticated upscaling (e.g. from ingested SD-material) as well as intelligent downscaling (e.g. from archived 4K film scans for broadcast).

“We strive to continuously and efficiently respond to our customers’ needs,” said Christophe Kummer, managing partner of NOA. “We’re excited to be back at IBC and this year we’ll be welcoming customers and partners to our new booth that will have more demoing space.”


NPAW – Booth 5.B74

NPAW will be showcasing its industry-leading CDN Balancer, among other new products and updates unveiled this year at IBC. Additionally, they can add perspective on the evolving streaming industry, user trends, FAST and Ad-supported streaming vs. subscription models and other topical issues. 

Some of What NPAW will be showcasing:

CDN Balancer Solution: The most powerful, advanced, and robust Multi-CDN management solution on the market. From selecting the right CDN to combining several providers to optimize performance, quality, and costs, NPAW CDN Balancer eliminates risks of CDN failure. This ensures 100% content availability at all times with the most complete, customizable product in the market. Some of the app details/capabilities:

  • Choose between a reliable CDN recommendation tool—based on your business rules and leveraged by end-user QoE—, or let NPAW most advanced system switch to the best available CDN. The entire audience or user base will get the content they need around the clock, delivered on a maximized bandwidth.
  • Control how content is delivered to every user in real time
  • Monitor how changes affect customers immediately
  • Reduce the number of customer service calls
  • Reduce ticketing times and costs by sharing data with vendors in real time
  • Test, compare and make informed CDN vendor selections
  • Optimize the CDN portfolio to support international expansion

CDN Switching Selector:  A real-time recommendation engine benchmarking all existing and relevant CDNs in correlation with the end-user’s quality of experience. Details/capabilities:

  • Identify which of CDNs are performing well or poorly
  • Know if your content is delivered by the best performing CDN to every user
  • Point out the number of users affected by CDN failures
  • Know when you should switch the CDN to improve quality

CDN Active Switching is a game-changing CDN balancing technology that uses multiple CDNs in parallel to secure uncrushable streaming in real time. CDN Active Switching is a unique, cost-efficient system that overpowers any potential DNS and API CDN loading failure. Details/capabilities:

  • Understand which CDN provider is the best for your country, content and further requirements
  • Identify and switch to the best performing CDN for every user, at all times
  • Pinpoint and correct CDN errors for a seamless experience
  • Throughput limit is now your end user’s connection, not the CDN capacity.
  • And even so, CDN Active Switching will choose the best CDN for every user in real time

New Application Analytics: The only tool in the market combining video analytics and application analytics. The new NPAW App analytics analyzes everything that happens BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the play starts. Details/capabilities:

  • Track infinite user moves within your platform to improve the navigability of your service
  • Monitor how audience navigates the platform
  • Understand interaction with specific app features
  • Identify top performing user journeys
  • Pinpoint where and why you are seeing drop-os
  • Measure conversion rates
  • A/B test and track progress of your decisions


NUGEN Audio – Stand 7.P11

NUGEN Audio will showcase its latest broadcast and film-focused plug-ins to IBC 2022 attendees. Included among these is a preview of the new Halo Vision software, which is a customizable, real-time visual analysis suite designed for 3D, surround and immersive audio workflows. The company is also presenting the latest updates to its SigMod plug-in, which provides users with greater flexibility within the signal architecture, as well as Paragon, its 3D-compatible convolution reverb.
Operating in up to 7.1.2 channels for the AAX, VST3 and AU formats, Halo Vision features a variety of modules that provide audio professionals with a clearer understanding of every sound aspect. Among the available tools are a Correlation Matrix, Correlation Web and Spectrum, as well as expanded versions of NUGEN’s Frequency Haze and Location Haze functions, and a True Peak meter for each channel. These modules all support mix engineers in their decision-making and troubleshooting process, allowing them to pinpoint problem areas that might be missed using ears alone. Halo Vision can be customized, rearranged and resized to suit any specific workflow, making it perfect for a broad spectrum of immersive sound projects, from music to film.
NUGEN focused on creativity with the new version of its SigMod plug-in, which now includes mono and split-mono modes. There is also a new ‘Split’ module that allows users to switch between stereo and split-mono formats, providing them with greater flexibility within the signal architecture. NUGEN’s SigMod software provides custom, simple signal architecture with 13 single-process modules to enhance plug-in and DAW functionality. It offers creative ways to work by allowing users to easily insert, swap and move modules to fit to the correction, conversion and tweaking of audio. Included among the available modules are Split, Mid/Side, Protect, Tap, Crossover, Insert, Mute/Solo, Trim, Switch, DC Off-Set, Mono, Phase and Delay.

With purity of sound at the forefront of this plug-in, Paragon operates in up to 7.1.2 channels of audio, making it perfect for broadcast audio applications, as well as for producing reverb in mono and stereo formats. Using state-of-the-art technology, Paragon features spectral analysis and precise EQ of Impulse Responses (IR), which are analyzed, decomposed and re-synthesized to create new authentic spaces. This ensures a small digital footprint for the IR library and makes it possible to configure limitless combinations of spaces with just a few adjustments to the settings. Further, it features individually configurable crosstalk; unique technology for re-synthesis of authentic IRs, HPF and LPF; and switchable LFE. New presets and an improved browser, with “search,” “tagging” and “favorite” functions were recently added specifically for exterior scenes, which are found in nearly every movie or TV production.


nxtedition – Stand 7.A08

Broadcast microservices specialists, nxtedition, will showcase their powerful production solution at IBC 2022. Visitors to the show will be able to experience the agile and digital-first platform for themselves. nxtedition is built from the ground up, with storytelling at the heart of the production workflow, allowing even small teams to create and deliver highly compelling content fast, first and accurately.

By creating a densely feature-rich microservice ecosystem, nxtediton has consolidated sophisticated tools like planning, NRCS, ingest, MAM, graphics, streaming, studio automation and digital publishing removing engineering and putting storytelling rightfully at the centre. From sports shoulder broadcasting, building a news programme to posting on web and social or managing channel playout. Each member of the team has context aware access to exactly the functionality they need within the single unified GUI, ensuring all their tasks are intuitive and primarily handled by simple drag and drop features. This ensures lightning speed as content comes in, is turned around and pushed out without losing time switching to other applications. The speed and productivity gains from this approach ensures nxtedition clients are always the first notification on a viewer’s device.

What sets nxtedition apart is an internal system architecture built entirely of web technologies repurposed for broadcast, whilst using the switching, layering and realtime rendering power of CasparCG to guarantee unmatched image quality on COTS hardware or in public cloud. This completely containerised architecture means it is also ideal for deployment in public cloud. Users can log in from any location and access all the tools in nxtedition (both on-prem or cloud) for extremely high availability and business continuity.

“Our solutions bring greater flexibility and agility to live production environments making the process of creating and delivering content to any platform, from digital and terrestrial to social media, intuitive, fast and straightforward,” commented Roger Persson, sales marketing manager at nxtedition. “We work with several mainstream broadcasters, but also smaller operations, such as niche channels, newspapers and content services for religious organisations; for our customers, the fast set up and ease of use is extremely attractive.”

The nxtedition solution contains all the elements required for broadcast, from ingest (baseband and IP) and transcode through asset management and archiving to delivery to multiple platforms, including repackaging news stories for social media. The fully virtualised architecture means that systems can be built to precisely match the individual workflow requirements, with the appropriate level of resilience and a large reduction in complexity that microservices bring; nxtedition takes responsibility for the glue.

This centralisation of content for the users allows more productivity and speed with the content to repurpose it for broadcast, OTT, digital, social, podcasts and radio. The result is that nxtedition is always fast, first and accurate.


Omdia – Official Research Partner

Omdia has been designated as the official research partner for IBC2022 in Amsterdam this September, IBC’s first in-person event after two years of virtual formats. Through the strategic alliance, this year’s conference delegates will have access to Omdia’s exclusive report, The Advertising Revolution: How CTV, FAST, and AVOD Are Reshaping the TV and Video Landscape.

“Innovations in ad-supported video on demand (AVOD), free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST), connected TV (CTV) advertising, and hybrid subscription models will make advertising the fastest-growing premium TV and video segment over the next five years, with revenues increasing by over 20% to exceed $320bn in 2027,” said Rob Gallagher, VP of Omdia’s Media and Entertainment practice. “We’re looking forward to delivering insights and advice about the trends, strategies and technologies that will shape the market to ensure IBC’s community of service providers, content owners and technology vendors remain on the competitive frontline.”

Findings from the report will be presented during the conference programme as well as in the Showcase Theatre by a team of Omdia analysts led by Gallagher that includes Maria Rua Aguete, Senior Research Director, Visual Entertainment, Dan Simmons, Research Director, Media Delivery and Matthew Bailey, Principal Analyst, Advertising.

Michael Crimp, IBC’s Chief Executive Officer said: “We are excited to welcome Omdia as the official research partner for IBC2022. The show, run by the industry, for the industry, empowers the IBC community to learn, network and collaborate, fueling innovation and business development. Partnering with Omdia’s distinguished media and entertainment practice deepens our delegates’ access to acute insights on transformative strategies and helps place them on the best path for success in the new digital business landscape.”

IBC2022 promises to be a hotbed of activity through its exhibition, conference, industry sessions and more. Adding to the broad and diverse range of content is IBC’s new Showcase Theatre and Innovation Stage which will feature live demos, masterclasses, and thought-leadership insights on key trends and opportunities from leading technology providers.


Orion – Stand 1.B59

Orion Innovation, a leading digital transformation and product development services firm, will exhibit its award-winning video and media engineering solutions and services at IBC.

Orion serves the world’s leading global telecom and media operators, with 6,200 associates in 14 global delivery centers. Orion will showcase its capabilities and innovations in 5G, AI, Cloud, and other technologies for global Tier 1 media and telecom operators.

Former exhibitor at IBC, Zodiac Systems, acquired by Orion in 2020, is a global leader in the transformation of telecommunication operator legacy video systems and service offerings toward the internet-enabled, app-based, IP delivery models increasingly demanded by consumers and subscribers. Its technology enables Tier 1 media and telecom operators to provide their customers with streaming services from existing set-tops and devices, including Android TV, Samsung, LG smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

“We are thrilled to return to IBC 2022,” said Ed Westfield, Media Leader at Orion. “With our domain expertise and a global presence along with a strong Center of Innovation team, we continue to provide transformative business solutions to Tier 1 media and telecom operators. We have expanded our IP Stack and Matrix capabilities, and currently, more than 20 million devices at Tier 1 operators utilize our platform to deliver next-generation video delivery services.”

Jeff Cortley, Telecommunications Leader at Orion said, “Our team’s keen focus on design-led, technology-driven services is helping many Tier 1 telecom operators build, operate, and monetize the latest network technologies. We are excited to share updates on our services with leading telecom and media companies at IBC.”


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