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Pebble – Stand 8.B75

Pebble, the leading automation, content management, and integrated channel specialist, is delighted to confirm its presence at IBC. With playout automation solutions controlling over 1,500 channels in more than 70 countries, the company will demonstrate its suite of solutions including Pebble Automation, Integrated Channel and Pebble Remote.

Pebble Automation is an enterprise-level solution delivering robust functionality at a scale that suits any operation, with the ability to flex and adapt as the customer’s channel count and workflows change. A powerful centralised ingest, content management and multi-channel system, it controls mission-critical operations at scores of broadcasters and service providers around the world and is scalable from one to hundreds of channels. Visitors to the show will see how Pebble is supporting the transition to IP, combining on-premises playout with channels running in the public cloud, all using the same control interface.

Pebble’s software-defined, scalable, Integrated Channel solution with uniquely flexible channel pipeline design offers audio, video and graphics functionality in a compact, cost-effective format to meet the needs for ingest, channel branding and frame-accurate multi-channel playout requirements.

Pebble Remote, a tool for web-based monitoring and control in the cloud as well as on-premises, provides 24/7 secure remote access to mission-critical control of playlists, as well as consolidating control access across several playout sites. Designed to support systems that comprise multiple channels, Pebble Remote has helped many broadcasters easily navigate the challenges of working beyond the normal boundaries of a playout facility.

Pebble is also looking forward to showcasing its latest award-winning solution, Pebble Control, for the first time at a major industry show in Europe. A self-contained, scalable, and easy-to-configure IP connection management tool, Pebble Control is designed to make IP connectivity as simple as SDI. It leverages open standards to interface with NMOS-enabled devices from multiple vendors and enables broadcasters to make the leap to an all-IP facility without the need to deploy a bespoke enterprise solution.

A freemium version – Pebble Control Free – was launched earlier this year, providing entry-level access where users can download the software via a self-service portal. Pebble Control Free enables the broadcast and media community to try out the functionality, and upskill their teams whilst they contemplate their first steps into IP.

Alison Pavitt, Director of Sales and Marketing at Pebble, says, “We are looking forward to reconnecting with the industry once again at IBC 2022 and showcasing the result of the company’s continued investment in R&D efforts, particularly with our hybrid cloud playout solutions and IP connectivity. Releasing Pebble Control Free is our way of giving back to the broadcast community, whether they’re an end user or vendor. It fills an important gap in the technology stack, effectively democratising the transition to IP.”

Pebble CTO, Miroslav Jeras adds, “Broadcasters are navigating their way through their IP transition, and finding the right partner like Pebble is critical to business success as they take this next step. We have no doubt that one of the hot topics at IBC will be around how to successfully make the leap from SDI to IP, and we’re looking forward to sharing our insights and expertise at the show.”


pixitmedia – Stand 5.C80

pixitmedia, a Kalray company, has announced today that pixstor and ngenea (a shared storage and data orchestration solution) will be included in the content production area at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) stand 5.C80 at IBC 2022. AWS will be showcasing a suite of end-to-end cloud production workflows, demonstrating how the industry’s leading tools for editing, compositing, finishing, grading and quality control (QC) can be used for full production in the cloud. These workflows will be supported by pixitmedia’s flagship products, pixstor and ngenea, software-defined storage and orchestration software.This follows the announcement that pixitmedia has been accepted into the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for AWS Partners who provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS.  Offline editorial, visual effects (VFX) and color grading work is not only possible in the cloud, but can deliver huge and tangible benefits in performance, collaboration, scalability, and cost efficiencies for producers.At IBC stand 5.C80, AWS will demonstrate the media creation lifecycle in five stages. Live camera footage will be ingested to a cloud collaborative environment using dailies platform Moxion. That footage will be edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and conformed in Flame, Autodesk’s finishing and VFX solution. A fourth stage will demonstrate FilmLight Baselight performing the color grade, and finally, the content will pass through Colorfront Streaming and Broker Service for QC, which also reads directly from Amazon S3.The high-resolution, uncompressed 4K media for all five stages of the production process will be edited in place on the powerful media-centric storage infrastructure powered by pixstor and ngenea, with 10-bit uncompressed video streamed from applications running in the cloud to the stand. It will use the latest AWS Cloud Digital Interface (AWS CDI), NewTek Network Device Interface (NDI), and Colorfront Streaming and Broker Service technology, over a secure internet connection to an Amazon VPC. Amazon EC2 compute, Amazon Elastic Block Store and Amazon S3 storage underpin the entire pixstor and ngenea solution.Ben Leaver, EVP of Business Development and Co-Founder of pixitmedia said: “We’re looking forward to being featured in the AWS stand at IBC to showcase our storage and data orchestration platform to the Media & Entertainment industry. Together with AWS and industry-standard software providers, we will demonstrate that high-end editorial, VFX and color grading work is possible in the cloud today. We are providing our customers with ease of use, guaranteed performance, greater collaboration and seamless workflows in the cloud.”pixitmedia is a global member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and an industry facilitator of cloud-enabled production workflows. pixstor offers AWS customers an agile storage environment that guarantees adaptability and performance. Coupled with the power of pixitmedia’s ngenea, it quickly and securely transports data to and from globally distributed cloud, object storage, and traditional network attached storage (NAS).


Pixotope – Stand 7.D08

Pixotope, the leader in live augmented reality (AR), extended reality (XR), and virtual production (VP) solutions, today announced its XR Edition for extended reality productions, which will make its debut at IBC. Developed in response to the growing trend of LED volume use in Virtual Production and the need for hardware optimization, Pixotope’s XR Edition includes a range of tools to simplify setup and operation by reducing the technical complexities and associated resource costs of XR workflows and environments.

“In the past, XR productions have been limited to select teams with highly specialized technical resources,” says Pixotope Chief Revenue Officer David Dowling. “With our XR Edition, Pixotope has developed an easy-to-use solution that enables wider adoption with tools specifically designed to address pain points like color matching, LED meshing and alignment, camera switching, hardware consolidation, and system resilience. As a result, XR is no longer limited to a small group of specialists, it’s a viable option for productions of all sizes.”

Beyond workflow simplification and innovation, XR Edition brings Virtual Production a step forward in sustainability efforts thanks to the ways it optimizes hardware usage. Key functions that achieve this are XR Edition’s multi-wall support, which features one input and three outputs to render one virtual scene, enabling users to drive several large LED volumes from a single server/workstation; and in-software camera switching to synchronize AR elements and LED walls without a hardware-based switcher.

XR Edition will be available to new and existing Pixotope users from September 2022.

Extended Reality for Everyone

Pixotope is knocking down a major barrier to Virtual Production adoption with XR Edition by addressing the fundamental challenges that have historically made it difficult to leverage XR outside of major blockbuster productions. Its purpose-built tools address common operator pain points while removing the need for proprietary hardware, effectively bringing users an off-the-shelf XR solution.

Key benefits and features in the XR Edition include:

Streamlined, Simplified Set Up 

Unique Color Match Functionality for AR<->XR Workflows

This unique color matching tool enables users to quickly and easily match the colors of in-camera visual effects (ICVFX) and those appearing through the LED volume for seamless AR/XR workflows and effects. This is particularly useful when augmented reality (AR) is used alongside XR for set extension or when adding virtual elements to a scene as color reproduction is affected by both the camera and LED volume, making it difficult to accurately color match.

LED Mesh Import and Automatic Alignment

By combining procedural geometry creation tools and tracking technology, users will be provided with an automated method for converting CAD and geometry representations of LED volumes to virtual LED projection surfaces. These will be further refined using computer vision to ensure perfect registrations for XR and AR set extension, which will significantly reduce setup time.

Reduced and Optimized Hardware Usage

Multi-Input Switching in Software for Changing Perspectives

When using more than one camera in an XR setup, the images on your LED volume and your AR rendering need to synchronously change perspective when switching between cameras in a single frame. With in-software switching, Pixotope ensures this operation is accurate and hassle-free without the need for additional hardware.

Multi-Wall Support to Optimize Hardware Use

With multi-wall support, Pixotope can drive several LED walls from a single server/workstation. This not only reduces the amount of hardware needed, and therefore cost, but also mitigates many common issues such as output synchronization and sharing of assets over multiple machines.

Resilient, Robust, and Reliable

Health and Diagnostics Monitoring for Failover and System Resilience 

When it comes to live Virtual Production, failure is not an option. With Pixotope, the clear and comprehensive health and diagnostics monitoring enables users to proactively address any issues that might arise and quickly troubleshoot and, in the case of a system failure, seamlessly failover to a backup machine.


Planetcast – Stand 5.G22

Planetcast International, the new division of Planetcast Media Services, which has a 25-year heritage in broadcast and media services, has announced that IBC2022 will see it demonstrate how its portfolio of services and technology enable broadcasters, media and entertainment companies and operators to profitably navigate the entire video value chain, from acquisition, post-production, preparation and distribution to monetisation.

Planetcast claims, with good reason, that it has developed the most comprehensive Cloud Playout in the Industry, trusted and thoroughly utilised by the most demanding media companies, including Disney, Star, Viacom, and Doordarshan, the premier Public Broadcaster in India.

“The key to the success of Planetcast is how our multi-dimensional flexibility meets the growing monetisation challenges for media owners and that we’ve proven this for demanding events like the Indian Premier League (IPL) and for leading media giants such as Disney, Star and Viacom,” says Venugopal Iyengar, COO Digital, Planetcast International. “Most media services companies either cater to Tier-1 or Tier 2 & 3 operators and broadcasters. Our in-house developed technologies, a large software development team, extensive satellite and cloud connectivity, post-production crews and flexible business models all combine to enable Planetcast to provide ‘everything to everyone’ media services, whatever the scale and complexity of the customer’s requirements. This flexibility enables greater efficiency and cost-savings as well as increasing revenue opportunities through content localisation and new offerings such as FAST and pop-up channels.”

At IBC2022, visitors to the Planetcast International stand will be able to experience demonstrations of new features in the company’s solutions for Playout, Media Asset Management, FAST channels, Disaster Recovery and OTT. These solutions are built upon Planetcast’s in-house developed products, Cloud.X, MAM.C and RECASTER, utilising facilities and staff in India, Singapore, the USA and the UK.

“Visitors to our IBC stand will also see how we’ve leveraged our expertise in broadcast and media services, in combination with our in-house software development capabilities and professional video expertise, to provide the media industry’s most flexible media service portfolio,” says Sanjay Duda, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Planetcast Media Services. “‘The combination of our cloud-leadership, service culture, strong financials and the backing of Apollo Global Management means we are extremely well placed to build our international market presence and replicate our existing leadership in Asia.”


Profuz Digital

Creators of the subtitling system SubtitleNEXT, Profuz Digital, confirms its teams attendance at IBC this year. Plans to meet up with industry professionals and reassess the current state of the industry, post-Covid are priority. IBC allows companies like Profuz Digital to reunite, engage with friends, and re-energise once again.

Profuz Digital is an established European technology developer and creates customised platforms that allow global firms to access projects at any given time, from anywhere, and facilitate collaboration.

At IBC, CEO and Managing partner of Profuz Digital Ivanka Vassileva will be available to meet potential partners and clients and share the latest innovations available in the Profuz Digital range of products –  SubtitleNEXT, Profuz LAPIS, and NEXT-TT.

The highlight of the show is the IBC2022 Special Award which will reward those who came together via a LinkedIn Group called  ‘Support for Ukrainian Media Professionals’.  Initiated by Sonya Chakarova at PlayBox Neo and Daniella Weigner of Cinegy, with consultant Phillip Covell, the LinkedIn Group provides resources, solutions and hardware to Ukrainian TV channels and media outlets to ensure they can stay on air during the ongoing war and has evolved into an active technical hub.

IBC will celebrate this collaborative effort of over 400 broadcast, media companies and individuals enabling broadcasting in Ukraine during the conflict. The Innovation Awards winners will be announced and showcased at an online digital awards show on 5 September at 4pm BST, followed by IBC’s prestigious Innovation Awards Ceremony at The RAI in Amsterdam on Sunday, 11th September.

“We are so grateful to the SubtitleNEXT team for offering subtitling solutions across Europe, helping efforts to support displaced refugees with easy access to television programming.” Said Phillip Covell on behalf of the ‘Support for Ukrainian Media Professionals’ LinkedIn Group.

The Profuz Digital team has been providing subtitling services via its SubtitleNEXT platform across Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, and other countries that have taken in Ukrainian refugees. SubtitleNEXT is included in the list of industry companies, and initiatives acknowledged and given special mention by The Group, such as AVID, VIZRT Group, Octopus Newsroom, and others.

SubtitleNEXT is a popular and affordable timed-text platform that offers real-time and offline subtitling and captioning for all media formats.

Profuz LAPIS, one of Europe’s most advanced digital asset workflow management platforms, has already been adopted by the likes of Canal PLUS, Jornal do Centro, Council of Europe,  Bulgarian National Radio, and many other organisations. It delivers highly adaptable, business-based future-proof efficiency and is proven technology that can be deployed on AWS or other cloud service providers as well as on-premises.

Profuz LAPIS is a discerning investment for companies requiring management process integration under one roof. Web-accessible, it powerfully executes total management of cloud and desktop technologies through browser functionality. It plays a central secure role, and controls the organisation’s processes seamlessly, from acquisition, classification, storage, search, post-production, to media content distribution. Data-files ranging from audio, videos, images, subtitles/captions, documents, news, projects, and more, are managed through its multi-platform content delivery capabilities that extensively synchronise the entire content production workflow and distribution chain.

Profuz LAPIS’ other key features include optional modules for commercials management; unlimited users with supported licensing file modes; plus various data-files irrespective of location managed from a single dashboard without local system storage transfer. Configurable consoles for various user levels with built-in workflow design and automation are included. Flexible software licensing ownership and subscriptions pricing options are available.

The NEXT-TT system combines SubtitleNEXT’s functionalities with the integrated business management system Profuz LAPIS, into an all-in-one powerful hybrid technology-base that provides media professionals with a versatile backbone for enhanced localization services.

NEXT-TT can be customised to produce targeted management and efficient workflows. It manages subtitles, dubbing and localization services for media content including the coordination of teams of translators, subtitlers, AV professionals, creative freelancers, while providing users with powerful toolsets in a secure workspace environment.

Organisations that have embraced SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT’s technology include London’s Titles-On, EMG, many universities such as University of Ghent, Warsaw, Hellenic American College of Greece, European School of Translation, Complutense University of Madrid, Max Live, Biovisjon, IT Pros Subtitles, Doli Media Studio, Cube Cinema Technologies, Tring TV, Bulgarian National Television, Canal Plus Myanmar, AMC, HD Media, and others.

Profuz Digital proudly supports all its customers, most of which are already adopting cloud-based facilities capable of remote working capabilities, which has always been at the core of NEXT-TT’s strategy, long before the pandemic even arose. Profuz Digital’s aim is to best help companies manage security and complexity across projects, global offices, staff, and freelancers.

“It will be great to be back at IBC this year, especially, as we prepare to launch Profuz LAPIS, in the UK for the first time at London’s KitPlus Show. Being able to attend IBC beforehand, provides us with an exceptional platform from which to explore, expand options and be inspired with new ventures and European partnerships in the pipeline.” noted Kamen Ferdinandov, CTO of Profuz Digital and technical brainpower behind SubtitleNEXT, Profuz LAPIS and NEXT-TT technologies.

Profuz Digital’s CEO and Managing Partner Ivanka Vassileva added, “We are delighted to catch up with technology creatives in-person at IBC again and listen to current concerns people are facing. We’re eager to share the advantages our customised solutions bring individuals and organisations including our support for remote and in-house production pipelines and media localization workflows. We are honoured to support Ukrainian broadcasters helping refugees, and it is humbling to receive recognition, along with other companies from IBC’s Awards team. We look forward to seeing you there.”


Pronology –  Stand 7.C01

Pronology, a developer of cutting-edge broadcast workflow solutions, debuts an updated version of its StreamFile Core Enterprise web-based software solution, as part of the NDI Central Pavilion at Vizrt Group’s booth at IBC.

The latest improvements to StreamFile Core enable SRT streams to be edited in Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and other edit systems with no video transcoding. This feature alone is invaluable for social media and broadcast production teams in need of a quick turn-around, easy to deploy edit-while-capture workflow. Additional resiliency and robustness improvements allow StreamFile Core to compensate for network latency as well as other common internet bottlenecks. The platform features a refined distributed architecture, as its various modules can run in different geographic locations both in the cloud and on-prem. This architecture is well suited for a SaaS model, which Pronology recently launched through AWS.

“The recent updates to StreamFile Core further our commitment to providing customers with an efficient and easy-to-use tool for managing and editing IP streams,” says Jonathan Aroesty, president of Pronology. “Following a successful NAB 2022, we are excited to bring our latest StreamFile Core platform to those in attendance at this year’s IBC show. Exhibiting at IBC, as part of the NDI Central Pavilion at Vizrt Group’s booth, is a great opportunity to see our European partners and customers, many of whom we haven’t be able to meet with in person for a while.”


Quicklink – Stand 2.B28

Quicklink, the leaders in remote guest contribution, will demonstrate the latest updates and improvements to their award-winning solutions at IBC 2022.

The Quicklink Manager, the world’s most powerful remote contribution management platform, enables full operational control over virtual rooms, remote guests and more within one central portal accessible from any global location. Using the intuitive remote management controls you can pre-screen, control and manage all guest participants, including camera/microphone/speakers selection, resolution, audio mode/gain and more, all remotely!

”Quicklink’s solutions have been developed through listening to customer requirements and understanding the pain points of introducing remote guests. With over 20 years of revolutionising remote video contribution we are extremely proud to have become the provider of the world’s best remote guest solutions” said Richard Rees, CEO of Quicklink

At IBC 2022, Quicklink will be showcasing their newest feature releases which have been created from customer workflow requirements and serve to improve both user and guest experiences whist raising the bar even further in broadcast-quality standards.

Using Quicklink’s award-winning solutions you can easily integrate remote guests into your workflows with professional broadcast outputs such as HD-SDI and NDI. Best-in-class broadcast-grade hardware is available for both the guest and the operator in order to achieve the highest levels of production quality.

Quicklink’s remote guest solutions are used daily to facilitate high-quality remote guest contributions for the world’s leading brands, including BBC, Aljazeera, CNN, BT Sports, NEP, Microsoft, Bloomberg, CBS, Sky and more!

“Our clients expect the highest production quality possible. The quality of Quicklink’s remote guest solutions are second to none” said Michael Scalere, Creative Director at Soul Kitchen Creative

Quicklink will also demonstrate The Carbon Calculator tool which is inbuilt within the Quicklink Manager. The tool automatically calculates the estimated CO2 avoided as a result of a guest using the Quicklink remote solutions instead of travelling to a studio. In a report published in January 2022, it was calculated that Quicklink’s remote guest contributions helped avoid over 21 thousand tonnes of CO2 in just a single month – the equivalent of 64,059 m2 of sea ice saved.


Qvest – Stand 10.C25

Qvest will be on-site with a spacious booth as IBC opens its doors once again. At Europe’s most important trade fair for media technology and content, Qvest will present its service portfolio along the digital value chain and showcase a range of new products and services.

Media representatives have the opportunity to inform themselves about products, solutions and competences of Qvest includeing:•    Product presentations at demo pods•    Details und updates on Qvest services•    In-depth talks about recent Qvest projects•    Opportunities for interviews with Qvest expertsIn addition, a hospitality area is available for conversations. Qvest experts as well as representatives of the management will be on-site on all days of the IBC. We look forward to seeing you again in September.


Qwilt – Stand 1.A11

At IBC 2022, Qwilt will showcase how it helps service providers and content owners deliver connected experiences in the quality they are meant to be enjoyed. Exhibiting on its partner Cisco’s stand 1.A11, Qwilt will demonstrate how it uniquely partners with access providers, globally, to deliver media and applications at the very edge of neighbourhoods, big and small. Its open, developer-forward approach makes local compute and delivery accessible, unlocking higher quality experiences than ever before possible.


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