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IBC Show Previews R – S

Radix – Stand 5.F58

Radix, a leading provider of cutting-edge device management solutions will exhibit at IBC, showcasing its enterprise device management solutions, and launching a new version of its Android TV Manager, a tailor-made solution for telcos, operators and service providers.

Available as a stand-alone cloud-based product or as part of Radix’s end to end cloud-based device management platform (MDM), known as VISO, the solution is platform and device agnostic, letting telcos, operators and service providers stay on top of their Android TV device fleet (including Android AOSP and Google TV), wherever their devices and customers are and whatever the use-case may be.

Michael Shoham, Radix CEO, said: “With telcos, operators and service providers offering a wide range of connected services and leasing more Android-based devices than ever before, a centralized cloud-based device management solution became a vital need to streamline operations: remote control, assist, manage, maintain, perform OTA update, collect insights, receive alerts, configure, track and lock devices via a single interface making sure they are always ready and optimized. The Radix Android TV Manager was built bottom-up to manage Android-based TV devices, making it the most robust solution for Android TV device management, including app management, device management, remote support, monitoring & analysis (telemetry), OTA management and much more.”


RED – Stand 11.B38

RED DIGITAL CINEMA will spotlight its latest technologies at IBC. Conference-goers will get a first look at the newly released V-RAPTOR TM XL 8K VV camera system designed to support high-end television and motion picture productions. RED will also introduce its newest innovation RED Connect, a license-enabled feature that allows delivery of full resolution, live R3D video streaming via RED’s V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL camera systems.

The V-RAPTOR XL system features RED’s current flagship V-RAPTOR 8K VV + 6K S35 multi-format sensor inside of a large-scale-production ready XL camera body. V-RAPTOR XL and V-RAPTOR camera systems feature the same groundbreaking multi-format 8K sensor, allowing filmmakers to shoot 8K large format or 6K S35. Shooters have the ability to always capture at over 4K, even when paired with S35 lenses. The V-RAPTOR sensor boasts the highest recorded dynamic range and cleanest shadow performance of any RED camera and captures up to 600 fps at 2K.

RED’s V-RAPTOR XL and V-RAPTOR and the compact RED KOMODO 6K camera all offer features such as network-based camera controls, remote lens and shading control, and compatibility via r IP or fiber solutions. On top of that, the new XL system adds PTP for timecode and Genlock sync and new sensor sync shift controls.

RED will also present real-world demonstrations of the eagerly anticipated RED Connect with partners NVIDIA and Media.Monks. NVIDIA and RED will produce a live 8K R3D broadcast stream over SMPTE ST2110, rendered in real-time using state-of-the-art NVIDIA RTX GPUs and NVIDIA networking technologies including NVIDIA ConnectX SmartNICs and NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, which run the NVIDIA Rivermax software SDKin a high-end Supermicro server. This fully software-defined architecture allows broadcasting of live camera streams in both native 8K and 1080p resolutions over ST 2110. The HD ST 2110 stream runs through Keycast AI software in a separate server powered by 2x NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPUs to automatically perform AI keying and apply live graphical overlays for live broadcast applications.

“Our collaboration with RED Digital Cinema is creating new opportunities for broadcasters adopting IP-based production workflows,” says Sandeep Gupte, VP of Product Marketing for Professional Visualization at NVIDIA. “With a software-defined architecture based on NVIDIA technologies, real-time cinema-quality RED 8K content can now take advantage of next-generation AI capabilities and content creators can enjoy tremendous flexibility in live productions.”

RED and Media.Monks will enable visitors to experience real-time virtual reality with 2x V-RAPTOR cameras, each feeding an 8K R3D video stream into an ATEM Constellation, which will output onto high-definition VR headsets, as well as a single panel displaying a 360-degree view from the middle of the RED booth.

“RED is excited to demonstrate RED Connect at IBC this year with our V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL camera systems,” says Jeff Goodman, VP of Product Management at RED Digital Cinema. “Real-time access to the full image quality of RED’s latest cinema camera technology via IP enables incredible new opportunities in 8K live broadcast, remote and cloud-based workflows, volumetric capture, live XR, and more. We look forward to sharing just a small sampling of what can be created with this powerful new feature.

RED will also be exhibiting the RED V-RAPTOR being used as a cinematic 4K broadcast solution over SMPTE fiber, being controlled by SKAARHOJ RCP Pro devices.


Rohde & Schwarz – Stand 7.B21

At IBC 2022, Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in broadcast media and transmitter technologies will demonstrate how its solutions deliver a unique combination of robustness, rock-solid reliability, flexibility, and scalability.

Visitors to IBC 2022 will see multiple live demonstrations of Rohde &Schwarz platform agnostic studio production, playout and transcoding capabilities, illustrating how the company supports customers with a clear migration path from SDI through to IP and the cloud.

Together with Pixel Power, Rohde & Schwarz will give visitors to IBC 2022 a firsthand look at how its Studio Production, Post Production, Delivery and Distribution solutions meet customers’ requirements for agility and the capability to adapt to shifting market dynamics.

R&S will demonstrate studio content being ingested, passed straight to master control for scheduled or immediate playout all within a single workflow. Visitors to the stand will also see the latest CLIPSTER platform and SpycerNode SC storage solution in action, bringing greater functionality and speed.

Pixel Power will present Playout, Branding and Automation workflows directly from the show floor via the public cloud (AWS) as well as showing its on-premise solution. A powerful portfolio for playout and transmission suites with integrated, software defined, virtualizable PRISMON monitoring and multiviewing is now available within one system.

Following successful live demonstrations earlier in the year, Rohde & Schwarz will once again partner with Qualcomm Technologies to illustrate how the two companies are driving forward 5G Broadcast/Multicast with a full end-to-end live streaming demonstration during the show, delivering content to smartphone devices and highlighting advanced live Broadcast/Multicast capabilities over 5G.

Drawing on its long heritage in television & radio transmitter technology, R&S will present its leading-edge software-upgradable TV transmitters along with new 5G Broadcast technologies that redefine the future of content delivery on the move. A new transmitter solution will also be unveiled at the show.


Ross Video – Stand 11.B10

Ross Video has launched the new, game-changing version of its award-winning Ultrix Router – the 12G ready Ultrix FR12. This ingenious new product is the ultimate routing, multiviewer and signal processing platform for studios, OB vans and flypacks. As a true software defined platform customers immediately enjoy significant cost, space, and power efficiencies with unparalleled flexibility and agility, especially relative to competitive hybrid routers.

Key features

  • Software defined Pay as You Go – Easily add new features through additional software licenses. No additional hardware required.
  • 12G ready – Ultrix natively supports 12G throughout the entire chassis. This means it’s ready for UHD production when you are, without replacing any hardware or losing capacity.
  • Transport agnostic – Ultrix supports SDI, fibre and IP signal I/O. Use all of one or mix and match as you need. Focus on workflow, not on transport.
  • Hyperconverged design – The Ultrix platform is production in a box. Video/audio routing, multiviewers, audio processing, frame synchronisers, clean/quiet switching, UHD gearboxing, production switchers, audio mixers and more all unified in one single chassis.
  • Cost savings – Due to its size, base feature set and software capabilities, owners save significant money on upfront capital costs. Additionally, the advanced architecture provides significant ROI in terms of power, cooling, shipping, and space costs.

Director of Product Management for Hyperconverged Solutions at Ross Video, Todd Riggs, explained, “When we launched Ultrix we had 1RU and 2RU frame sizes.  A couple of years later we brought the 5RU frame to market. Today, with the launch of the FR12, our award-winning platform makes a huge leap forward, one that will rock the world for a wide range of markets.”

The FR12 is as attractive as it is clever, with its appealing smart door that’s an LCD display designed to help you with monitoring your system, troubleshooting, configuring, and control via a high-resolution, full-size touchscreen panel.  The FR12 is powerful too, boasting up to 288 x 288 SDI ports with a 6144 x 6144 TDM audio fabric, up to 288 frame syncs, 288 clean quiet switches and up to 48 x 100 PIP multiviewers. It also has up to 8 SDPE blades that can be configured as a single 8ME Ross Acuity switcher, 8 independent Ross Carbonites or even a 4ME Acuity and 4 independent Carbonites. In short, the routing, processing, and switching capability in the FR12 is very hard to beat.

Riggs continued, “In the past, a traditional system could use around 500 rack units.  Now with the FR12, you’re looking at only 14 rack units for the equivalent solution. That’s over 500 less rack units and freed up space for your business to grow. Less hardware also means less power consumption, so while a typical system could consume 52,300 Watts, the FR12 equivalent system would only consume 2,400 Watts. Less hardware also means far less cabling – hundreds instead of thousands – and significantly less weight as the FR12 tips the scales around 100 lbs or 45 kg as opposed to a traditional system’s massive 6284 lbs or 2850 kg!”.

In addition, as the FR12 is the world’s only router with an integrated production switcher, customers can build entire infrastructures with ground-breaking flexibility, performance, and integration.

Todd Riggs concluded, “The award-winning Ultrix platform just got bigger, smarter, and more powerful as the FR12’s compact frame packs a massive punch with significantly more capacity, functionality and innovation. The FR12 also represents a major enhancement to the current Ultrix product portfolio and the capacity increase of the frame means Ross Video now addresses and can meet even more of the worldwide router and multiviewer market’s requirements.”


Rumo Sports – Stand 5.C57

Spideo’s Rumo SPORTS, a new recommendation system dedicated to sports content platforms: OTT pure players, sporting franchises, sports leagues, content aggregators and IPTV operators. This product, combining content recommendation and analytics, aims at supporting sports organizations in their digital transformation by providing a complete solution for improving User Experience, building intelligence and managing communities of fans.

Since 2010, Spideo has been helping OTT, TELCO and VOD PLATFORMS in their content recommendation strategy, notably covering Sports content for Tier1 Super Aggregators like Bouygues telecom, Altice, Canal+ group). With Rumo Sports, Spideo aims at providing B2B content recommendation solutions for sports fans enhanced by semantic input and powerful algorithms.

“Sports fans have their topics of interest: it can be a specific sporting discipline, a club, a league, a tournament or their favorite athletes. So they must be able to interact with the recommender system to declare those topics of interest if they want to. Does it mean however that sports fans like to stay stuck in past habits? Of course not. Some events are going to make them extend their scope of interest. The dynamic of Rumo Sports recommendations make it possible to remain open and capable of explaining the connections with new topics of interest.” comments Thibault d’Orso, CRO and Co-Founder of Spideo. Rumo Sports brings the possibility for sporting franchises, sports leagues and sports content platforms to have a constant and fully understandable knowledge of both declarative data and behavioral data. There are multiple applications of that knowledge about sports fans, their tastes and the evolution of their topics of interest: customer relationship, community management, subscribers’ retention and data monetization.


Sapec – Stand 2.A19

SAPEC returns to IBC with its most representative solutions for compression: Laguna and Sivac-ONE

Anyone who knows SAPEC will be familiar with solutions such as ALTUM, AVANTOS and even Xavic. All these solutions, that have been installed and on air in many national and international video contribution/distribution networks, have taken a generational leap into a new product family.

SAPEC has combined the technology of these solutions and moved it to a new higher level. Not only keeping its reliability but also adding functionalities that fulfilled the new customer requirements. The solutions are:

· Laguna Media Processor (LMP). Multi-codec Hardware platforms with Software Defined Codec Architecture.

· Sivac-One Media Processor (SMP). Very Low Latency, Very Low power, High efficiency modular platform for UHD HEVC encoder/decoder.

These are the two solutions which SAPEC will show at IBC 2022, with a focus on the latest added functionalities.


SDMC – Stand 5.A65

As the professional smart home solution provider, SDMC will showcase its latest OTT / IPTV / Broadband / Smart Home solutions at IBC.

4K Android TV Devices for Netflix Hailstorm Program

The comprehensive Android TV solution features the latest system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology from Amlogic with AV1 video decoding, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5 support to address evolving demands in the market.

With pre-certificated Netflix reference design solutions, operators can launch their Android TV devices with Netflix service in lower engineering efforts, less cost and shorter time to market.

4K Android TV hybrid boxes powered by Amlogic, with Google’s CBS integrated

SDMC and Amlogic collaborate to integrate CBS on 4K Android TV hybrid boxes, giving operators a faster, cost-effective way to deploy Android TV solutions at scale. The joint SDMC and Amlogic solution is based on a new 4K hybrid box powered by Amlogic S905X4 SoC, with Google’s CBS fully integrated.

Simultaneously support the delivery of traditional broadcast streams and OTT services and appeal to diverse consumers, without taking more time and extra efforts to custom integrate CAS capabilities.

SDMC UMP Cloud Platform

We provide operators with broadband solutions including Cable Modem, Wi-Fi Mesh Router, GPON, and next-generation XGS-PON to help NSPs deliver seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences to consumers.

Moreover, SDMC UMP Cloud Platform, a system that focuses on service activation, configuration and customer problem solving, provides operation and maintenance personnel for operators with a clear network topology through network information and data analysis, so that they can get the details of network device traffic speed and help them repair network faults.

OTT+Smart Home Platform

XMediaTV is a turnkey solution integrating the ecosystem of OTT and Smart Home businesses, and features such as OTT, Live TV, VOD, CMS Transcoding, CDN, DRM, Shopping TV System, PGC Video System, LBS, Advertisement System, and Big Data Management System(DMS), providing a comprehensive video service for global operators and telecoms.

With the XMediaTV cloud platform, operators can activate and set up an OTT video service from multiple devices anywhere and anytime instantly, achieving a sizable growing in subscribers with incomparably lower investment in expense and resources.

SDMC Smart Home Solution

XHome is a Matter ready smart home solution best suited for operators worldwide to increase ARPU. It supports converged and integrated unique use cases across TV and Mobile, and it provides value-added AI services such as smart elderly care. It’s a cloud based solution designed to save operators’ CAPEX and deployment time, and it has full backend features to manage not only IoT devices, but also OTT Box and Wi-Fi Routers.


Sencore – Stand 1.F72

a leading broadcast equipment supplier with more than 70 years of experience in the industry – will be using IBC to premier the launch of their new Centra Gateway; a comprehensive and holistic network orchestration system. This new platform which will mark the company’s move to provide ‘Solutions as a Service’, leveraging the extensive industry knowledge they have built over the course of decades spent providing equipment to meet the business and technological needs of the broadcast industry. 

Centra represents an end-to-end, holistic orchestration platform that will allow broadcasters to manage the full extent of their media chain, on multiple levels, from a centralized, intuitive interface which can either be located in the cloud (and thus accessible remotely from anywhere in the world), or through an on-site installation as required. 

The Centra platform will provide network management across a range of layers of operation, with plans to expand functionality over the upcoming year. The IBC-ready release will introduce the core functionality of the platform; namely, the reception, transmission and conversion of internet protocols for optimized distribution of video. Protocols supported will include RIST, SRT, Zixi, and HLS, along with MPEG over IP. With the aim to take advantage of the benefits associated with RIST and SRT protocols in terms of reliability, low latency, packet-drop compensation and forward error correction. 

Far more than a mere tool for protocol translation though, Centra represents a ‘mothership’ for the orchestration of streaming; collecting, converting, aggregating, orchestrating and distributing as required. Automation will be built into many of the processes; communicating with edge devices to ascertain capacity, required protocol, etc., and then distributing on that basis. Constant metrics assessing latency across network links will allow for Centra to optimize transport according to resources and need. 

The second layer of the Centra Gateway will facilitate asset and device management. This will allow users to determine at-a-glance the location, software version, license status and health of their various assets, with the ‘at-a-click’ ability to manage and upgrade these elements – either through purchase or loan – through the Sencore store. 

The third layer of the Centra platform will integrate monitoring and analysis of the entire network which provide insight into every mile of video transport, flagging a significant range of potential error types, as well as providing historical analytics for more strategic assessment of network performance over time. Through monitoring by exception Centra will notify and provide users with a streamlined path to rectification, linking to the correct department, site, engineer or solution required. 

Thanks to the latest software and orchestration tools, the Centra solution is fully scalable to the needs of the broadcaster, at a range of bitrates depending on the appliance model or the capacity of the cloud platform selected. Future iterations of the Centra platform will integrate an increasing number of third-party devices, protocols and services through REST API and NMOS, acting as a single point of coordination through which broadcasters can access all of the components needed for effective, efficient network management. 

The central goal of the platform is to solve the traditional problems associated with IP video delivery; namely undefined routes, latency, packet loss or corruption, connection drops and the impact of bursty traffic. Centra will use intelligent, automated network management techniques to ensure high quality, reliable video delivery in a way that reduces latency, maintains the maximum possible content security, and ultimately delivers the quality of viewership experience that audiences expect.

Most importantly though, Centra aims to achieve this in a way that is accessible, intuitive and highly usable, even to those without a technical or engineering background. The key point of differentiation for Centra – aside from its extensive integrations – is the low learning curve associated with its use. Through the creation of an easily-understood GUI, logical and clear workflows, and the deployment of automation, prompts and wizards where required, Centra allows broadcasters to put eyes – and hands – on all components of their network, quickly and easily. 

Speaking of the release of Centra at IBC, Aaron Doughten, Senior Product Manager for Sencore said: “With years of experience selling individual devices like decoders, transcoders and converters, we have an intimate understanding of the role that different transport protocols play in the effective delivery of video, and the potential pitfalls associated with them. But many of these protocols – and the systems built to handle them – were created in a time marked by cutthroat competition. Increasingly though, we at Sencore believe the industry is becoming one marked by ‘collaborative competition’, where integration and harmonization are the buzzwords of the day.”

He continued: “The development of the Centra Gateway represents our belief that we have moved past the days where broadcasters needed to make trade-offs in their network infrastructure. No longer do we need to engage in either/or decisions or else experience unnecessary bloat – both space and expense wise – in video networks. A single, intuitive point of access orchestrating a network, accommodating a diverse range of standards, from anywhere in the world allows broadcasters greater flexibility, delivers lower OpEx, and increases the reliability and quality of their content. That it was Centra represents.”


Shotoku Broadcast Systems – Stand 12.F38

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, international manufacturer of high-quality, easy-to-use, robust and reliable robotic and manual camera support systems, is heading back to IBC 2022 with an expanded line of pan/tilt heads and enhanced control systems that will be demonstrated on Stand 10.F38. The Company will also be showing its full range of semi and fully-autonomous systems highlighted by SmartPed, the company’s flagship fully robotic pedestal, and SmartRail – the world’s leading rail camera system.

“We’re excited to showcase our robotic camera systems once again, and if IBC is anything like what we experienced at NAB, it will be another great show,” said James Eddershaw, Managing Director of Shotoku Ltd. “As usual we’ll be showing a range of products reflecting the varied applications and market segments that we’ve always addressed, whether it’s a large, muti-camera broadcasting facility or a major national parliament, but we’ve also expanded our platform to better accommodate small regional interview studios with the new TG-47, our latest pan/tilt head. We’re also excited to introduce the European market to enhanced versions of our control systems in Amsterdam.”

TG-47 Pan and Tilt Head

The latest addition to the Shotoku range of pan and tilt heads, the TG-47 sits between the well-established TG-27 and TG-18i heads in terms of payload. Like all Shotoku heads the TG-47 moves with fine control and smoothness for perfect on-air moves. With a payload of 22kg it can support a wide range of cameras and accessories, including typical 17-19” teleprompters. Being compact and lightweight, it can be used in smaller studios and on SmartRail ceiling systems too.

TR-XT Control System

The latest version of the TR-XT control system will be on show highlighting the wide range of powerful features available whether controlling simple PT heads or multi-camera fully robotic SmartPeds and Rails. With smoothed key-frame sequences as standard and now with AutoFrame face tracking options, TR-XT really is the state of the art in studio robotics control.

Orchestra CMS v3 Automation for Parliamentary TV

The new Orchestra CMS v3 is a powerful automation system specifically designed for parliaments and legislatures, providing a high level of multi-camera control for semi- or fully-automated operation. Orchestra is capable of controlling a large number of pan and tilt heads within a full-size debating chamber and is fully integrated with audio conferencing systems for rapid shot acquisition following active microphones. A high-resolution UI touch screen is provided for manual control and immediate indication of active shots and seat positions.

SmartPed Robotic Pedestal

SmartPed, a world-leading fully robotic studio pedestal and the flagship of Shotoku’s product range, is in use around the world at leading TV news broadcasters. SmartPed gives broadcasters the flexibility to effortlessly position full camera payloads to any floor position in the studio. Supporting remote and local operation and with full VR/AR compatibility, SmartPed is the perfect solution for any live news/sports TV studio looking for exceptional on-air performance and increased production efficiency.

SmartPed supports traditional Relative navigation systems with a ‘home’ reference tile or Absolute methods provided by optical camera tracking systems supplied either as existing third-party systems or Shotoku-supplied and embedded within SmartPed itself.


For studios where floor or ceiling rail cameras are required Shotoku’s SmartRail system is ideal. With an industry leading range of elevation columns SmartRail can be installed in almost any studio – even those without traditionally high studio ceilings. Being rail mounted enables the camera to move in perfect smoothness regardless of the floor condition or studio environment. Ceiling mounted rail systems enable the studio floor to be completely clear of cameras and cables providing a uniquely clean visual appearance and freedom of movement for presenters and guests alike.

For IBC the SmartRail system will be demonstrated in floor configuration and will showcase the very latest addition to the range of elevator columns, the high-performance X-Height column.


SoftAtHome – Stand 1.F30

Your home is probably the most important place in your life. SoftAtHome is an independent software company for broadband, video, and analytics. The company will showcase its latest innovations enabling operators to re-aggregate the entire digital home with a future-proof single software platform with a common user experience on all screens in the home and on the go. SoftAtHome will show its latest innovations, compliant with the Matter standard  at IBC.

See how SoftAtHome is making end-user digital lives at home easier

SoftAtHome is creating a converging service vision with ImpressioNG, where the TV accesses and controls operator services at home, aggregating video content, connectivity, and IoT, embracing the new matter standard. SoftAtHome aims to help operators improve the quality of user experience at home or on the go.

Based on multi-source content discovery, ImpressioNG integrates an application store to go beyond video services by enriching them with connectivity and IoT. User interaction is streamlined, targeting a one-click stop to discover and consume video more easily. Use cases are infinite: controlling the light ambiance of the home, displaying feeds from the video doorbell on the main TV screen, or watching the baby sleep in PiP while watching a movie. The French software vendor also delivers this multi-service experience on connected TVs, PCs, and mobile devices, at home or on the go, where you can control the door lock or set the temperature before going home. An intuitive user experience is available via a remote control, a keyboard, a touch screen, or voice with Amazon Alexa. Digital services include Live TV, VoD, gaming, Wi-Fi credentials on TV, Video calls, and IoT control. It is based on transversal data analytics and provides security.

SoftAtHome, expert integrator of Amazon Alexa as a Voice Control to Home Gateways and Repeaters

SoftAtHome integrates voice control into RDK, Android, or Linux devices in the home using far-field and push-to-talk. The company joined Amazon’s Alexa Solution Provider network in 2021 and integrates voice control on devices such as smart speakers, traditional set-top boxes, Home Gateways, or repeaters. At IBC, SoftAtHome will demonstrate video and IoT use cases, voice commands for device pairing over Wi-Fi, parental control settings for Internet access, Wi-Fi access for visitors, or network speed tests, all controlled by voice.

ConnectedHome, a user-friendly mobile application delivering the best digital home user experience that will benefit from the new Matter standard

Also starring at IBC 2022, ConnectedHome is SoftAtHome’s user-friendly application, available on mobile devices and TV screens and enabling end-users to set up and manage digital services at home. Compatible with the future matter standard that will allow accessories to work together across various platforms, it includes a simplified setup of a home gateway, repeaters, IoT devices, or TV screens, all associated with a single account. The app provides tools such as home surveillance based on a Do-It-Yourself approach, a green tab to follow energy consumption with recommendations to help end-users to become eco-friendly, as well as lights, shutters, and home climate controls.

End-user security

End-user security is also part of SoftAtHome’s features showcased at IBC. By supporting video calls and security camera feeds within a service portal, it is possible to see who is at the front door, watch a baby sleep, deliver video calls or activate the parental control on the LAN. All these features can be controlled on the go. SoftAtHome says that the main TV screen becomes a dashboard for the complete digital experience at home.


Solid State Logic – Stand 8.D68

Solid State Logic (SSL) will present the latest workflow advancements to System T for on-premise and remote audio production for news, sports and live production. In addition, SSL will also be showcasing a range of production tools for content creation, post and audio production, featuring advanced DAW integration and control — including UF8, UC1, the new THE BUS+ analogue processor and essential SSL studio, BiG SiX.

Scalable ‘pay-as-you-go’ licensingThe latest TE1 & TE2 Tempest Engines featuring scalable Pay-As-You-Go DSP licensing, offering a wider variety of channel path capacities that align with a broader range of applications and budgets. Software licenses for five different processing packs are available, defined by the total number of mono All-Paths equivalent channels supported, from 85 to 800, are available to users as perpetual or short-term, time-based rental upgrades.

Remote production and beyondWith increasing demand for distributed and decentralised collaborative workflows, System T’s architecture provides an agile production platform that can be managed from home, the studio and the venue. Utilising patented virtualized processing techniques, SSL have now developed a technology Proof of Concept (PoC) that will provide the backbone for future cloud-based solutions offering even more flexibility for remote production.

Immersive and Next Generation Audio (NGA)Supporting the demand for NGA within broadcast content, System T’s architecture provides processing for multiple audio formats for immersive and three-dimensional audio; channel-based, objects, Ambisonics and binaural. With support for multiple standards and formats including ATSC 3.0, Dolby Atmos, and MPEG-H. A Sennheiser AMBEO partnership adds on-board conversion support for the AMBEO VR Mic, with a 360 transcoder to render to a wide range of multi-channel outputs from 4.0 to 7.1.4.

Advanced Audio over IPSystem T delivers the ultimate in IP flexibility, utilising Audinate’s Dante technology stack to provide Dante API managing audio routing of SSL Network I/O and over 3000 third party AoIP products directly in the console GUI, including automatic discovery. SSL AoIP devices enable transmitting and subscribing to ST 2110 or AES67 streams on the same Dante interface, opening up interoperability to many more devices including IP video systems. With System T you can have the best of all IP worlds as the audio routing is performed directly on COTS network hardware, not proprietary TDM audio routing hardware.


SSIMWAVE – Stand 1.B10

Using actual live streams of major international sporting events SSIMWAVE will show at IBC 2022 how its award-winning products can provide streaming providers with the video quality insights and competitive comparisons they need to make strategic decisions to manage and optimize subscriber satisfaction and engagement.

Expanding on SSIMWAVE’s ongoing analysis of sports telecasts, the IBC exhibition will show how quality varies among sports streaming video providers. Experiences are ranked using the SSIMPLUS Viewer Score, the most accurate metric for predicting Viewer Experience. Streaming providers can use the results to decide what video technologies to deploy as well as how to optimize content processing and operations in order to improve competitive positioning.

Some services have stood out from the rest. Peacock consistently registered SSIMPLUS Viewer Scores (SVS) above 80 across three opening-weekend Premier League games. In recent evaluations of the French and Hungarian F1 Grand Prix events SSIMWAVE also has measured a high commitment to quality from F1 TV, with SVS of 80.2 and 79.5.

However, the live sports video quality benchmarking of multiple providers also has shown that:

  • In many cases there are large gaps between the SVS scores of the best and the worst streaming services, and sometimes even between the best and the next-best. F1 TV and Peacock for example, have been far ahead of any other F1 or Premier League providers, reflecting a commitment to service quality.
  • Even the services that performed better with average SVS above 80 had a lot of variability inside their delivery – video quality ranging from low 50s to high 80s SVS. This can cause lower subscriber engagement as the stark quality contrast between different parts of the live stream can annoy and frustrate sports fans.
  • Not enough is being done to prevent impairments that can seriously damage viewing experiences. For example, interlacing, which occurs when recorded objects move fast enough to be in different positions when each individual field is captured, was present for half of the F1 race in one of the provider’s streams, making it unwatchable.

Consumers are less likely to stay engaged with video that is difficult to view, especially when they can easily compare the same live sports content delivered by different platforms – many of which offer free trial options.,” said Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO and Co-Founder of SSIMWAVE. “Our goal is to be a catalyst for change around viewer quality so that quality-minded providers can gain a competitive edge, giving viewers access to better sports video experiences.”

At IBC 2022, SSIMWAVE also will be showing its two NAB Product of the Year winners, SSIMPLUS LIVE Monitor (2022) and SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial (2021). SSIMPLUS LIVE Monitor helps content providers quickly and automatically resolve issues that impact subscriber satisfaction, retention, and monetization. LIVE Monitor assesses viewer experience at scale using the only quality metric that is correlated to human vision, enabling it to trace video quality from content creation to consumption while improving mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 85%. SSIMPLUS VQ Dial can enable video providers to achieve multi-million-dollar savings in delivery costs per year while delivering “Just Right” levels of video quality across entire VOD asset libraries.

SSIMWAVE’s Video Experience Automation Platform brings the power of the human eye to entire video delivery chains to help streaming services assess video quality at scale, minimize quality drop-offs, and reduce distribution expenses and video assurance costs. Its SSIMPLUS suite of products – Live Monitor, VOD Monitor and Video Quality (VQ) Dial – have also helped the streaming industry address hard-to-solve problems such as banding, A/V sync issues, HDR content distribution, and low-quality sources. SSIMWAVE technology has earned multiple Emmy Awards as well as an NAB Product of the Year Award.


ST Engineering – Stand 1.A49

ST Engineering iDirect, a global leader in satellite communications, will be launching its new MCX8000 multi-carrier satellite gateway at IBC2022 in Amsterdam. The MCX8000 enables broadcasters to cater for every type of broadcast scenario, including high IP encapsulation rates for Over the Top (OTT) applications.

The MCX8000 is a high density, high availability and fully redundant modular system that is suitable for a variety of broadcast use cases. These include direct-to-home broadcasting, where bringing quality content to the largest possible subscriber base with high reliability is key. The MCX8000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway is highly bandwidth efficient, thus maximizing the throughput. It utilizes the DVB-S, DVB-S2, or DVB-S2X standard, assuring highly reliable transport stream delivery.

In Distribution to Towers (DTT), the MCX8000 ideally fits as a satellite front-end, feeding multiple Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs), and one MCX8000 in a multi-carrier, multi-stream configuration can be used for hundreds of TV channels.

For OTT delivery, the MCX8000’s high IP encapsulation rates and efficient multicast capabilities uniquely position it to provide a path to support the transport of today´s traditional broadcasts and tomorrow´s OTT services.

Built upon the trusted technology of the MDM6100 and MCX7000 software suite capabilities, the MCX8000 offers users higher density and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) through its unique features:

Hot swappable design reduces OPEX

With its modular design and functionality, users can easily swap out modem boards and power supply units (PSUs) without interrupting the system setup and with no requirement for tools, thus avoiding downtime for repairs and reducing operating expenses (OPEX). In the unlikely event of a failure in one PSU, the other can still power both modem boards and the redundancy switch. The MCX8000 also features ST Engineering iDirect’s Clean Channel Technology which ensures the highest bandwidth efficiency, also resulting in lower OPEX. The MCX8000’s energy efficient design means that this is also a more environmentally friendly option.

High Availability, Full Redundancy

The MCX8000 offers higher availability to broadcasters and by combining two modem boards and a 1+1 redundancy switch in one unit, it becomes a three-in-one solution. This results in lower TCO due to reduced downtime for repairs and low power consumption.

Easy Configuration

Simple configuration and ease of use is critical, and the MCX8000 features a brand new, intuitive interface designed to streamline the entire process, reducing the requirement for specialist knowledge. This focuses on the logical flow of configuration, from general system settings to configuring inputs/outputs and defining monitoring requirements. The system also benefits from over-the-air updates rather than suspending services to carry them out manually.

“The broadcast sector relies on equipment that will promote maximum uptime, allowing operations to continue at all times,” said Sean Yarborough, Vice President of Product Management at ST Engineering iDirect. “Broadcasters are also looking to lower CAPEX and OPEX and be more cost-effective in a competitive landscape. We designed the MCX8000 with the idea of bringing together the best of both worlds – high density and high reliability – through robust design and industry-leading redundancy solutions. The result is a future proof system that combines video and IP multiservice capabilities to support the transport of today´s and tomorrow´s services.”

Visit ST Engineering iDirect at IBC2022 where there will be a live demonstration of the MCX8000.


Studio Technologies – Stand 8.F93

Studio Technologies, manufacturer of high-quality audio, video, and fiber-optic solutions, will present its latest solutions at IBC, including its Model 209 Talent Console, Model 354 Talk Station, Model 5304 Intercom Station, Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine, and Model 5482 Dante Bridge. Like many of the Studio Technologies products, these units support Dante Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) technology for direct integration into contemporary applications. They are also compatible with AES67, SMPTE ST 2110, and support Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager software application.

“We continue to develop innovative audio solutions for modern, Dante-enabled applications,” says Gordon Kapes, President of Studio Technologies. “We’re excited to have our European team meet with an array of production personnel at IBC and demonstrate how they can seamlessly incorporate these products into their workflows.”

“I’m looking forward to showcasing Studio Technologies’ advanced solutions to the European market at IBC,” says Mark Townsend, Sales Manager for international markets at Studio Technologies. “Getting back onto the IBC show floor will help to continue to grow Studio Technologies’ reputation as a leading Dante exponent.”


Suitest – Stand 5.F28

Suitest is launching support for testing apps on Vizio Smart TVs, and will be demonstrating its device cloud setups at IBC. A new video recording feature has also been added to its Android phone camera app and to the new HDMI capture feature. Suitest is a one of a kind, feature rich, cloud-based, object-based test automation solution for OTT apps thatuses either instrumentation testing or a non-intrusive method of testing depending on need. It can be used for end-to-end testing, for operating TVs in a remote office, for automating some device maintenance tasks or for locating a device-specific bug. Suitest users have the flexibility to run tests on apps on own devices or on Suitest public or private managed device clouds. Using Suitest’s solution, users can now easily test every aspect of an app on Vizio Smart TVs.   Mirko Nedeljković, CEO, Suitest, commented: “With new devices launching every year, it can be challenging to ensure that a video app works seamlessly across all platforms. Our Suitest test automation solution, now updated to include support for Vizio Smart TVs, gives our customers quick and easy remote access to a large number of streaming TV devices, enabling them to launch intuitive user experiences across them all.” Suitest will also be showcasing it’s public and private remote device labs at IBC. The remote device lab enables users to tap into shared devices remotely, rather than needing all the required devices on-site. It enables live screen streaming and HDMI capture, meaning users can see exactly what happens on screen for any given device. Customers use the Suitest device labs to test OTT video apps, either before release or on a continual basis. The Suitest Android phone camera app that enables remote manual app testing now includes a new feature that allows recording of full-length videos of test runs. Users can use the app to record and playback a video of exactly what was on the screen during the remote test, so a separate camera is not required.


Synamedia – Stand 5.A69

To win in the world of media and entertainment, you need to protect, enrich, and deliver world class streaming. Join Synamedia at IBC Amsterdam this September to learn how to tackle the major challenges our industry faces today. And, if you’ve got specific questions about how our technology can help you, you can book a slot to speak with an expert advisor.

Book a time to find out how Synamedia helps you to connect with a bigger audience.

Synamedia experts will also feature at various events throughout the conference.

  • Meir Lehrer, Senior Director of Solutions Management will join a panel debate on “Cloud applications in media & entertainment: what’s next” at the Content Everywhere theatre, September 9th at 16:00,
  • Nitsan Baider, Director of Product Management, Security will join a panel debate on “The clamp down on credentials sharing and implications for OTT business models” at the  Content Everywhere theatre, September 10th at 14:30
  • Maria Ingold, VP Solution Engineering will join a panel session on “The State of Video Technology and the next 5 years“ at the IET – John Logie Baird lecture, conference E102, September 11th at 13:30


The Switch – IABM Meeting Lounge

At IBC 2022 The Switch will be meeting content owners, broadcasters, enterprises, and media companies and respond to the future of live event experiences with its expanded live production and global delivery services. Amidst exploding consumer demand for more live event coverage, The Switch’s live production services combine mobile, remote, and cloud-based production, along with extensive global network reach, to enable rights-owners to cost-effectively produce and deliver the highest quality live coverage.

Learn why The Switch is trusted every day by broadcasters and other service providers to ensure they produce and deliver coverage of the world’s most talked-about sports, esports, news, entertainment, and enterprise events – and how it is pioneering cloud-driven distributed production workflows to support not just live broadcasting and streaming, but real-time clipping and editing of social media highlights.


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