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t4h – Stand 1.D29

t4h (Tech4home), a leading remote control design specialist and manufacturer, will be at IBC where they will present their latest sustainable innovations, achievements, and technologies – and all they have worked on over the past two years. Tech4home would also love to engage with everyone, unlock new business opportunities, and discover the latest inventions.

To take their sustainability commitment to a whole new level, t4h. has launched a new initiative – the Symbiosis Programme, which is the successor of their Green22 Inititiative and Innovation Lab. This concept combines the design team’s mindfulness of the footprint they leave and the goal to create only cutting-edge RCU technologies. They are aiming to break the narrative that sustainability restricts creativity. The team will share their progress with this innovation at the  t4h. stand at IBC2022.

“Tech4home’s new initiative confirms that we are still a leader in the RCU technology industry and will never stop building user-centered products. We have a lot to share with the partners, leaders, and innovators in this industry, and this event is a suitable platform to reach out and get feedback on our innovations,” said Miguel Oliveira, CEO, t4h.

At the event, the company will reveal their latest remote design award winners – the DRAVA and AKAN remote models that have brought Red Dot Design Award for t4h the sixth consecutive time, the LIMA RCU, awarded with a Muse Design Award, and the Notus RCU Custom Covers awarded with the Silver Muse Design Award.

t4h will also display its latest Android TV Line-up with state-of-art RCUs, aligning with Google’s Android TV Operator Tier guidelines and meeting the expectations of modern end users.


Tag Video Systems – Stand 1.C30

TAG Video Systems is the world leader in 100% software based integrated IP Multiviewing, Probing and Monitoring solutions. Introducing its first IP solution in 2008, today TAG supports over 100,000 probing/monitoring points across the four primary broadcasting applications – Live Production, Playout/Master Control, Distribution and OTT. TAG’s Zer0 Friction philosophy allows Broadcasters and Content Distributors to minimize complexity, manage the pace of change, while competitively enabling business operations. The 100% software platform supports both compressed and uncompressed formats, including MPEG TS, JPEG- XS, CDI, NDI, JPEG2000, SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022-6/7, MPEG-DASH and HLS. TAG’s solutions run on standard Commercial Off-The-Shelf hardware (COTS) and cloud, providing state-of-the-art IP monitoring and analysis tools combined with highest quality UHD Multiviewer available on standard and mobile device displays.


Telly – Stand 1.C37

At IBC 2022, Tellyo has announced that it will be focusing on the important issue of remote production workflow efficiency at this year’s show.

“We’ve been working very hard this year to implement our ambitious roadmaps”, comments Tellyo CEO Richard Collins. “When we exhibited at NAB Show Las Vegas we introduced a raft of updates, all designed to improve the workflow efficiency of our solutions and make the process of producing and distributing great-looking content remotely even quicker and easier. From multi-camera stream synchronisation to support for 9:16 and advanced MultiViewers for monitoring multiple channels, it’s been an important year of development so far. Many of the feature enhancements we showed at NAB came from customer feedback as we supported producers during the Beijing Winter games earlier this year and at other notable international sporting events since. Needless to say, we’re not finished yet”.

With another series of enhancements and quality of life updates planned for the beginning of September, the development team has been looking very closely at platform ease of use and the practicalities of how remote teams interact with Tellyo’s Stream Studio and Tellyo Pro solutions. “We have been working to expand the range of hardware panel control options available to customers, and we’ll be demonstrating a few of these in Amsterdam”, notes Jakub Majkowski, Tellyo COO. “We’re also increasing the number of aspect ratios supported by our solutions, and making it easier for customers to work with multiple audio tracks within video clips. In addition, we’re announcing a range of customisable graphics templates courtesy of our graphics partners SPX and introducing animated transitions to enable customers to boost their production values and create additional branding and sponsorship opportunities”.


Tedial – Stand 10.D30

Tedial, the leading independent media technology solutions specialist, is introducing its next-generation, cloud-native, NoCode Media Integration Platform, smartWork to the EMEA M&E market at IBC 2022, on stand 10.D30. Following the Platform’s launch in April 2022, Tedial will demonstrate how its new for IBC features will improve business processes for Media companies.

Visitors to IBC 2022 will see how Tedial’s smartWork Media Integration Platform decouples the customary orchestration capabilities embedded in the systems that broadcasters have traditionally been using (MAM, DAM, PAM, CMS). It offers a framework where all the systems are integrated in the same way, based on three key pillars: Common Interface; Common Datamodel; and Common Workspace, where applications go to the media and not the media to the applications.

The M&E market is changing rapidly, impacted by evolving consumer behaviours. Users want seamless, effortless integrations and developers want to spend less time on repetitive software programming tasks and integration maintenance. The days of the traditional, complex monolithic content management systems, which generate huge dependence on software vendors to provide the agility required to integrate new applications within the digital ecosystem, are over. Tedial’s NoCode approach revolutionizes productivity making the Media Integration Platform accessible to everyone, from non-technical users to citizen-developers. And, because it follows Infrastructure as Code (IaC), smartWork can be deployed on-premises, on any cloud or in a hybrid architecture for incredible flexibility. Business continuity can easily be achieved with smartWork as the current systems can be integrated and improve operation by adding new business processes or cloud operation.

smartWork NoCode workflow editor empowers non-technical users to define or re-adapt workflows to business needs. With smartWork, a new business operation is just a Drag&Drop action. No more tedious vendor services will be required for daily operational changes.

smartWork platform can easily be updated/upgraded from the Tedial Cloud repository via the Artifactory UI, which enables non-technical users to update services, workflows and integration systems to the latest version with just a few clicks.

smartWork includes a complete Business Intelligence tool for customer self-sufficiency that enables them to take full platform control. So, customers will be able to decide which processes can be modified to reduce costs without business impact.

Julian Fernandez- Campon, CTO Tedial explains, “We’re really looking forward to getting back to IBC and showing the European market the huge benefits that smartWork delivers. No one can predict the future and the way companies operate can change from night-to-day. smartWork’s NoCode approach enables the design of scalable, future-proof solutions and media services for the M&E industry, accessible to everybody everywhere, that can be seamlessly aligned with business needs to add value.”

smartWork benefits include:

  • No vendor lock in – services implemented with a specific system can be changed for another from a different vendor without affecting the rest
  • Flexibility and scalability – users without a deep technical knowledge can easily change and evolve business processes using a NoCode design tool
  • Self-Sufficiency – no vendor services needed to manage the platform
  • Agility and quick time to market – new business needs can be addressed
  • Low Risk – easy prototyping – new tools can be tested easily and quickly, minimizing the risk
  • Tailor to each customer needs
  • Grow with the business at your own pace
  • Reduced TCO and Improved ROI
  • Future-proof


Telstra Broadcast Services – Stand 5.B72

Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) is launching the next generation of its cutting-edge IDN (Internet Delivery Network), to cater to the specific needs of international broadcasters for major event delivery, at IBC.

The next generation IDN expands on the capabilities of this unique network, being based on internet standards and taking a web-first approach to delivery for broadcasters. The upgraded IDN features more automation for efficiency, greater network flexibility, higher bandwidth, and lower latency. 

Broadcasters require robust, cost effective and flexible international delivery. They need networks that feature flexibility and different modes of delivery to ensure they can deliver more content to drive a greater number of viewers. Telstra’s IDN is a software-defined, cloud-based platform enabling the transport of high-quality video content and live broadcast streams to any registered endpoint across shared networks like the public internet. The IDN features over 40 sites spread over EMEA, APAC and North America with these primary use cases:

  1. Cost efficient delivery of live video media (contribution or distribution) over the internet and for last mile delivery
  2. Flexibility to deliver live video media leveraging the TBS core delivery networks such as the Global Media Network for global reach
  3. Supporting extensive handoff options to cloud & permanent services

The IDN upgrade follows TBS joining the SRT Alliance, a collaborative community of industry leaders and developers striving to achieve lower latency internet video transport, last December. By collaborating with the SRT Alliance, TBS is able to more effectively provide broadcasters of any size with the most flexible, cost effective and robust ways to manage their content. For example, SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), is the fastest growing open source streaming project. SRT is a free open source video transport protocol and technology stack originally developed and pioneered by Haivision, which enables the delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across the public Internet.

“Contemporary broadcasters are being charged with delivering more content, in order to increase the reach of existing and new audiences,” says Andreas Eriksson, Head of Telstra Broadcast Services. “However, the increased demand for content distribution is often challenged by budgetary constraints. Our next generation IDN supports broadcasters and rights holders to achieve these goals reliably, flexibly and cost effectively with cutting edge features and workflows. IP is the only way forward for broadcasters to deliver more content and capture a great amount of the audience.”

The IDN rounds out TBS’ stable of network connectivity solutions, giving customers the flexibility to choose the delivery method that works best for them – satellite, fiber, or the internet. TBS also provides options to purchase bundled media delivery solutions – typically satellite delivery for broad regional coverage, fiber for high-value specific content or remote production, plus internet delivery for extra content or for back-up feeds. TBS is continually adding new features and capabilities to the IDN to keep pace with evolving workflows for broadcast and production.


ThinkAnalytics – Stand 1.A74

 ThinkAnalytics, the market leading personalized recommendations and hyper-targeted advertising provider, has unveiled its plans for IBC 2022. As well as showing how it impacts monetization and reduces churn, a highlight will be ground-breaking demonstrations of how ThinkAnalytics is working with a customer in North America to increase stickiness by going beyond video aggregation to incorporate search and recommendations across news, music, gaming, and non-media assets such as books.

This initiative builds on ThinkAnalytics’ success delivering super aggregation for customers and is designed for brands looking to become a single portal for entertainment such as gaming and music, services including hospitality, and shopping.

With Omdia estimating that FAST channels will generate $10bn in ad revenue in 2027, ThinkAnalytics will also show how Think360 and ThinkAdvertising support the monetization needs of the growing number of FAST providers.

Think360 is a 360 degree solution for TV and OTT customers for content discovery, viewer engagement, and monetization, helping drive engagement, increase ARPU and reduce churn. Key to this success is Think360’s automated ThinkMetadata solution which provides content intelligence and enriches metadata for accurate discovery in 43 languages. It eliminates the need for time-consuming manual classification or a reliance on basic third-party services. ThinkMetadata applies AI and machine learning to generate multi-dimensional tags that explain the DNA of each asset at a granular level – for example, elements of a plot, narrative styles, and moods.

As SVOD providers suffering churn levels of up to 40% and in an environment where even a small percentage reduction in churn means millions of dollars in revenues, ThinkAnalytics is seeing strong demand for Think360 to predict churn, provide actionable insights, and measure the impact of actions. Building on its two decades of expertise in churn management, ThinkAnalytics’ AI and machine learning delivers a highly accurate predictions of which subscribers will churn and can predict the number of days until a subscriber will cancel their subscription, along with insights about which actions the service provider can take to stop churn before it happens.

“By providing a 360 degree view of video services for discovery, engagement, monetization, we help providers turn customer viewership data into gold. Whether they want to increase engagement to cut churn or deliver on the promise of addressable advertising and FAST, we have the evidence that our data science delivers results,” said Samuel Sweet, CEO of EMEA and Asia Pacific at ThinkAnalytics. “However, with an eye on the future, we believe show attendees will find our approach to expand aggregation beyond video services is going to be popular talking point and a centrepiece of the stand.”



Next-gen news streamer Ticker News will be broadcasting live from the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), powered by TinkerList – the platform for creative television teams. Ticker News anchor and Founder Ahron Young will be hosting live news broadcasts from the TinkerList stand at the IBC during all four days of the convention.

The broadcast will demonstrate the next generation of newsroom content creation, and how it continues to power Ticker News live broadcasts around the world.

Ticker CEO, Ahron Young, commented: “Since IBC was last held, Ticker News has grown into a world news streamer. We’ve been working with our partners at TinkerList to create something incredible – the next-gen of broadcasting production. Before launching Ticker, I worked with numerous high end production systems for newsrooms, so I can safely say our experience with Tinkerlist has been like nothing else. It’s an incredible partnership that continues to evolve.”

The September event will be the first IBC event since 2019, and the TinkerList and Ticker News demonstration will give vendors an up close view of a live news channel production. Ticker’s Ahron Young and Tinkerlist CEO Eric Hauters will be speaking about the future of news and content production to an audience at IBC at 3pm on September 11th.

TinkerList CEO Erik Hauters said: “With TinkerList we built a cloud-based rundown software, which allows productions to automate anything. From talk shows, to quizzes, to sports and… in this case News. Together with Ticker News we developed a very powerful automation module which we will show at IBC. The module allows Ticker News to run a full professional news broadcast without operators. Only one man running the show… the presenter. We believe that Ticker News is exactly the direction news broadcast is moving to; online, on topic, worldwide.”“It was great to have Ticker News as a partner in this progress. Even with the time difference, it was easy to do the full setup remotely. This is consistent with both our company philosophies of working sustainable and agile. We are looking forward to showcasing how the news of the future will look like, together with Ticker News!”


TSL – Stand 10.B41

As broadcasters continue to face more complex workflows, typically pulling in feeds from around the globe, be it for news, sports, entertainment or other live programming, the need for a seamless collaborative remote environment is necessary. Streamlined maintenance and minimized energy consumption has become a priority. With this in mind, TSL highlights its new Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) at IBC 2022.

The new Intelligent PDU’s have increased functionality, offering enhanced levels of power monitoring and management, providing operators extra peace of mind with a more streamlined workflow. In addition, TSL’s updated PDUs help companies meet sustainability goals as the devices can act under instruction to selectively switch off power when not in use, either remotely or onsite, further supporting flexibility and energy and cost savings.

TSL’s new ethernet connected PDUs have been designed to handle up to 32 amps (A) with optional auto-failover/auto supply and lifted the entry level current from 16 to 20, as customers deploy more high-powered equipment. The new design also includes an upgrade from 12 to 14 outputs, each one capable of delivering up to 10A, enabling customers to power more units from one PDU.


TVU Networks – Stand 5.C73

TVU Networks, a market and technology leader in cloud and IP-based live video production technology, will showcase its popular TVU Cloud ecosystem at IBC.

Using fifth generation networks, TVU’s end-to-end solution provides greater bandwidth and resiliency, ultra-low latency, and connectivity with speeds up to 100 times as fast as 4G. Developed with deep insight from news and sports media companies, the ecosystem is a fully cloud-native and customizable platform that’s adapted and evolved to meet the needs of video producers around the world.

“The 5G infrastructure, expanded network capacity and flexible configuration is driving explosive growth in live, immersive, and interactive experiences,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “These ground-breaking applications require a video-over-IP infrastructure with the capability and flexibility to enable them. That’s why TVU has delivered a cloud-native ecosystem of 5G, 4K solutions that integrate smoothly in a microservices-based, building block approach, making it easy and cost-effective to add capabilities as needed.”

The components of the TVU cloud-based ecosystem work together seamlessly in the most challenging network environments. Professional cameras equipped with the TVU One mobile transmitter, as well as mobile devices using the TVU Anywhere app, deliver high-quality, low latency 4K video. The TVU RPS remote production system uses an encoder and decoder to perfectly synchronize the multiple remote sources and send them to the studio, while TVU Producer enables live streaming programs from any of these sources without a studio infrastructure. TVU Partyline brings the whole team together to collaborate in real time via fully synced signals for live production or virtual events – no matter their location. With the TVU Remote Commentator cloud-based platform, announcers can call the action from anywhere with an internet connection. Finally, TVU Channel is a 24/7 solution that combines cloud-based playout, live production, SCTE management, scheduling, server-side ad insertion and CDN into a user-friendly micro application. With an as-run log included in TVU Channel, it’s ideal for FAST (free ad-supported TV) channel playout or for any content creator looking to start a fully ad insertable channel.

In new TVU cloud deployment news, Spanish national public broadcaster Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE) relied on TVU’s cloud-based 4K and 5G solutions for live productions at the Almagro Classical Theater Festival held throughout the month of July in Almagro, Spain.

RTVE deployed the TVU One 5G mobile transmitter, TVU Producer production platform, and TVU Anywhere mobile app for an evening broadcast of Ficción Sonora (Sound Fiction) performed by colleagues from Radio Nacional de España at the Corral de Comedias, using an eight-input HD mix configuration, with one input in TVU Producer used to capture stereo audio. ​​In addition, the team produced a 30-minute, magazine-style program in 4K, capturing the festival atmosphere in Almagro with interviews in different locations around town, including from the Corral.

For the afternoon, magazine-style show RTVE used TVU Producer configured in a 4K cloud workflow, with a PTZ camera in the town hall and three smartphones in locations around Almagro. The production team utilized the TVU Partyline real-time cloud collaboration solution as an IFB channel with crew in the technical area and for communication between the show presenter and contributing journalists.

“We continue to break new ground not only with our products, but also by establishing a growing number of alliances with first class technical partners and customers throughout the world,” said Shen. “Our collaborations with Elgato, RTVE and the many media firms we’re in constant communication with extend the capabilities of our cloud-based ecosystem beyond what we could have imagined just a few years ago.”

TVU Networks will announce details shortly of additional partnerships, including with Blackbird for its cloud-native editing/publishing platform for broadcast, web, and mobile; Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs; and with Avid for its on-premise and cloud-based media production workflows.


UEI – Stand 1.C41

UEI will showcase new sustainability products at IBC 2022.

  • This year´s show features the NEW UEI Eterna Remote Control Platform built around the theme of Sustainability – visit us to see ground-breaking technology on how to build sustainable control solutions with a minimum environmental footprint.
  • Extreme Low Power connectivity solutions: Includes the next generation Bluetooth Smart SoC and which provides up to 10 times longer battery life and up to 2.5 times more computing power. Truly unique is the integrated Energy Harvesting capability which enables the SoC to be powered by indoor light and Wi-Fi signals.
  • High-Density Solar panels: The innovative light harvesting panel captures up to 3 times more energy compared to traditional solar panels and even delivers energy in low light conditions.
  • Advanced TV remote controls: The company will display and demo its unique MVPD remote for Apple TV In addition, UEI will show its newest voice remote control platforms for RDK Accelerate, TiVo, and Android TV. Stars of the show are the new UEI ETERNA remote control that never needs battery replacement, as well as the Award-Winning UEI KITA remote control that is powered by rechargeable batteries to eliminate disposable battery waste. The new UEI platforms will feature QuickSet Cloud, the world’s leading universal control software for home entertainment and smart home devices.
  • Nevo Butler: the Award-Winning far-field voice-enabled, entertainment and smart home control hub that allows you to engage with your advanced video platform as well as other devices in the home without having to pick up your remote control.


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