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Varnish Software – Booth 5.C41

Varnish Software, a leader in caching, streaming and content delivery software solutions, will unveil its road map addressing one of the most important challenges facing video and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) – streaming sustainability – at IBC. This includes presenting its new solutions, product demonstrations and long-term initiatives to help reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs of streaming, caching, and content delivery.

“The annual doubling of connectivity by businesses and consumers has created an urgent need for more energy efficient solutions that still deliver a flawless user experience. Varnish is committed to making streaming more sustainable,” said Ian Vaughan, Senior Manager of Product Marketing. “Our company-wide #WeCanDoBetter initiative offers solutions designed to deliver as much content and the greatest throughput possible for every watt of energy consumed by hardware processes across the Varnish ecosystem.”

For example, Varnish Software recently partnered with Intel Network Builders to develop the next generation of power efficient Content Delivery Network (CDN) systems. This collaboration helped spawn the latest NUMA-aware version of Varnish Enterprise 6, which processes memory access locally for more efficient I/O performance and enables CSPs utilizing Varnish Software to deliver video at over 500Gbps without using expensive and power-hungry accelerators.

Varnish is also partnering with academia on a new project to measure power consumption and CO2 emissions of HTTP servers on which Varnish is deployed.

Varnish Software is a founding member of the Greening of Streaming (GoS) alliance that brings global industry players in government, media and technology together to address the impact of streaming on the environment. The initiative is dedicated to improving power efficiency and long-term sustainability among streaming infrastructure and technology providers.


Velocix – Stand 5.C64

Market-leading video streaming and ad tech supplier Velocix is highlighting its latest SaaS content delivery applications at IBC 2022, including a new CDN Broker product that dynamically routes video streams over public and private CDNs based on configurable business rules.

Designed for multi-CDN applications, CDN Broker combines flexible rules-driven traffic routing and decisioning with in-stream CDN switching to optimise content delivery. With CDN Broker, video service providers can automatically direct traffic to the best fit CDN to minimise costs, manage to quality standards, and lower energy consumption. Rules can be applied based on a variety of content, service, and financial attributes to align streams with specific CDN delivery paths.

Additionally, CDN Broker’s in-stream switching capabilities allow in-progress streams to be redirected to alternate CDNs in the event of an outage, degradation in stream performance, or operator-driven routing adjustment. CDN Broker is compatible with Velocix and other popular CDNs, both private and public.

Jon Anderson, CDN Product Manager at Velocix, said: “Rising interest in hybrid content delivery models has created a need for an open multi-CDN switching platform that can dynamically route, modify, and monitor stream traffic delivered across public and private networks. CDN Broker provides video service providers with a powerful control plane that enables them to safeguard stream quality, reduce delivery expenses, improve flexibility, and maximise business returns.”

Other cloud-native SaaS video applications shown at IBC for the first time include Velocix Recording Manager, which provides streamlined recording orchestration workflows for Cloud DVR, and Velocix Analytics which delivers actionable intelligence about the video streaming platform and the viewing audience.

Additionally, the company will be showcasing its Velocix Open Caching solution, which enables ISPs to monetise their last mile network by carrying over-the-top (OTT) video traffic. This streaming architecture also enables OTT content providers to increase their streaming quality while minimising their delivery costs.

Velocix’s carrier-grade content delivery solutions are designed for live, on-demand, time-shifted video and cloud DVR applications, and they enable operators to rapidly scale-out premium multiscreen video services using cloud and on-premises software to best suit individual business requirements.


Veset – Stand 5.D36

Veset will be showcasing a number of new features in its enterprise cloud playout platform, Veset Nimbus, at this year’s IBC. The new features and functionalities include the introduction of scheduling blocks, support for Adobe After Effects, and the ability to view a weekly programme schedule. Veset Nimbus is an enterprise grade, self-service SaaS application for origination of linear channels using public cloud. In July 2022, Veset announced that in addition to offering a self-service SaaS business model, it would start offering a hosted and managed service to customers. Veset Nimbus has added a few key features to its toolkit: Scheduling BlocksIn order to cater to FAST channel originators who are not used to broadcast scheduling systems, Veset added scheduling blocks capabilities which enable Veset Nimbus users to create and schedule pre-set blocks of events. These blocks can contain primary events that can be played sequentially or randomly every time the block is scheduled. Additionally, if the user changes the original block contents, it will dynamically change all scheduled occurrences of this block in your playlists, thus allowing the user to make bulk changes to many blocks/playlists at once easily. Scheduling Weekly ViewVeset Nimbus’ scheduling and channel management module now includes a weekly view for channels, providing content owners with an overview of the whole broadcast week. This editable view can be used to easily schedule content, enabling programmers to plan playlists, and providing a high-level overview of a whole week’s events. Adobe After Effects IntegrationAdobe After Effects (AE) projects can now be imported natively into Veset Nimbus. This allows Veset Nimbus users to import their Adobe AE projects into the system and schedule them as secondary events (graphics) with dynamic text, images, and videos. The system will then automatically render the graphics and insert them as scheduled into playout output streams. This feature is available in the Veset Nimbus system as a separate module. Other New FeaturesAdditional features and functionalities recently added to the Veset Nimbus platform, include:

  • Ad break duration reporting to ensure compliance with FAST requirements
  • MainConcept HEVC/h.265 encoder support
  • As-run reports now include additional secondary event & live event-related information.
  • ARIB subtitle passthrough added.
  • Added support for non-standard aspect ratio playout outputs (9:16 Mobile-optimised & other custom AR formats).
  • Additional functionality for splitting scheduled primary events (automation for adding ad-breaks/SCTE-35 signalling etc.).

Gatis Gailis, CTO, Veset, commented: “As the media industry continues to advance, many providers are looking for cost-effective management solutions to fulfil their increasingly complex requirements. We are continually looking for ways to improve our cloud playout solutions to ensure content owners are getting the maximum value from us. These latest updates will ensure providers are optimising workflows and delivering the best viewing experience to consumers.”


Viaccess-Orca – Booth 1.A51

At IBC2022, Viaccess-Orca (VO) will highlight how it is working toward providing sustainable technologies that support TV services for the long run. Through its TV platform, featuring the award-winning VO Secure Video Player and advanced capabilities such as Targeted TV Advertising, analytics, and TV monitoring, VO is helping pay-TV operators and content providers offer a personalized TV experience to end users.

At IBC2022, the company will also showcase its content protection and Anti-Piracy Services. VO’s solutions are open, flexible, secure, and can be easily integrated with existing technology ecosystems, empowering operators to quickly adapt to the evolving TV landscape and continuously grow their TV business.

Evolve Your Service With VO’s End-to-End TV Platform At IBC2022, VO will showcase its data-driven, cloud-based TV platform. VO’s service delivery platform, together with content protection and DRM capabilities, a multiplatform player, customizable TV apps, analytics, AI-based targeted TV advertising, monitoring, recommendations, and more, provides operators and service providers with an end-to-end solution for delivering outstanding viewing experiences.

Highlights will include:

  • A unified backend that ensures seamless, cost-effective content, service, and device operations.
  • Targeted TV Advertising that revolutionizes the monetization of first-party usage data. With VO’s solution, service providers can accurately segment audiences and activate the segments by leveraging its partner Equativ’s advertising platform to maximize revenues.
  • End-to-end TV monitoring and analytics, from the user experience to the backend.
  • Multiscreen TVaaS apps that show the VO Secure Video Player on a smartphone, tablet, and STB with live and VOD targeted TV ad insertion.

Protect and Enhance Premium Live Content At IBC2022, VO’s team of experts will demonstrate the company’s innovative security tools for protecting premium content and revenues. Demos will include:

Powerful Anti-Piracy Services: VO’s Anti-Piracy Services are a fully customizable set of security services that includes AI-based dynamic watermarking, monitoring, breach detection, password sharing, and legal investigation into piracy for both live and on-demand content on the web and for IPTV services. With VO’s trusted and proven Anti-Piracy Services, operators can prevent pirates from hacking the content distribution chain from the service delivery platform to the end-user device. This is particularly crucial for live sports content.

Award-Winning Secure Player: VO will also showcase its award-winning Secure Player, a multiplatform media player for premium content, highlighting how it optimizes the delivery of live video content and live sports streaming by supporting:

  • Multiview: Support for multiview allows end users to observe the same event from different camera angles and select the primary view they want to watch for increased viewer engagement. A real-world success story with Orange Immersive Now will be shared at IBC2022.
  • Watch Party: Watch Party enables sports fans to watch live or on-demand sports matches on any screen while simultaneously interacting with a viewer group through video chat for a more engaging and immersive viewing experience over 5G.

Optimize Video Streaming With VO’s Green Solutions
At IBC2022, VO will demonstrate its latest advancements toward a collaborative industry mission of carbon neutrality, including video delivery standardization and optimization, next-gen codecs, and a comparison of unicast and multicast architectures. VO will also share details about its involvement in the NESTED (New vidEo STandards for Enhanced Delivery) project, a united effort to achieve sustainable video streaming over 5G with partners including Orange, Ateme, Enesys Technologies, and Insa.

Live Deployments
At IBC2022, VO will showcase its end-to-end solutions in action through live customer deployments. The demos will highlight how operators can improve viewer engagement and drive new revenue with the TV platform, content discovery and personalization, Secure Video Player, content protection, and TV apps.


VIDA – Stand 2.C24

VIDA Content OS is making its European debut at IBC, stand C24, Hall 2. Demonstrations of the new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform will highlight its full capabilities for streamlining end-to-end media workflows and giving users complete control over their content in a secure, agile and centralized environment.

The VIDA technology exhibit at IBC will showcase the full SaaS ecosystem including Launchpad, the solutions newest application for catalogue & component  ingest and metadata assignment.

“VIDA was designed to lead the industry’s evolution, giving clients a more intuitive place to manage their content operations around today’s workflows and provide a long-term, future-proof library management solution,” said Symon Roue, Managing Director. “The VIDA environment will continue to expand with apps like Launchpad that support speed to market so our customers can monetise their content with more efficiency.”

Designed for maximum security and scalability, VIDA flexes to fit an organisation’s specific business needs, offering a unique, next-gen suite of features and capabilities, including natural language-based clip searching and viewing, unlimited users, as-is library migration, direct distribution to more than 500 broadcast and OTT partners and a user-friendly “shopping cart” functionality to facilitate secure content purchases.  

With an intuitive library interface and multi-cloud backend, users have access to as much storage as needed with the security and searchability required to capitalise on the growing worldwide media demand. For organisations of all sizes, VIDA’s streamlined processes significantly improve ordering velocity, customer service and response times.

VIDA’s vendor-agnostic system integrates seamlessly with content owners’ existing libraries. Through its open API architecture, customers can work directly with any provider. This interoperability gives users greater control over content distribution and clearer visibility into their library assets, helping them optimise archives. The high degree of “self-serve” user functionality built into the system adds to the level of control and efficiency the solution delivers – changing the dynamic between content owners and their customers.

Addressing a Common M&E Challenge

Premiering at IBC, VIDA’s Launchpad application streamlines the often challenging and time-consuming ingest process with a user-friendly application that supports bulk asset ingest and simple metadata assignment.

VIDA further levels the playing field for customers who lack the resources to build their own environment and applications by providing sophisticated tools that support more of the content management process. With Launchpad, the gap from upload to searchability is significantly lower, giving all VIDA clients the ability to manage their library ingest with greater efficiency and success.

VIDA’s Launchpad boasts an intuitive UI for rapid onboarding and a dashboard for easy access to viewing, tracking and ingest status. Additionally, it leverages asset type detection to automate the completion of metadata fields where possible and provides immediate proxy downstream review and approval for quick issue resolution. Using Aspera’s data transfer technology, assets uploaded into Launch are available immediately.


Videosys Broadcast – Stand 11.B05

At IBC 2022, Videosys Broadcast will be exhibiting the latest upgrade to its user-friendly wireless 4K video and camera control system, Epsilon.

Compatible with major manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, GVC, ARRI, Hitachi and Ikegami, Epsilon is an integrated solution that is designed to simplify the installation and operation of regular radio camera systems in all areas of outside broadcast and studio-based production. It is conceptually similar to regular CCU systems supplied by the main camera manufactures, meaning operators tasked with matching multiple camera set ups can do so quickly and effectively because they are already familiar with the connection nomenclature.

Videosys Broadcast will be showcasing the latest Epsilon system now with 12G output, giving operators the option of simplified 12G single cable connectivity. This useful addition can significantly improve workflow, especially when projects are being shot in 4K.

“Epsilon is already a very versatile tool,” says Colin Tomlin, Managing Director of VideoSys Broadcast. “Operators working in an HD environment can still 3G SDI, but for those working in 4G, they now have access to 12G SDI outputs, now commonplace on new equipment.”

Epsilon comprises up to two, dual channel fibre receive slot in modules, RF receiver and decoder options either HD – H264 or H265 up to 4K. Epsilon can operate either single or dual pedestal, improving the data rate while retaining robust RF performance. This is especially important for high quality Light Entertainment productions where there is a requirement for very high picture quality with no increase in latency.

In addition to the 12G SDI upgrade, Videosys Broadcast has also added TSL TallyMan capabilities. This means that operators can utilise the full power of TallyMan’s control system with both tally and UMD data available.

“With its simple touch screen interface and compatibility with our existing camera control systems, Epsilon is ideally suited to both Studio and Outside Broadcast events,” Tomlin adds. “With optional dual head operation, it also offers up to four channel Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) diversity, with unparalleled receive performance.”

Creating products that make life easier for film and television crews has always been Videosys Broadcast’s philosophy. Established over a decade ago, the company is now the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality camera control systems, RF links and camera backs to outside broadcast providers.

At IBC 2022, Videosys Broadcast will also be exhibiting solutions from its comprehensive range, including Film Assist systems, antennas and custom manufacturing.


Vislink – Stand 1.A63

Vislink, a global technology leader in the capture, delivery and management of high quality, live video and associated data in the media & entertainment, law enforcement and defence markets, introduces its new Cliq OFDM Mobile Transmitter at IBC 2022. Vislink and Mobile Viewpoint team members will be onsite on Stand #1.A63 at IBC 2022. Capable of full 4k or transmission of two HD video services, the Cliq OFDM Mobile Transmitter provides broadcasters with an uncontended wireless video network connection to obtain unique and immersive camera views with complete freedom to roam. The transmitter features four stereo pair audio streams in a small form factor. The new transmitter is designed with highest quality 4:2:2, 10-bit HEVC low latency encoding capability and is suitable for HDR broadcasts; LMS-T, ISDB-T, DVB-T/T2 Modulation; RS-422 and CAN camera Control system connectivity and an IP Data Pipe to bring full data connectivity to the edge to deliver features such as camera control or communications to 3rd party devices.  “We are thrilled to share our latest wireless camera solutions with IBC attendees,” says Mickey Miller, Vislink CEO. “The Cliq OFDM Mobile Transmitter offers users the highest quality, low latency video that are essential for Tier 1 live event broadcasts. With its small form-factor design, production teams can really get creative in delivering unique point-of-view camera angles, which engage the viewing audience like no other. Now that we can deliver on our customers’ desire for more cameras in more locations, we are ensuring that they are not bandwidth restricted in their ambition by equipping this product with a HEVC video compression engine for ultimate bandwidth efficiency.”  With its HEVC capability, the Cliq OFDM Mobile Transmitter provides operators with the flexibility to deliver more camera views in their allocated bandwidth or wirelessly capture content over twice the distance compared to older MPEG-4 devices. In addition to support for Tier 1 live events including delivering shots from body-worn cameras, the wireless transmitters can also support a wide variety of applications including onboard vehicles, PoV cameras and drones.


VSN – Booth 8.B73

VSN, a leading provider in media solutions for the broadcast industry, announces that it will be showcasing its range of remote and collaborative working solutions designed to facilitate the full management of media catalogues, from storage to planning to playout – at IBC 2022 in Hall 8, Meeting Rooms MS16 and MS17. VSN will also be present on Booth 8.B73, alongside other companies that have been recently acquired by Aspire Software. On both stands, VSN will demonstrate the evolution of VSNExplorer MAM, with its improved copyright and permissions capabilities for content segments, together with its BMS, VSNCrea, and its extended monetization options.

As a veteran IBC attendee, VSN has decided to alter its approach to IBC 2022, forgoing its usual stand in order to meet with clients and partners on a more intimate basis – in direct response to feedback received over the last two years. This new meeting format will allow VSN to offer more in-depth and tailored demos to both existing and potential clients. VSN will also welcome visitors to drop in the booth that it will share with other companies of Aspire Software, where they will be able to discover all the recent product updates.

The first point of focus for VSN at IBC 2022 will be communicating the advancements they have made in VSNExplorer MAM – stressing particularly the enhanced copyright management abilities developed within the latest release. Whilst search, pre-visualization and management of specific segments within individual assets have been available for some time, these new advances allow for the specific blocking of an element within that asset – with the block adjusting the capacity for editing, distribution or publication based on associated permissions. This allows broadcasters to maintain much tighter and more efficient control of their rights management – for instance, in cases when permissions for a certain sporting event are withdrawn, but said footage from that sporting event has been used in wider news and documentary content stored throughout the broadcaster’s catalogue, which now needs to be eliminated. The flagging of copyright elements within content allows for automated updating of the full catalogue as permissions change, thus providing a far more efficient, comprehensive and reliable way of protecting broadcasters from potential legal/compliance issues.

The second point of focus at IBC 2022 will be improvements made in VSNCrea. This Broadcast Management System (BMS) allows for clear and easy programming of both linear and non-linear content, using an intuitive but highly customisable modular approach which also integrates with other VSN units to facilitate automated coordination across the whole chain.

Responding to increasing need in the market, the content monetization and advertising management aspects of VSNCrea have now been significantly enhanced, with the most notable development being the ability to automate recognition of elements within content – such as brand logos or product mentions. This allows for rate calculation and monetisation options to be applied also to advertising elements inside the content – such as those of commercial graphic insertions or mentions of a brand by a host. The full process of rate calculation becomes automated, thus maximizing the ad revenue that a channel can achieve, whilst minimising the effort associated with regulating it.

Users of VSNCrea are also granted more flexibility than ever in the way they use the software, through the integration of a metadata rules editor (initially introduced within VSNExplorer MAM for NAB 2022). With this, users can edit and manage metadata fields using simple programming language, thus fully customizing the way the BMS can be used according to an organisation’s need or workflow.

In addition, greater levels of automation and streamlined workflows increase the speed and efficiency with which a range of tasks can be achieved. For instance, when scheduling commercials in specific advertising spaces (defined by the user according to a number of criteria), the insertion can automatically be repeated throughout the schedule, with a range of exclusion and inclusion rules available to ensure that advertising is not placed in a way that clashes – for instance, back-to-back advertising of two products in the same market sector.

These additions all contribute to VSN’s ongoing mission to provide holistic, joined-up, end-to-end broadcast solutions, from catalogue through exchange and delivery, incorporating a range of planning and production tools. Their cloud-based and SaaS options democratise access to industry-leading broadcast tools – including VSNExplorer MAM, VSNExplorer PAM and VSNCrea, allowing broadcasters comprehensive and collaborative methods for the management, automation and monetisation of content.

Speaking of their upcoming attendance, Ricardo Q. Denise, Head of Marketing of VSN said: “We are excited about our return to IBC 2022, and hope to use the opportunity of our new meeting-based setup to develop closer working relationships with our clients, both existing and potential. We feel this better reflects our company ethos, which is about maximising the customer-specific focus of our products (through customisation) and providing ongoing technical support, whilst still developing a product that is broad in its capabilities, intuitive and easy to adopt without extensive training”. 


Witbe – Booth 5.D67

At IBC2022, Witbe will be exhibiting its latest technology for automated testing and proactive monitoring, from the company’s popular and redesigned Remote Eye Controller (REC) application to its complete lineup of Witbox products and everything in between. In Amsterdam, Witbe will demonstrate how its technology allows video service providers that rely on streaming video to measure and improve the quality of experience (QoE) their customers receive at home.

“We are thrilled to be back in-person at IBC2022,” said Mathieu Planche, CEO of Witbe. “For over 20 years, our goal has been to use our automated testing and proactive monitoring technology to help video service providers deliver an exceptional QoE for their customers. At IBC2022, we’ll be showcasing how our latest technology completes that mission.”

At IBC2022, Witbe will continue to focus on the many ways the company’s technology can help video streaming companies and digital service providers. Some of the most popular use cases for Witbe’s technology include:

  • Remote Device Access: Teams can remotely access their test devices from anywhere in the world, removing the need for engineers to travel thousands of miles to test specific devices in the field.
  • QA Test Automation: Witbe’s automated testing can run simultaneous tests 24/7 without ever needing a break, allowing quality assurance (QA) teams to cover the endurance, stress, and performance testing that can’t be done manually.
  • Video Service Monitoring: Video operations teams receive real-time alerts whenever their video stream quality dips or gets interrupted. The alerts even include video traces to quickly identify the issue.
  • VOD Asset Checking: Witbe’s technology can help content providers by testing that every asset in their video-on-demand (VOD) library is available and can be watched on any device and platform with all the intended features, including different audio tracks or subtitles.

Witbe Highlights at IBC2022 Will Include:

Control Test Devices from Anywhere
At IBC2022, Witbe will highlight the latest version of its popular REC application. While REC has previously enabled teams to access and control their test devices from anywhere in the world, it did require a computer application. This new version, now running on any modern web browser, bolsters these capabilities by allowing users to control their devices on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more. It also builds on previous versions with improved latency, a stronger search, and native full-screen and picture-in-picture modes.

The Complete Witbox Family Witbe’s Witbox houses the company’s automated testing and monitoring technology in a compact, accessible package that couldn’t be easier to set up. The complete lineup of Witbox products will be on display at IBC2022, which includes the original WitboxOne for video streaming testing, the powerful Witbox+ for large team scalability, and the distinct WitboxNet for web testing.

Witbe Cloud Solutions Witbe will present its lineup of Witbe Cloud products at IBC2022. Witbe Cloud delivers all the power users expect from Witbe’s technology without the need for extra counter or rack space. With Witbe Cloud, companies enjoy dedicated, secure remote access to any physical testing device, deployed wherever needed. With Witbe Cloud OnDemand, users can even rent access to the same testing and monitoring technology for short periods of time.


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