IBC Show Previews C – D

Calrec – Stand 8.F56

Calrec is looking forward to meeting up with customers and partners again at IBC 2021. The broadcast market is rapidly evolving as it rises to the challenges of greater competition and the issues created by Covid. At IBC 2021 Calrec will show a range of solutions that enable broadcasters to meet these challenges, with a focus on remote working, virtualization, remote production and IP.

Calrec Assist

Calrec’s Assist web interface allows operators to mix entire shows from their home or other physical locations. Assist provides comprehensive control for Calrec’s Apollo, Artemis, VP2 virtual production engine and Type R IP core and has been used extensively by many broadcasters to provide remote mixing solutions over the last 18 months.

Assist also provides control for the RP1 Remote Production core, also at IBC. RP1 enables broadcasters to mix live events either on dedicated Calrec hardware or via Assist from a remote facility. This year broadcasters like NBC and the BBC have been able to reduce the number of people they sent to events by using RP1 to mix international sports from studios in Manchester UK and New York. In-ear latency is eradicated by locating RP1’s 2U core at the venue.

Type R and Brio consoles

Calrec’s modular Type R and Brio consoles have also both provided remote working capabilities in the last 18 months.

Type R is an expandable and flexible IP mixing system for small TV and radio stations that uses soft panels to meet specific operator needs. Its three hardware panels can create a variety of system types. It uses Assist to mix in the cloud and it provides facilities for up to three independent mixers to hang off one system core.

Calrec’s rugged and compact Brio Duet and Brio Medley consoles come fully loaded with dynamics and delay on every path and include a huge internal router, multiple monitor outputs and comprehensive built-in I/O.

Apollo, Artemis, ImPulse Core and H2-IP Gateway

Calrec will also show the flagship Apollo console and the Artemis console on an ImPulse core. ImPulse is the most powerful audio processing and routing engine available with SMPTE 2110 connectivity. It is compatible with current Apollo and Artemis control surfaces to provide a simple upgrade path to IP and provides 3D immersive path widths and panning for next-generation audio applications.

The Apollo and Artemis will be networked via Calrec’s H2-IP Gateway, which expands the range of AoIP solutions from Calrec by providing an interface between Calrec’s proprietary Hydra2 network and an AoIP network. It enables audio labels and control data to be passed between both networks to give Hydra2 users the ability to control Calrec AoIP inputs and vice versa. This gives Calrec customers an easy upgrade path and allows them to upgrade to IP at their own pace.

“We’re thrilled to be able to meet our customers and partners again and we’re excited to tell them what we’ve been up to,” says Calrec VP of Sales Dave Letson. “Since IBC 2019, broadcasters have new problems to solve and Calrec has been working hard through continued investment in R&D, and that’s enabled us to evolve our solutions to help our customers face these challenges. These flexible ways of working are now part of our landscape and are part of network designs from the outset.”


Caton Technology – Stand 1.B61

Caton Technology, a pioneer in next-generation IP network transport solutions has announced that it will highlight multiple new and flagship solutions at IBC 2021. Leading the company’s presence at the show will be the CatonNet Video Platform (CVP), which provides broadcast-grade media transmission services with a profile in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Major content creators, broadcasters, satellite operators and service providers are among the users of CVP, which provides a fully managed IP network employing Caton Transport Protocols for highly resilient and secure connectivity. Designed to ensure exceptional real-time transport of high-quality video and data even under the strictest service level agreements, CVP gives customers the ability to deliver video to subscribers locally, regionally and globally while benefiting from significant cost savings compared to traditional network services. The low latency, high-security service is also designed for maximum flexibility, ranging from occasional usage to end-to-end networks with long-term contracts and managed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) up to 99.999%.

A foundational element of the CVP service, the Caton Transport Protocols (CTP), will also be showcased at IBC 2021. Developed from the previous CatonEngine, CTP comprises a series of IP transmission technologies developed to ensure stability, quality and security for video, media and other data transmissions, CTP utilises more than 30 in-built algorithms and deep learning approaches to smooth and mitigate network challenges. Patented dynamic error corrections to recover from data loss are another headline benefit of CTP, which is an ideal technology for live streaming of high value content where quality, security and real connections are paramount. Beyond video CTP is also finding favour with enterprises and services providers for fast file/data transfer.

Caton Technology will also be inviting visitors to find out more about partner service ArkHub, which offers a low-cost cloud storage service with secure, durable and flexible storage for data backup and archiving. Feature-rich and powered by Cydex – an industry-leading technology for secure fast access anywhere in the world – ArkHub has a uniquely simplified pricing model that allows users to store data at a monthly storage cost with no additional charges for ingress or egress, no early deletion/embargo fees, and no region fees. There is no discrimination between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ data, whilst ArkHub Web Connect enables improved workflow efficiency by archiving and transferring data files simultaneously.

Further underlining the range of its current solutions, Caton Technology will also showcase two encoder/decoder products: Caton Prime, which is designed for 4K production, and Caton Live, which is geared towards HD. Both devices have the ability to switch between encode and decode functionality, making them ideal for remote production of live events and other production scenarios where space and workflow efficiency are critical. In addition, Caton Live is suitable for non-broadcast applications such as conferencing due to its small form-factor and low cost.

During IBC, Caton will also demonstrate the benefits of its mobile device applications: Caton Publisher, which enables users to transmit high-quality live streams with full resolution support for 720p, 1080p and 2160p, and supports industry standards including HEVC and 4K. Caton Player, is available to download from the App Store and enables high-quality viewing of streamed content in SD, HD or 4K.


Clear.Com – Stand 10.D29

Clear-Com will be returning to IBC this year. Clear-Com will be bringing their latest product releases – Arcadia Central Station, FreeSpeak Edge Base Station and Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client, as well as their other trusted broadcast solutions.

“We couldn’t be happier to be back in Amsterdam for this flagship show,” said Chris Willis, VP of Sales. “During the world’s hiatus from in-person shows, Clear-Com has developed several new products that we are eager to share with our partners, customers and end-users, face-to-face.” 

Featured on the stand will be the new, award-winning Arcadia Central Station, a scalable IP platform that integrates wired and digital wireless partyline systems along with third-party Dante devices in a single rack unit. Arcadia was designed for a broad range of applications, including OB production vans, broadcast studios and wide-area campus broadcast. In short, it is an ideal fit for customers who are looking to integrate their wired and wireless solutions into a single, seamless system. The system scales to meet varying production needs, offering a base-level of 32 IP ports which can be expanded to up to 96 IP ports as needed. 

Also on the stand will be the FreeSpeak Edge Base Station, an IP base station that supports the full range of FreeSpeak digital wireless intercom solutions including 1.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, as well as third-party Dante devices. Designed for quick deployment, users can be up and running with a transceiver and two beltpacks in less than 5 minutes. Other user-friendly features include a default system set-up right out of the box, the ability to add transceivers on the fly from the front panel, and to add beltpacks via USB. All these features result in a system that is ideally suited for live broadcast.

The Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client will complete the range of new products being featured on the stand. Station-IC was born out of the success of the Agent-IC mobile app and brings the same intuitive UI to any Windows or MacOS user desktop. Connecting to Eclipse HX IP-capable matrices or LQ Series IP Interfaces, Station-IC can extend communications access to any remote location, quickly and easily, and is ideally suited for scenarios where key contributors of a production are required to remote-in to the main broadcast facility.  

Existing solutions that will be at the show include Eclipse HX Digital Matrix with the E-IPA interface card for IP connectivity, V-Series Iris Panels with built-in IP connectivity for Eclipse HX, and the Agent-IC Mobile App, with fully-featured intercom capabilities when core users are required to be away on remote location.   

The newly updated Trilogy Mentor RG and CX system, now with dual gigabit network ports for improved network connectivity, will also be featured on the stand. The Trilogy Mentor system generates synchronized video, audio and timecode signals for broadcast and other mission critical system purposes to an extremely accurate time signature.

“Since our last time exhibiting at IBC, we have grown our already extensive set of intercom solutions for broadcast productions, and we are excited to showcase our developments at this convention, in-person. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to IBC 2021,” concludes Chris.


CryptoGuard – Stand 1.F24

CryptoGuard was founded 2007 in Motala, Sweden. Our solutions have been deployed in 60+ countries worldwide. CryptoGuard is well positioned with sales offices on three continents and with an extensive partner ecosystem.

Visit our stand at IBC and discover our cost-effective and scalable OTT/IPTV solution, ideal for any size operator to deploy OTT services. You will also learn more about our CAS/DRM Pay-TV content protection for any platform DVB, IPTV, OTT and hybrid solutions.


Densitron – Stand 8.C94

Densitron, the global leader in innovative Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and display technology, has announced that it will showcase solutions including its latest UReady universal control surfaces and the IDS (Intelligent Display System) platform at IBC 2021, which is scheduled for December 3-6 at the RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam. The first IBC show to take place for more than 18 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moving for this edition from its regular September dates to December, the IBC 2021 show will provide an opportunity for Densitron to highlight the full extent of its innovation during the past few years. The IDS platform remains the cornerstone of the company’s range and continues to expand its reach in broadcast and media applications where powerful display control and ease of integration are essential requirements. But Densitron has also been extending its lines of control surfaces and IDS device drivers, and its latest developments in both product areas will be presented at IBC.

Specific products on the Densitron stand will include the 1- and 3-row versions of the popular UReady 2RU universal control surface. Featuring a total of 18 and 54 buttons respectively, the new variations benefit from full Ethernet connectivity as well as Densitron’s X86 CPU architecture and an Intel Premium Processor N Series (N2400) with 1.1 GHz and 4GB RAM. Also on display from the UReady range will be a version of the 2RU universal control surface with an embedded ARM processor and the 4RU 19” rackmount ready TFT display with capacitive touch.

IBC visitors will be able to find out more about the Tactila family of tactile objects – which includes the Tactila Development Kit for the creation of custom control surfaces.

Simon Jones, CEO of Densitron, comments: “It’s been a long and difficult couple of years for everyone in the broadcast world, not least as we have been unable to meet up with our customers, partners and friends at the major trade shows which punctuate the regular industry calendar. It’s wonderful news that IBC is to go ahead this December. We look forward to presenting our latest innovations in control and display solutions, and keenly anticipate meeting with both existing and potential new customers. See you in Amsterdam!”


Digital Nirvana – Stand 7.A08

At IBC2021, Digital Nirvana will feature solutions that transform and streamline broadcast captioning and metadata generation for today’s media companies. The company will demonstrate game-changing capabilities of its Trance cloud-based transcription, captioning, and translation workflow, and highlight the newest updates to MetadataIQ, its SaaS-based metadata-generation platform, and MonitorIQ, an AI-driven compliance logging and monitoring tool.

Digital Nirvana Products at IBC2021

MonitorIQ 8.0

MonitorIQ 8.0 is the newest version of Digital Nirvana’s AI-driven compliance logging and monitoring tool that integrates with its Media Services Portal. MonitorIQ allows operators to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content quickly and efficiently. Users can view live or recorded content across hundreds of channels from desktop and mobile devices in any remote location worldwide for instant recall of proof of performance, compliance, or ad placement. Natively recording content from any point in the video delivery chain, from distribution (SDI) to consumption (OTT and STB), MonitorIQ enables broadcasters to collect and use knowledge about their broadcast content to meet a wide range of regulatory and compliance requirements.

Digital Nirvana Trance — Cloud-Based Captioning and Text Localization

Trance is an easy-to-use, web-based application for the automated generation of transcripts, closed captions/subtitles, and translations for content localization. Advanced speech-to-text engines create highly accurate text transcripts of audio and video content. The powerful Trance user interface allows users to navigate, edit, and export caption files easily in all industry-recognized formats.

Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) along with custom preset capabilities ensure captions conform with style guidelines from various delivery platforms. Trance also provides automated translations in more than 100 different languages. Translated and original captions are presented side-by-side in the Trance user interface for easy editing and verification.

Digital Nirvana MetadataIQ — Metadata-Generation Platform

MetadataIQ is a SaaS-based offering from Digital Nirvana that automates the generation of speech-to-text and video intelligence metadata, increasing the efficiency of production, preproduction, and live content creation services for Avid PAM/MAM users.

The system provides metadata enrichment of Avid assets by applying machine learning and AI to create transcripts of video content. MetadataIQ automates the entire process of metadata generation, including transferring video assets from Avid and ingesting the metadata as markers along with the asset. The 100% automated generation and ingestion of relevant metadata as locators into Avid helps editors identify relevant content accurately, saving time and effort.

Closed Captioning Services
Digital Nirvana’s Closed Captioning services are purpose-built for media and entertainment operators, leveraging the power of AI with no upfront capital expense or in-house expertise required. The adaptive technology design handles all industry standards, while its open API architecture makes integration with existing workflows seamless and easy.

Digital Nirvana’s highly reliable, accurate and cost-effective Closed Captioning services include pop-on services for all technology platforms with automated production workflows. This makes submission of job requests, uploading of media files, and receiving caption files easier. Processed by some of the most experienced captioning professionals in the industry, Digital Nirvana’s Captioning services support a wide range of caption file and video formats.

“What we hear from the broadcast community is that automation and efficiency are key for today’s workflows. We look forward to sharing with IBC attendees how MetadataIQ can simplify and automate metadata generation, and how Trance can create and export caption files with amazing accuracy using automatic AI-based formatting,” said Hiren Hindocha, CEO of Digital Nirvana


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