IBC Exhibitors L – M

Stand 3.B62

LiveU is driving the live video revolution, providing live video streaming for TV, mobile, online and social media.

NEW LU600 HEVC Solution

For the first time at IBC – and continuing from the success at NAB – LiveU will demonstrate its award-winning LU600 portable transmission solution with the HEVC Pro card.

Integrating the LU600 with the new 4K HEVC/H.265 hardware-based encoder allows professional broadcasters and content creators to benefit from unparalleled video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency.

Reaching new levels of excellence, the LU600 delivers the highest video quality and bitrate in the market, and is set to offer the fastest file transfer, lowest delay and a high-speed bonded Internet connection.

NEW At-Home Remote Production & Live Studio with BeTerrific.tv

Following NAB, LiveU will feature its new at-home remote production solution

enabling an exclusive live studio in collaboration with BeTerrific.tv, led by CEO, five-time Emmy Award-winning Michael Artsis.

LiveU’s complete wireless at-home production solution enables broadcasters to reduce costs by producing live shows from a centralised studio control room instead of on-site production and satellite trucks – leveraging their existing technical infrastructure and equipment.

LiveU’s IBC studio set will consist of three cameras to capture live interviews with special guests talking about the latest technology disrupting our industry and how this impacts their business. In addition, there will be two roaming cameras where hosts will interview different exhibitors and showcase their products. Each of these five cameras will be connected to LiveU’s LU600 HEVC units. The live feeds will transmit back to the BeTerrific production studio in New Jersey where they will control the production remotely, switching between feeds, and producing the show in real-time.

LiveU will also feature original programming streamed straight to Facebook Live including a daily interactive show where Michael will take questions from the home audience. One segment will be all about how the show is being produced and behind the scenes information.

LiveU Solo

LiveU will also showcase its high-quality, plug-and-play live streaming device for the online media market, LiveU Solo, built on LiveU’s proven bonding technology.

Solo is the streaming solution of choice for major online media companies and affordable and easy enough for anyone to use. Solo allows users to live-stream seamlessly directly to Facebook Live, Twitter, YouTube Live and other popular social media and online video providers. Solo is simple to manage and control remotely via a web interface or smart device.

At IBC, we will be presenting our Solo cloud production suite of services for cloud graphics insertion providing customers with the ability to send a stream and blend graphics in real-time in the cloud.


Stand 14.N20

Magine is a global service for streaming platforms and OTT solutions that began operations in Sweden in 2012. Magine as a company incorporates three operational divisions: MCG, MDM and MMI. Their consumer services, launched in 2013, are part of the Magine Consumer Group (MCG) and are available today in Germany and Scandinavia. In 2016, the B2B division Magine Digital Media (MDM) was launched with customers in Europe, China, the Middle East and Africa. MDM enables partners operating globally to build thriving OTT businesses with live TV and Video-On-Demand platforms.

They offer scalable, individual out-of-the-box models to infrastructure operators, platform operators and content providers – from the technical platform to fully managed end-to-end OTT solutions. Magine Media Invest (MMI) invests in new program content and concepts based on streamed video. Current holdings include an SVOD service for the best documentaries, as well as an SVOD service for the Spanish-speaking world.


Stand 7.Jo7

Mediaproxy, a provider of software-based broadcast and IP video solutions will be demonstrating its next generation of multi-viewing and incident management solutions at IBC 2017. The flexible LogServer software suite includes a comprehensive toolset of applications for both desktop PCs and mobile devices, enabling broadcast monitoring, analysis and compliance all from one place.

At IBC, Mediaproxy will highlight its innovative software approach to modern multi-viewers by bringing interactivity to traditionally static environments. Empowering users, Monwall provides real-time interaction and customization of individual layouts to assist with isolating transmission events from any standard desktop PC and enabling rapid resolution of on-air incidents.

Monwall multi-viewer panels can be flexibly and instantly set up on demand for different types of workflows. Data and video panels can be dynamically adapted to cater for changing inputs including traditional broadcast sources and OTT streams.

“Whilst displays with static layouts and configurations have their place for presentation and transmission monitoring, being able to adapt quickly to changing workflows requires engineers and operators to become more agile,” said Erik Otto, CEO of Mediaproxy. “Increasing interactivity and flexibility is defining the next generation of multi-viewing and incident management exemplified by our software-based approach to broadcast and IP monitoring.”

Mediaproxy’s dedicated metadata panels can cover as much TS and OTT detail as necessary from anywhere across a content supply and delivery chain to ensure full compliancy and high-quality of service. Real-time visualization can include TS sections, ETR290 ASI priority events, OTT streams, closed captions, DVB subtitles, digital program insertion triggers and loudness. With Mediaproxy’s TSAnalyser software, section tree menus provide analysis of entire transport stream tables including identifiers and bandwidth usage.

For capturing and recording content for logging and compliance, Logserver covers a full range of input standards including DVB, ATSC, RTMP, HLS, Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH, SDI, IP, and SMPTE 2022-6. Supported television formats include SD, HD, and 4K UHD. LogServer can be accessed from any browser via an HTML-5 client interface for content search, playback, reporting of incidents, SCTE-104/35/DTMF triggers, and TS events. For OTT, Mediaproxy software provides real-time evaluation of encoder outputs against local edge streams across all profiles to ensure CDN service level agreements are met.

The Aircheck mobile app is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and allows for real-time broadcast stream monitoring on iOS and Android devices. Showcased at IBC 2017, Aircheck also now includes a mobile multi-viewer. Aircheck offers broadcast engineers and executives access to master control functions from anywhere.


Boot 12.G71

Matthews Studio Equipment, known for innovative camera and lighting support for the entertainment industry will introduce the ROVER at IBC 2017 Booth 12-G71. The rapidly improving resolution and sensitivity of today’s smartphones is propelling them towards becoming a ubiquitous alternative for cinematography. That process took a step closer with the new ROVER smartphone camera cage.

“Whether you’re a YouTube creator, mobile journalist or aspiring cinematographer, the challenge is in how to get a smartphone to behave more like a professional style camera rig.” said Bill Hines, creator of ROVER. “We aimed for a minimalist design that is strong and comfortable yet versatile enough to work with most smartphones, lenses, microphones, lights and other accessories.”  

The ROVER was conceived to provide a comfortable ergonomic position, so that hands and arms stay relaxed and the camera movement remains smooth and steady. Integrated dual handles connect to the unique Perfect Friction mounts that instantly adjust to any point of 360-degree rotation without additional tension adjustment or locks.  This one-of-a-kind design also allows the handles to become a natural extension of the body; and they double as easel arms, perfect for low angle shooting, table-top viewing and editing.

Every detail of the Rover has been designed to provide a professional level of performance. To ensure flexibility, Rover was designed with 16 Points of Freedom which are industry standard ¼-20 screw mounts for customizing and accessorizing the rig for any situation. Combined with MSE’s MicroGrip hardware it can be mounted to rails, windows, trees, cars; almost anywhere. With Rover’s strength, comfort and versatility, the smartphone is now ready for an upgrade to professional.


Stand 11.D40

MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions will address the growing need for higher signal density, format flexibility and operational versatility in a fiber transport frame with the VF-9000, a compact 1RU solution available in 18- and 36-channel versions to be introduced at IBC 2017.

The higher signal density is immediately impressive for customers working in ENG, sports production and other applications with high channel counts. Users can support up to 36 video signal conversions across HD, 3Gb/s and 12G from one unit, with automatic configuration of all inputs and outputs based on several parameters. For example, in dual-transmit mode, each front-panel optical module (SFP) immediately converts the two corresponding BNC copper connections on the back panel to video inputs. In dual-receiver mode, the corresponding BNCs automatically convert to video outputs. Transceiver SFPs are also supported for maximum operational flexibility.

From there, users can mix any combination of optical and copper connections to achieve the desired balance of inputs and outputs. The VF-9000 automatically recognizes the SFP module connections, and transitions to the proper configuration upon coming online. A robust multiplexer feature effortlessly combines 18 signals over one single-mode fibre for efficient, high-density signal transport.

And unlike similar fiber transport frames, users aren’t strictly limited to video: VF-9000 systems can easily mix in audio, Ethernet, reference and other data signals based on specifications at the time of order, with plans to enable hot-swappable functionality for any card and SFP in future releases. Likewise, the VF-9000 strengthens operational versatility by enabling signal regeneration and wavelength shifting within the same frame. A web-based GUI ensures visibility of signal health and conversion status across all inputs and outputs, as well as internal parts such as fans and power supplies.

The VF-9000 also differentiates itself from competitive systems by offering two hot- swappable AC power supplies to establish redundancy, eliminating the need to fiddle with external power supplies in fast-paced live production environments.

“The VF-9000 comes to market to fill a void in bulk signal transport between mobile production trucks, studios, venues and other facilities,” said Frank Jachetta, president, MultiDyne. “It is a very simple yet intuitive system for brute-force signal trunking and transport, with the versatility to handle almost any mix of signals the user can dream of. And its intrinsic scalability as a frame means it can become part of a larger fiber transport system as needed, such as with our FiberNet solution. MultiDyne continues to innovate new solutions that remove virtually any limitations of fiber transport.”


Stand 1.B24

In today’s broadcast and online video environments, competition is fierce. In order to be successful, content providers need to launch new services faster, at a lower cost, and with more advanced features than their competitors.

At IBC2017, MX1 will demonstrate the latest enhancements for its MX1 360 media services platform, which streamlines content management and distribution by handling every step of the workflow chain via a combination of cloud technology and on-premises infrastructure. During the show, MX1 will announce several big-name customer deployments for its MX1 360 media services platform.

Key Technology Demos

MX1 360 End-to-End, Cloud-Based Media Service Platform

MX1 360 will be showcased at IBC2017 to highlight how broadcasters and other content providers can simplify content preparation, packaging, management, validation, playout, and OTT multiscreen delivery. Several new features will be shown that simplify global video distribution. Powered by hybrid cloud and on-premise software and infrastructure, MX1 360 enables users to reach a wider audience, better monetise media and video assets, and deliver a superior viewing experience.

MX1 360 has been widely deployed by global broadcasters, TV channels, content and rights holders, sports organisations, TV service providers, and distributors. The platform can be used as part of a fully managed service or self-serve model for ultimate flexibility. Through MX1 360, content providers can access, monitor, and interact with their content virtually from anywhere in the world. This functionality is critical as content providers look to expand their brand globally and increase revenues streams.