IBC Exhibitors R – S


Stand 1.D69

At IBC 2018 ruwido will demonstrate its ‘convenient home’ solution to give consumers control over their technology.

Based on ruwido’s award-winning TICTACTILE. system, its new convenient home solution is designed to give users control over their devices using the same intuitive interaction mechanisms they use to interact with the TV. By designing a solution with consistent interaction and design, ruwido has created a seamless experience for the user that will appear to both the visual tactile senses while at the same time regulating automated interaction between machines so they can be secure in the home.

With a transparent display with the same pattern structure as the TICTACTILE. system, ruwido’s convenient home solution enables users to easily navigate the interface wherever they are in the home. And when returning to the TV which, according to ruwido’s extensive consumer research has become the virtual campfire for the modern family, users will be able to find their favorite shows using the same interaction methods.

At the IBC conference Regina Bernhaupt, head of scientific research, is also looking at the future of personalization and media consumption, and will be chairing a session on Saturday, September 15 at IBC from 4:15-5:30pm in E102.

“IBC is an opportunity for ruwido to demonstrate the importance of the convenient home where the user is in control, not the technology,” says Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido. “While the TV and living room has become the campfire for the modern family, technology innovation means there are now an unprecedented number of devices that can be controlled in the home, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially with ambient voice recognition services.”

“The home should be a safe cocoon for the family, not somewhere that can be potentially insecure with machines controlling interactions. By giving user back that control, ruwido has developed a unique, adaptable and premium service that will enable our operator customers to offer quality propositions to consumers.”


Shotoku Broadcast Systems
Stand 12.E42

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, the well-established international manufacturer of advanced Robotic and Manual camera support and AR/VR tracking systems is maintaining its leadership role in the industry by bringing a mix of traditional favorites,  products upgraded with technology-rich features and a new manual tripod series to IBC 2018.

Highlights of the line-up in Stand 12.E42 will include SmartPed, the world’s most advanced fully robotic pedestal; SmartRail, Shotoku’s popular rail based system; an upgraded TR-XT remote camera control system with an enhanced External Control Automation Interface (ECI); Free-d2 absolute tracking system; and the introduction of the Company’s SD and SE Manual Tripod Series.


Stand 8.B40

On its booth at IBC 2018,  slomo.tv, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance server-based video recording and replay systems, will introduce a complete integrated video assistant referee (VAR) system based on the latest generation of its videoReferee FC. The system, which has been used for many years across sports such as ice hockey, basketball and handball has now been adapted to accommodate soccer’s recently introduced FIFA obligatory requirements.

Designated videoReferee FC, the compact 4U video server records up to 24 3G/HD channels and has four graphics outputs. It has a separate multi-viewer for all channels capable of displaying live and delayed video. 

The system provides two fully functional and independent work places working with live, delayed for 2 seconds or recorded video.  Using the system, sports referees can analyze in-play action frame-by-frame, simultaneously viewing the action from several different camera angles.

Video inputs can be displayed from a single camera, in Quad view (four cameras) or in multi-viewer format for off-site situations. Also, it is possible to quickly perform and prepare analysis of an on-pitch incident at the assistant’s work place (AVAR) and transfer it to the main on-pitch (VAR) system for referees to review during the match.

The videoReferee based VAR system setup includes:
  Touch-screen monitors.
  Interfaces for integration with Vokkero Intercom system.
  Back-lit red and green buttons for simple event marking and controlling intercom with the referee on the field.
  vR-Keypad, which enables the assistant to intuitively mark and label in-play incidents for subsequent or immediate search.
  SDI output for integration within a stadium’s broadcast network.

“As we witnessed at the recent FIFA World Cup Finals, VAR technology can revolutionize live sports, taking a lot of pressure from the referees who operate in extremely stressful environments,” commented Michael Gilman, CEO of slomo.tv. “Our new version of videoReferee is already creating interest in the world of soccer and we believe it will interest numerous other sports administrators and broadcasters.”


Stand 8.A59

The upcoming IBC2018 exhibition will provide the backdrop for the European debut of new audio transcription features in the SGrecast live stream repurposing, rebroadcasting and podcast management system from streaming solutions pioneer StreamGuys. Powered by the patented enCaption4 cloud-based, automated captioning technology from ENCO, the new capabilities enable fast, effortless generation of exceptionally accurate transcriptions and captions from recordings and uploaded files. StreamGuys will co-exhibit with ENCO in stand 8.A59 at the show.

The SaaS-based SGrecast offers broadcasters a comprehensive platform for recording live streams and transforming them into revenue-expanding side channels and podcasts. The new enhancements enable users to automatically generate transcriptions of new or existing recordings, and to caption pre-recorded, archived files for web and mobile streaming. The resulting captions can be exported as SRT, WebVTT or JSON files, while complete transcripts can be saved for later use.

SGrecast’s new transcription abilities bring benefits to both content producers and their audiences. The cloud-based solution’s highly-granular search functionality can leverage the transcripts and captions to help operators find exactly the content they need in just seconds. Search precision is further empowered by enCaption4’s remarkably high accuracy, made possible by ENCO’s deep neural network approach to voice recognition. Individual speakers can also be identified and labelled to enhance subsequent searching. Content providers can effortlessly publish feature-rich media players with captions, bolstering accessibility for hearing-impaired viewers while also supporting multi-lingual applications.

SGrecast’s enCaption-powered speech-to-text capabilities further deepen StreamGuys’ already-extensive portfolio of podcast production, monetization and management tools. In addition to the SGrecast platform, StreamGuys offers podcast hosting, dynamic advertising insertion and a robust, cloud-based delivery infrastructure that together form an end-to-end podcasting system spanning content creation through distribution.

StreamGuys director of technology Eduardo Martinez will also share insights and expertise with IBC conference-goers in the session “Power of the podcast: How to reach new audiences through audio,” taking place Friday, September 14 from 2:45pm to 3:30pm CEST. Eduardo will join expert co-panelists from The New York Times and ITV in exploring the latest podcasting business models and monetization opportunities.

“The new automated transcription capabilities continue SGrecast’s hallmarks of enabling customers to unlock the full potential of their podcast content while minimizing manual effort and costs,” said Martinez. “ENCO’s enCaption4 engine ensures that transcripts and captions are created with exceptional speed and accuracy, and combines with the robust content management and search features of SGrecast to help customers find and repurpose content with captions faster and more easily than ever before.”

The integration of SGrecast and enCaption4 is the latest step in the strong partnership between StreamGuys and ENCO, which aims to seamlessly bring together streaming and automation workflows for the production and delivery of TV and radio programming including Visual Radio. StreamGuys multi-format encoding services help broadcasters deliver ENCO-driven program content to web, mobile and OTT devices, while SGrecast lets operators easily convert live streams into podcasts and launch new streams within ENCO’s DAD (radio), MOM (TV) or Visual Radio systems.