IBC Exhibitors V – W


Booth 7.C11

Verizon Digital Media Services will feature its award-winning Smartplay by Verizon technology, a first-of-its-kind, one-to-one session-management system that enables content owners to realize greater insights and create more effective monetization strategies for their content. The company will also highlight the Volicon Media Intelligence service, which records and stores broadcast content across multiple interfaces and has been updated to include the proprietary Slicer application from Verizon Digital Media Services, further simplifying creation, delivery and monitoring of OTT content.

Smartplay by Verizon

Launched in spring 2017, the award-winning Smartplay by Verizon technology from Verizon Digital Media Services allows content owners to have a direct, one-to-one relationship with every viewer and, in turn, grow smarter about delivering personalized viewing experiences.

At IBC2017, Verizon Digital Media Services will highlight how this technology offers its customers smarter delivery, insights, advertising, programming, discovery and protection by generating dynamic manifests for each and every user. Eliminating the complex systems and poor visibility associated with reliance on loosely stitched together supply chain providers, Smartplay by Verizon also eliminates additional costs and delays in preparing content for different platforms and monetization strategies. As a result, this service makes it easier and more economical than ever for content providers to launch and operate successful OTT services while still maintaining exceptional quality of service.

Volicon Media Intelligence Service

The Volicon Media Intelligence service enables broadcasters to use industry-leading video capture, archive, compliance monitoring and automated clip-creation technology to bring high-quality content to viewers quickly via OTT-based delivery.

At IBC2017, Verizon Digital Media Services will demonstrate how this service unites digital media transformation workflows from the worlds of traditional broadcasting and OTT delivery, in turn reducing the cost and complexity of multiplatform delivery.

Deployed at more than a thousand broadcast locations worldwide, the Volicon Media Intelligence service records broadcast content across interfaces — including SDI, transport stream and analog — for purposes of monitoring, compliance and review. Integration of the service with the Slicer application, part of the Uplynk Video Streaming service, puts industry-leading compliance, monitoring and OTT delivery in a single footprint within a broadcaster’s facility. Activated as quickly and easily as flipping a switch, the Slicer application gives broadcasters the ability to ingest video, encode it into multiple bit-rate profiles, encrypt it, and distribute it via OTT or video-on-demand services, as well as through web and social media sharing platforms.


Booth 5.A59

Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services around the globe, will underscore how its experience in IP- and software-based security has been extended to protect and monetize next-generation services at IBC 2017. The company is showcasing new innovations that elevate its comprehensive approach to revenue security by opening new opportunities via the cloud for operators to effectively optimize revenue security and improve their service competitiveness.

In addition to providing fully managed, cloud-hosted alternatives for Verspective, MultiRights OTT Plus and Video Content Authority System (VCAS) solutions with the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, the Company is marking its official entrance into the internet of things (IoT) space with the launch of Vtegrity, a brand-new cloud-based solution that offers an advanced security regime for connected devices and IoT applications throughout their lifecycle.

Verimatrix will also illustrate how flexible software-centric security architectures can help progressive operators simplify the realities of a complex, multi-network, multi-device, multi-DRM environment. Executives will highlight the Verimatrix role in revenue enablement and protection across major industry trends, including high-integrity video analytics, premium ultra HD (UHD) deployments, app enablement for over-the-top (OTT) video and more. Interactive demonstrations will showcase the following solutions:

  • Verspective – an extensible suite of offerings designed from the ground up to emphasize data security and integrity as a foundation for actionable intelligence. Following its recent acquisition of client device data collection technology from Genius Digital, Verimatrix will introduce Verspective RT, a new approach to maintaining quality of experience (QoE)
  • StreamMark – the server-side forensic watermarking solution has recently been extended to include adaptive bitrate (ABR) and HTTP live streaming (HLS) to enable early release windows and other premium content business models
  • MultiRights OTT Plus – the recently-launched complete multi-screen and multi-DRM solution for premium content security and monetization also encompasses the capabilities of Verspective Operator Analytics and StreamMark and VideoMark forensic watermarking solutions to ensure a completely transparent subscriber experience
  • VCAS Ultra – the latest generation VCAS architecture provides solution profiles for broadcast, hybrid, OTT and multi-DRM deployments, offering a future-proof way to help video service providers secure and enhance their business

Verimatrix is also supporting these key industry events in coordination with IBC:

  • 15th Annual CSI Awards Ceremony – Fri. 15 Sept. at 18:00 hrs in room E102 at the RAI.
    Verimatrix has been shortlisted in two categories for its Verspective Operator Analytics and MultiRights OTT Plus. Winners will be announced at the ceremony.
  • 4K 4Charity Fun Run – Sat. 16 Sept. at 7:30 hrs at Amstelpark.
    Team Verimatrix is proud to be continuing its support of this annual event that will benefit global charitable organization Heifer International and local Amsterdam charity Stichting NewTechKids.

This year’s booth will have a new design to visually represent “The Future of Connected Security,” a new brand promotional program that speaks directly to the emerging landscape in which connect-ed devices of all types are central in solutions to new technical and business challenges.


Stand 10.A16

Videlio, a European systems integrator with operations in France, the UK, the Middle East and Africa, will be exhibiting on stand A16 in Hall 10 at IBC this year. “This 2017 edition will be the opportunity to share the lessons we have learned from deploying the first fleet of IP trucks for Arena in the UK and migrating Canal Factory infrastructure from SDI to IP in France,” explains Vincent Loré, CEO of Videlio Media. “We will also be showcasing our newest designs for OBs and studio complexes. These are obviously IP-based but more importantly they are SMPTE-2110 ready.”

HDR and 4K over IP solutions for live production For its new fleet of 4K/UHD-enabled broadcast vehicles, Arena Television approached Videlio to make the jump to IP. The £20m project included three OBs and one presentation vehicle. OB-X covers the English Premier League in 4K for BT Sport and works in conjunction with new OB12 presentation vehicle that just went live; OB-Y follows the English Rugby Union in HD for Sky Television; and the future OB-Z. The groundbreaking design and installation have been shortlisted for the IBC2017 Innovation Awards in the content distribution category.

When it came to migrating its Canal Factory studios in Boulogne from SDI baseband to IP, the Canal+ Group also selected Videlio. Canal Factory is the production center for most mainstream programs of the Canal+ Group, including Le Grand Journal, Touche Pas à Mon Poste, Canal Football Club and more. Working with Videlio, Canal+ completely revamped its existing production, post-production and studios, thus transforming Canal Factory into an IP-based technology showcase of stunning productions for the channels’ viewers.

Next-generation IP-based systems SMPTE-2110 ready Videlio will also be presenting its latest HDR and 4K IP designs based on the new CISCO 9508 switches. “This new cell-based technology leverages Jericho line cards and eliminates blocking issues that we have had to work around with previous designs,” says Malcolm Robinson, head of operations for Videlio. “This innovative design has just been implemented for the new Arena OB12 presentation vehicle, which is to be used in conjunction with the OB-X truck. The two vehicles are the first full IP interconnected solution designed in Europe!”


Video Clarity
Booth 2.C57

Video Clarity, a provider of market-leading audio and video quality measurement and analysis systems, today announced a slate of demonstrations at IBC2017 that will showcase the capabilities of its IP-specific test solutions for honing IP production and delivery workflows.

“Transporting video signals over IP is already a reality for some media companies, while others are looking at how best to implement an IP-transport workflow. Whether you’re already experimenting with IP or still in the planning phase, testing the effects of different equipment and delivery scenarios is critical to ensuring high-quality output,” said Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarity. “With SMPTE ST 2110 on the cusp of approval, and with more and more IP-enabled, ST 2110-compliant products entering the market, IP testing will be the main focus for us at the show this year.”

Video Clarity and PacketStorm Communications will demonstrate how manufacturers and program service providers can apply a comprehensive test system for the new SMPTE suite of standards for Professional Media over IP Networks (SMPTE ST 2110). The ST 2110 suite of standards (-10, -20, -21, -30, and -40) is currently in the final draft stage. The demonstration will feature a fully operational interactive demonstration of IP network transport, IP network emulation, media flow analysis, and quality and performance testing for uncompressed video, audio, and ancillary data.

In the demonstration, IP transport technology will come courtesy of Macnica Technology, whose transmit and receive solutions augment or replace today’s SDI-based architectures for delivering multiple types of high-quality, contribution-level content. PacketStorm Communications will provide the IP network emulation to simulate actual network and media-over-IP analysis conditions to measure flow characteristics to ST 2110 based on ST 2110-21. Video Clarity’s RTM real-time monitor will provide the source video playout and test the source against the network output. The RTM system plays uncompressed content while it continuously measures audio/video quality, as well as lip sync and loudness, and applies a user-set threshold for error events that are captured automatically for playback in a side-by-side comparison of the source and downstream program signal.

Video Clarity will also demonstrate two new IP products making their European debut at IBC2017.

First is ClearView IP, the newest member of the company’s ClearView line of video quality analyzers. Designed for broadcast product manufacturers and programmers to use in their test labs, ClearView IP plays or records up to two channels of uncompressed video from a high-capacity testing server into a SMPTE-compliant network. ClearView IP can apply new IP standards and play while recording in the IP domain — critically important features for being able to test video quality in a new IP world. Through either automation or straightforward desktop controls, video engineers can perform recording, automatic alignment, and highly accurate quality measurements that help them assess the progress of product development, set encoding parameters for program delivery, and evaluate various encoders among multiple vendors.

The second new IP product is ClearView Player IP, a high-capacity server specifically designed for use in an IP infrastructure, with record and playback functions for uncompressed video using new IP-related video transport standards. ClearView Player IP can record one channel and play back up to two channels of uncompressed video programming into a SMPTE-compliant network. Manufacturers and programmers rely on it to subjectively view video for quality or to feed the output to a processing engine for product testing and encoder prequalification. ClearView Player IP systems can also be deployed for broadcast- or venue-based playback when an uncompressed video source is required in an all-IP environment.


Booth 14.L30

“Vimond is excited to be in Amsterdam for IBC 2017. Broadcast is going through some fundamental changes, and IBC is an excellent arena to encounter new technologies and meet industry experts. For those who work smart and efficiently the possibilities are endless. We have played a crucial part in driving change for years ―TV is in our DNA ― and that is now being recognized globally. At IBC we will exhibit why we are a preferred industry partner and our team will demonstrate how our new offerings and refinements on existing tools are changing the industry for the better,” commented Andreas Helland, CCO Vimond Media Solutions

New Products for the 2017 IBC Show

Vimond Monetization
Vimond Monetization, our subscription manager, will be showcased at IBC with a fresh new interface and user-friendly workflow. This tool makes it easy to link content, pricing and payment. This powerful business application can also organise your subscription plans, map them to associated content, and manage end-user payment. Product managers can set the pricing, duration and availability of plans, manage subscriptions, renewals and vouchers. Then they can rely on our flexible payment integrations for authentication and payment.
Vimond Rights Manager
At IBC we will be demonstrating the new release including the ability to create custom groups, simplified rights management across regions, and an improved content synchronization workflow that enables easy updating of publishing information in the catalog from the Rights Manager module.

Vimond Rights Manager makes managing your content rights efficient and uncomplicated. Contract managers, publishers and content managers now have an easy-to-use way to track complete content lifecycles. With Vimond Rights Manager, you can define your contracts and regions; trigger the creation of associated assets in Content Manager and ingest videos; and share contract data via export or the API. Our integrated workflow saves time and minimizes duplication and errors.

Vimond IO

Vimond IO is a revolutionary cloud-based storytelling application, especially made to meet the new demands of video production. Use IO to quickly produce high quality, frame-accurate video stories, at any time, from any location, together. Vimond IO is a fully-featured, browser-based video editor that saves you time and streamlines your workflow.

The recent enhancements that we will be showcasing at IBC, include support for extra-long video clips, the ability to use template-based overlay graphics, support for EIA-608 and CEA-708 closed captions, and support for SCTE-35 markers.

On display at IBC 2017

Vimond’s modular online video platform can be customised to fit the requirements and workflows of each customer. We offer a core platform, plus a range of optional modules, which enables a multitude of possible configurations and easy integration points.
The products that form the foundation of the Vimond platform are Vimond Control Center, Content Manager, Orchestrator and the Content Delivery APIs. This configuration includes an interface to administer the platform and manage video assets and metadata, a workflow engine to process the video, and client-facing APIs, which allow end-user applications to search and fetch metadata.
Our other modules (Rights Manager, Content Curator, Live Channel Planner, Monetization, Insights, and Player Features) can be added to the package as part of a personalized solution to fit the specific needs of broadcasters, telcos and content owners.

Vimond Media Solutions has developed innovative, cloud-based storytelling tools for the new world of television. Our set of products for online video.


Vimond Media Solutions has developed innovative, cloud-based storytelling tools for the new world of television. Our set of products for online video


Vintage Cloud
Booth 8.C01

At IBC, film archive digitization specialist Vintage Cloud is announcing a new service designed for companies who want to monetize their valuable archive assets but who do not have, or wish to invest in, the equipment or personnel necessary to achieve it.

As well as digitization of archive analog assets, indexing and the generation of metadata are also available to customers who have already digitized their archive, but who have not yet extracted the data from it that will maximize its value.

“Vintage Cloud was created by film people for film people, and we share a background in film editing, cinematography, sound engineering and film production,” said Peter Englesson, CEO of Vintage Cloud. ”We know film, and that means we can provide all the expertise needed for any size of archive to help customers derive the maximum value from their film content.”

The new service is based on Vintage Cloud Steenbeck, the only system capable of digitizing separate image and audio at the same time at up to 4K resolution and up to 60 fps. It is therefore 3-5 times less costly per digitized hour than other systems while delivering unprecedented image quality. Recognizing the nature of much archive material, Vintage Cloud Steenbeck is highly tolerant of broken perforations, fragile splices, warped and brittle film, and is also capable of handling shrunken film via a special capstan sprocket.

“We can take care of an entire project, delivering maximum results for minimum cost,” Englesson continued. “There’s a lot to think about in undertaking a project to transfer analog files to digital – but we’ve used our considerable experience and expertise in making the investment in creating the optimum tools for the job.”

Digitization is, however, only part of the service. The all-in-one system has now been enhanced by the introduction of Smart Indexing. Vintage Cloud developed this software that uses AI and machine learning to automatically generate a load of new metadata for easy search and categorization. For material that has already been digitized, Smart Indexing is available as a standalone app for automatic content tagging– increasing the monetization potential of assets while saving time.

 “Using Smart Indexing’s automatic tagging helps categorize and curate content, meaning that revenue can be generated from film assets quickly, easily and seamlessly,” added Englesson. “The keyframes generated in Smart Indexing are an easy and quick way for users to make sure their film assets are found by the right buyers. They also enable customers to search through their own archives and organize their libraries.”

Smart Indexing is capable of delivering a tagging result in a fraction of a second. AI allows Smart Indexing to automatically recognize over 11,000 objects, scenes and events with an accuracy that is equal to, or better, than that of a human. It can even recognize faces (including the emotions portrayed by those faces). Smart Indexing can distinguish ‘known’ faces, or the user can add names to faces and those faces, with their associated data, are added to the Smart Indexing database such that they are automatically recognizable in other assets.


Booth 8.A54

Wohler Technologies, a manufacturer of video, audio and data monitoring solutions, will be highlighting its latest audio and video monitoring, metering and IP solutions at IBC 2017 (Stand 8.A54). Wohler will have its full range of products at the show, including the iAM Series of IP-based audio and video monitors as well as several of its advanced audio monitoring solutions. This positions the company and its products as a one-stop-shop for top-of-the-line monitoring, metering and IP offerings that cater to the industry’s latest signal requirements.

“Wohler continually strives to ensure that its customers can seamlessly transition towards new signal types,” says Craig Newbury, Vice President of Sales, Wohler Technologies. “Our complete range of solutions provide a full suite of offerings for existing monitoring, as well as the industry’s evolving standards. With continual updates and licensable options, we can provide greater value by enhancing product features available to our users. We look forward to showcasing our complete offerings at IBC and meeting with existing and potential international customers.”

The iAM Series monitors, including iAM-AUDIO, iAM-MIX and iAM-VIDEO, incorporate high-quality hardware with powerful upgradable software components combined with an on-board Web server. This allows multiple units on the same network to be monitored, controlled and updated via a browser-based user interface and via API calls from 3rd party connected devices. The iAM Series uses small form-factor pluggable (SFP) slots to enable simple adaptation of interfaces and a wide selection of signal I/O. The overall variety of audio and video metering options supported includes analog, AES3 and MADI inputs, and options for Video over IP formats (MPEG2 TS and SMPTE 2022), AoIP formats (Dante, Ravenna, AES67), 3G/HD/SD-SDI as well as a growing range of additional I/O options via its SFP interface.