IBC Exhibitors A – B

Stand 14.G04

ABOX42, a German-based leading supplier of OTT, IPTV and hybrid DVB set-top box solutions, who recently introduced its white label Smart Home solution tailored for network operators and service providers, has announced an extension of the range of sensors. With its next-generation camera as an extension to the ready to role out HomeOK Smart Home service, ABOX42 enhances the service and helps to speed up the roll out of new revenue-generating services. The new HD camera comes with a modern, lightweight & iconic design and complements the set of Home OK sensors.

Smart home services are the next big revenue driver for telco operators, ISPs, and cable operators, opening up new business models, additional revenue streams, helping to increase their competitive edge in the market,” said Matthias Greve, CEO and founder of ABOX42. “To be successful with Smart Home / Smart Living Services, operators need a sustainable business model, a future proof and scalable solution, enabling appealing use cases that sell. Adding a new HD camera to our HomeOK smart home solution helps operators achieve those goals and adds extra value to their service offering.”

ABOX42’s new HomeOK smart camera offers several advanced features and a maximum security to enable end-users to keep an eye on what they care about most in their homes. HomeOK allows various in-home use cases with intelligent notifications if anything is not OK.

With the HomeOK camera’s storage feature, end-users can easily see whats up at home, looking at their HomeOK app on their smartphone or tablet.

ABOX42’s HomeOK smart home solution is a complete white label service including all essential elements for a modern, future proof and expandable Smart Home service. HomeOK is ready to deploy, can be implemented within short time and is easy to launch for any operator. It allows operators to sell new subscription services, which help to increase customer loyalty and generate new income, to secure operators future business.

ABOX42 is driving the smart home services revolution through technology innovations, playing an active role in industry education. Recently, the company’s CEO and founder Matthias Greve participated in the ANGA COM conference strategy panel about smart home services in Germany, explaining to attendees how they can quickly roll out smart home services and achieve a quick ROI.


Stand 14.E10

Accedo, the video experience pioneer, has announced the launch of a number of new solutions for media companies and pay TV operators at IBC 2018.

The Accedo Service Management Solution, comprises a set of defined packages addressing specific business needs, such as platform refresh, service migration, and service launch, all supported with a very high, global SLA. Unified tools and a standardised, repeatable process makes it easy for Accedo to deliver a consistent and high quality service, regardless of location.

The Accedo Data-Driven Video Solution enables video services providers to present viewers with a best-in-class and highly personalized and optimized video experience through the analysis of their user preferences and viewing habits. The solution is powered by the Accedo One℠ video experience platform and the advanced business analytics solution from technology partner Jump. Accedo and Jump have launched the first set of Data-Driven Video Solution packages, focusing on problems or opportunities impacting today’s video service providers such as customer churn and content performance.

Luke Gaydon, VP Solution Management, Accedo, commented: “In an increasingly competitive space, media companies are looking to re-invent themselves and their services and shine above the competition. Service management is, and will remain, a mission-critical capability for video service providers. At the same time, data-driven video has the potential to enable video providers to deliver a much more personalized experience to viewers and we believe this will drive the next evolution of video services over the coming months and years.”

Accedo’s innovations team is also demonstrating a proof of concept to improve the VOD on-the-go User Experience. The new video UI has been designed for one-handed use, perfect for viewing content on the train, whilst eating lunch or in other “on-the-go” scenarios.

“Innovation is truly important for us at Accedo”, commented Michael Lantz, CEO. “We believe that by partnering with the best technology companies on the market, we can extend Accedo’s award-winning products and services into new use cases. At this year’s IBC, we’re really excited to bring some new solutions to the market.”

Accedo will be demonstrating these solutions, along with its entire Accedo One platform and recent innovations at its booth (14.E10).


Booth 5.B72

Agama Technologies, the specialist in video service quality and customer experience, will be showcasing its industry-leading solution for real-time video assurance, analytics and monitoring for OTT, IPTV, broadcast and cable operators. This includes new and innovative ways to analyze and visualize video performance and consumption, creating unique insights into the complete delivery chain – from service creation in the head-end, across delivery networks and all the way to the individual customer’s app or device.

The Agama solution empowers operations, product management, marketing and customer facing teams to drive customer satisfaction, lower operational costs and increase agility.

IBC Highlights

Agama 360 Analytics – For outstanding situational awareness, see Agama’s new, unique approach to visualization and analytics, for direct correlation between service performance for head-ends, CDNs, ISPs and Apps.

Remote PHY monitoring for next generation cable services – The all new remote PHY monitoring capabilities of the Agama Analyzer give full insight into the DEPI streams, from the CCAP core towards the remote PHY, ensuring that any issues in stream or content integrity can be detected.

Automated anomaly detection – Self-learning anomaly detection at scale pinpoints issues and out of the ordinary behavior in the delivery chain.

OTT and Multiservice head-end assurance: ad-insert, virtualization and content level perfection for IPTV, OTT, Broadcast and Cable – The modern head-end creates and processes a multitude of advanced services: Ultra-HD/4k, SCTE-35 ad-inserts as well as creating content for multiple platforms and screens.

With the flexibility to deploy on-prem, cloud or hybrid – including containers – and support for fully automated deployment, Agama can monitor your services wherever they are created.

Containerization for efficient and agile deployment – The continuous evolution of OTT and other video services increase demand for flexible deployments and operations. Agama’s solutions offer full support for cloud-based and containerized services throughout the operator’s production environment, covering virtualized in-house deployments as well as public cloud environments, such as AWS and GCE.


Stand 1.D35

Akamai Technologies, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, will show new edge technology innovations designed to help television broadcasters and distributors deliver higher performing and more secure services at IBC 2018 on booth 1.D35.  Akamai will be showcasing its commitment to helping broadcasters transition to OTT with edge services that provide the highest levels of fidelity, agility, intelligence and security. New solutions previewed at the show will include:

  • Easier ways to securely connect to storage and compute platforms in centralised public clouds, improving performance for viewers and delivering significant cost efficiencies for broadcasters.
  • Capabilities enabling broadcasters to establish private connectivity between their network and Akamai, helping to improve delivery performance and reduce internet protocol (IP) transit costs.

Akamai will also stream Akamai TV live in 4K HDR from its booth on the IBC show floor. Available to viewers worldwide, Akamai TV will showcase live TV delivery capabilities within the context of an authentic news programme featuring updates from the show and interviews with Akamai experts and thought leaders from across the industry. Featuring demonstrations of dynamic ad insertion, low-latency streaming and peer-assisted delivery, Akamai TV will provide real-world demonstrations highlighting:

  • Fidelity: A host of delivery, playback and user interface capabilities including ultra-low latency, media players and image management that are designed to support the best-possible streaming experiences across any size audience, geographies and network conditions.
  • Agility: Use of manifest manipulation capabilities such as personalised viewing experiences based on end-user viewing conditions or dynamic ad insertion that help broadcasters more efficiently manage and monetise their cloud-based operations and workflows.
  • Intelligence: Comprehensive set of tools and services that include insight-driven analytics, award-winning Broadcast Operations Control Centre (BOCC), monitoring and support, load testing and viewer-perceived performance measurement that provide actionable insight into streaming operations.
  • Security: Security Operations Command Centre (SOCC) support, token authentication, bot management and real-time threat monitoring form a comprehensive set of cyber security services to help protect against a range of threat vectors common to media companies, including DDoS attacks, malicious requests and credential stuffing.

Following its success in 2017, Akamai is once again sponsoring the invitation-only Cyber Security Forum on Thursday, September 13th. Bringing together CTOs, CISOs and CIOs, the track explores the cyber threats affecting broadcasters, and how they can protect themselves. This includes how to weigh up risk versus the potential impact on ROI when deciding on security strategies, whether information sharing can offer more industry protection, and how AI and IoT are increasingly becoming weaponised.


ALi Corporation
Stand 1.BS19 & 1.BS20

ALi Corporation, a leading Set-Top Box chipset provider, proudly announced that the company will showcase multimedia and home-entertainment technology in the coming IBC 2018, at BS19 & BS20, Hall 1, RAI Amsterdam, as the commitment and dedication to this industry strengthened.

At IBC 2018, ALi will showcase the latest innovations including the cost-effective real-time OS (RTOS) solutions for zapper products, feature-rich Linux solution for hybrid products and newly developed Android solution. Full portfolio of STB chipsets from ALi will be also demonstrated in IBC, from powerful ARM based Ultra-HD chipset, DVB-S2X chipset, to newly launched cost-effective SoC. STB samples developed by various STB vendors that have been deployed globally with various CAS (Conditional Access System) and Middle-ware will be also available for showcase.

Continue the strength ALi invested at STB field, with the knowledge of consumer behavior, the channels of consumer electronics and the connections of operator eco-system, next generation the set-top-box innovations are delivering. Voice UI, Face recognition and data security are all well prepared technologies ready to melt into ALi unique great CP value system. ALi is going to create a wonderland for all the households to have more than home entertainment experience, with affordable, reliable, sustainable newly technology, to have a safer, easier and more comfortable quality life.

“ALi continues our progress in PayTV STB business with our renewed IC portfolio”, said Daniel Huang, CEO of ALi Corporation. “This year in IBC, we are proud to further demonstrate our full line of offering in STB OS. Our global success in PayTV market this year will be fueled by our new IC and software systems, which we have been and will be continuously investing in.”


Appear TV
Stand 1.C61

Today’s viewers watch content across a myriad of devices, from traditional TV to smartphones, tablets and laptops. As part of Appear TV’s OTT software portfolio, the Adaptive Bitrate Linear Packager (ABR) provides different resolutions and video streams depending on the type of device being used, while maintaining quality video. It adapts video quality to changing network conditions dynamically, providing optimal user experience according to bandwidth. Appear will showcase the ABR Packager at IBC 2018.

ABR is more than a packager, it is a powerful video segmentation engine that provides high-performance storage with internal and external options, just-in-time packager/DRM engine, origin server and optional offline encoding/transcoding. The software complements an encoder to produce streamable content and can adapt to varying workflows without affecting the end user, which contributes to overall user improvement.

“ABR is a dynamic solution for large-scale broadcast networks and channels, and cable operators that require the ability to adapt to different workflows,” says Geir Ertzaas, R&D manager, Appear TV. “Appear’s ABR Packager provides the right kind of video for a particular device through alternating or differing bandwidth constraints. This device saves on storage since the content itself is saved in an agnostic mezzanine format, therefore all reformatting and packaging is done on the fly and can thus easily target multiple specific device requirements with no storage overhead.”


Stand 1.D37

At IBC 2018, Alticast will demonstrate how it is inspiring, and implementing, Pay TV and OTT service providers’ strategies worldwide by enabling the delivery of highly personalized, data-driven user experiences based on big data and AI. Alticast will also show how existing partners are using Alticast’s, end-to-end, feature-enhanced products to create new media experiences for subscribers.

On September 14-18, at its booth (Hall 1.D37), Alticast’s showcase demo, Ambient TV ä will highlight a complete end-to-end, cloud-based solution designed to empower operators to deliver a real-time, personalized TV experience based on media, operational and business intelligence, resulting in an efficient and secure ecosystem. Alticast’s built-in data analytics platform, Argus, provides an adaptive UX by personalizing the viewing experience, as well as content recommendations, no matter where the content is coming from, or what device is being used to consume the content. The Remote Monitoring System (RMS) component of Argus holistically monitors the device behaviors and supports remote diagnosis so that operators can dramatically reduce operational costs.

“Alticast’s wide product and solutions portfolio provides operators with a toolbox that not only contributes to inspiring their business and services strategies, but helps to enable those strategies,” said Dosa Park, Head of Media Business Division, Alticast.  “Our partners are able to increase their product and content offerings, answer their customer’s demands for more personalization, and safeguard their systems from outside threats and unneeded service calls.”


Stand 14.D26

Amino, the global media and entertainment technology solutions  provider, has today announced that it will showcase its next-generation solutions portfolio at IBC 2018 – demonstrating how it enables pay-TV operators to meet the demands of today’s connected consumer.

At the this year’s IBC, Amino will show how operators are gaining an advantage in today’s TV Everywhere landscape by ‘upcycling’ legacy devices, rapidly deploying multiscreen services and delivering new ‘operator ready’ Android TV (#14.D26 in the ‘Content Everywhere Hub’) . Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience, Amino delivers innovation that empowers pay-TV operators to successfully meet the challenges they face in efficiently providing modern TV experiences.

Donald McGarva, Amino’s Chief Executive, comments: “Gaining a competitive advantage is a critical aim for any pay-TV operator in today’s complex market, where service providers battle not just direct rivals but a variety of streaming device providers and OTT video services riding the cord-cutting trend. It has become vital for operators to be able to play it smart and cost-effectively deliver cutting-edge viewing experiences that give them a leg up in this challenging TV landscape.”

Expert in software, hardware and cloud-enabled solutions, Amino will be able to advise visitors to its stand on how they can effectively deploy innovative new technologies – and how these can be cohesively integrated with third-party and ‘upcycled’ legacy systems. Demonstrations will highlight how Amino is supporting operators by enabling the advanced features and functionality modern consumers are looking for in a multiscreen, multi-device entertainment world.

Addressing some of the big changes going on in the marketplace in a presentation will be Mark Evensen, Amino’s Chief Technology Officer, who is a featured speaker at the Content Everywhere Hub theatre in Hall 14, delivering a talk entitled: “From ‘operator tier’ to ‘operator ready’ – maximising Android TV in a real world operator environment” (3pm on Friday 14 September).

McGarva concludes: “The value we offer to our customers is that we provide them with the advice and solutions they need to level the playing field – empowering them to offer their subscribers the apps they want, the multiscreen capability they expect, the advanced UX they demand, and the overall excellent customer experience that builds loyalty, stems churn, wins new subscribers and boosts revenues. The all IP/Cloud future is nearly upon us, and we’re looking forward to sharing our vision of how operators can leverage that opportunity at this year’s IBC Show.”


Stand 5.A65

At IBC2018, Artel will feature an integrated, end-to-end, IP-centric demo area designed to address customers’ growing requirements as they migrate toward all-IP or hybrid IP/SDI networks. Artel’s exhibit will showcase the company’s expanding portfolio including solutions for SMPTE ST 2110, AES67, SMPTE ST 2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching, and ARQ Reliable Internet Streaming Transport (RIST) for OTT streaming.

As the show draws closer, Artel will make other major announcements, including plans for interoperability demonstrations and integrated IP workflows.

Attendees are encouraged to stop by Stand 5.A65 to learn more about Artel’s IP-centric media delivery solutions.


AWS Elemental
Stand 5.C80

AWS Elemental is an Amazon Web Services company that combines deep video expertise with the power and scale of the cloud to provide nimble, flexible software-based video processing and delivery solutions. With AWS Elemental, customers can harness the elasticity of the cloud when needed, on demand and with pay as you go services.

Solutions from AWS Elemental allow broadcast TV and multiscreen video to be customized, originated and monetized at global scale, giving customers the ability to quickly, easily and economically scale and optimize video operations and the freedom to focus on what matters: transforming ideas into compelling content that captivates viewers.

Global media franchises, pay TV operators, content programmers, broadcasters, government agencies and enterprise customers rely on technologies from AWS Elemental to create agile, scalable and secure video workflows that bring content to life. Discover how AWS Elemental perfects the media experience and visit stand 5.C80.



Irish company Axonista releases new version of their award-winning video technology product Ediflo, at IBC 2018.

Used by global brands including QVC, The Irish Film Institute (IFI), The Q and Sinclair Broadcast Group. Ediflo 5 will be released to current and new customers from October 15th.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Axonista’s Head of Product Experience, Craig Philips said “This upcoming release of Ediflo 5 is one of our biggest yet, marking a major expansion to our product offering. With this new version, users will see significant improvements to what Ediflo can do for them.”

With Ediflo 5, the Axonista team is doubling down on Ediflo as a leading tool to grow, engage, and convert audiences with video. Interest in Ediflo has grown in recent months. Prospective customers see what Ediflo can offer them through interactive video commerce on a global scale.

Here are the mains points of the latest version of Ediflo:

  • Ediflo Distribution will launch with the iOS software developer’s kit. This SDK allows users to create OTT video apps on iOS devices instantly. Ediflo Distribution will expand in coming months to include additional mobile, TV, and web platforms.

  • Ediflo Library will include new ingest and transcode features. Users can import full content libraries manually, or using integrations with Amazon S3 and DropBox.

  • Ediflo Analytics will launch. It will provide users essential high-level data on video assets, series, and apps. Data is viewable both in a system dashboard, and on individual pieces of content.

  • Ediflo 5 also includes design, usability, and performance improvements, as well as smaller features to help users get the most out of Ediflo.


Barnfind Technologies
Stand 8.A41

Barnfind Technologies has revealed plans to show a game-changing frame at IBC that incorporates future-proof technology to support all emerging signal formats, including 4K and IP, and adds a long-distance component to its multi-functional, signal neutral fiber transport platform. The new BTF1-41 features an extensive network of functions and the capability to transport any signal format, making it the ideal solution for a vast variety of applications including sports, telemedicine and government projects. It will be demonstrated in Hall 8, Stand 8-A41 at IBC 2018

The BTF1-41 will be shown alongside enhanced versions of Barnfind’s core BarnOne and BarnMini families that now offer more control options, advanced functionality, and improved configuration capabilities. The improvements reflect the Company’s commitment to green practices by packing numerous functions into one rack unit and keeping power consumption as low as possible.

Arild Skjeggerud, Barnfind CTO said, “Barnfind has always been focused on short-haul applications, until now! Our game-changing BTF1-41, along with other products, launches us into the next phase of our development by addressing the long-distance requirements of transport of any signals.”

“We are also delighted to have several different stage boxes on our stand so visitors will have the opportunity to witness real-world examples of our unique platform at work. Our team will be demonstrating how we do more with less gear, in less space and with less capital investment, and explain how we’ve grown from a start-up in 2012, to a global company with 60 international partners that excels in fiber transport, stage box technology, signal redundancy, multiple camera control and much, much more”, adds Wiggo Evensen, Barnfind CEO.


BHV Broadcast
Stand 8.E94

BHV Broadcast, the multiple award-winning broadcast designer and manufacturer, has announced plans to launch a series of openGear IP to SDI cards at IBC. The streamGear card range features powerful quad core processing and superfast graphics capability and this flexible platform can support broadcast, graphics or streaming applications by serving as a hardware engine or a standalone receiver. Demonstrations across a range of operating platforms will be held on BHV Broadcast’s IBC Stand 8.E94.

Featuring a comprehensive set of connectivity options including Gigabit Ethernet, CANbus, SDI & HDMI output (3G, HD, SD), USB, LTC and analogue video, these cards have the capability to host applications at the boundary of IP and conventional video. A format/standards converter is included to ensure all video formats from SD PAL/NTSC through to 3G (1920 x 1080p59.94) are supported.

Available in Android Oreo and Yocto/Debian/Ubuntu/Boot2QT Linux distributions, the cards include an intelligently-engineered feature set straight out of the box. The open-architecture platform allows hardware interfaces to be directly customised for maximum security and flexibility. The industry standard iMX6 processor, (available in Dual or Quad core with speeds from 800 MHz to 1.2 GHz) provides unrivalled processing capability in a small and low power form factor. A Vivante GC2000 2D and 3D accelerated graphics processing unit is OpenGL compliant, enabling reliable delivery of rich and complex graphics.

Bill Garrett, BHV’s director of technology, explains,”Many broadcast video applications still require a large Intel-based server with a costly video card to deliver a single channel. We listened to our customers and the result is this solution – a card that can be stacked to provide 20 channels of the same power in just 2U of rack space!”

Two versions of the card are launching at IBC: an operator-friendly Android version that allows app developers with no broadcast or video experience to build data-driven and IP streaming applications with broadcast compliant video output, and a Linux variant that provides a platform for a high-performance video and graphics OEM appliance.

Based on an existing, successful field-tested design, these cards allow high-density integration and support for the openGear Dashboard management suite. Both legacy and the latest OG3-FR frames are supported as is SERDES backplane Ethernet, utilising the internal openGear Frame Ethernet switch option. This allows 20 cards to utilise just one Ethernet switch port.

Garrett continues “With the plethora of camera and smartphone streaming video contribution requirements, the capability to make this an SDI source in conventional video environments has been limited and expensive. The reality is that broadcast functionality is becoming more and more IP-connected and with it the need for greater local processing and rendering capability. You can think of this product as a powerful tablet device with SDI output. It’s an efficient, elegant and cost-effective solution.”


Blue Lucy
Stand 7.D43

Blue Lucy will launch their new version of the BLAM asset and workflow management software from their new, bigger stand at IBC2018.  The new software includes;

  • a redesigned, customisable user interface,
  • a completely new API which allows media businesses and system integrators to create bespoke operational management systems with ease and
  • a significant upgrade of the BLAM Adobe Premiere plug-in designed to reduce the mundane administrative overhead in edit and streamline the creative.

Updated API

The update to BLAM’s API supports a growing demand for developer “self-service” and makes the software even simpler to integrate with.  With the new API in place, BLAM conforms to the globally-recognised OpenAPI specification which facilitates documentation, code generation and testing.  Both the BLAM SDK and OEM models benefit from the update which uses well-established constructs to simplify customisation and enable rapid application development.

New BLAM interface

As pioneers of design-first API, Blue Lucy’s upgrade of BLAM’s API has prompted a redesign of the current BLAM UI, which dates from 2012. The new, more modern, interface has the ability to simply switch from day (or desktop) to night (or edit suite) mode and features dockable panes which users can arrange to create customised dashboard displays.  While the new BLAM interface will continue to deliver an intuitive and simplified user experience, the real focus is on providing clear management information to support ever-changing operational requirements.

BLAM Adobe Premiere plug-in

The BLAM Adobe Premiere plug-in provides access to all the core asset and workflow management features of Blue Lucy’s media operations management software from within Adobe Premiere.  With the plug-in, users may import media, search for existing media, manage bins, workspaces and Premiere projects as well as render, export and trigger downstream workflows such as approval and delivery.

Now Blue Lucy has introduced two new, key features which ensure that editors’ efforts are spent creatively and provide production managers with the visibility they need to ensure the smooth and efficient running of a facility. The addition of BLAM Task Management to the plug-in means that editing tasks may now be included in the BLAM workflow and editors can manage their workload and priorities from one interface, while the Premiere Pro Markers capability ensures that logging metadata and comment markers are persisted with the source clip or project sequence in the BLAM.

“There will never be a one-size-fits-all model for media operations management solutions.  The new BLAM is designed to accommodate the different needs of media businesses by providing core functionality in an affordable package that is easy to integrate and simple to use, but which also allows customers to scale and customise the system to meet their unique needs.  We can’t wait to introduce IBC2018 visitors to the new BLAM,” said Julian Wright, Founder, Blue Lucy Media Ltd.


Boxx TV
Stand 10.A42i

Boxx TV, a leading supplier of innovative digital microwave solutions for the broadcast industry, has announced that it is to exhibit at IBC2018.

Taking place at the RAI in Amsterdam from 14-18 September 2018, Boxx TV will demonstrate its new Atom and Atom Lite systems to visitors in Hall 10, Stand 10.A42i.

The Boxx Atom system provides a high performance HD wireless solution with an uncapped range in a small and lightweight form factor. New for IBC2018, the Atom range now includes timecode and record trigger on all systems and a new smaller form factor premium receiver all with backward compatibility. Compact and lightweight, the Atom Transmitter offers an SDI loop and HDMI input, ideal for use with Steadicam, portable field monitoring, and UAV video links. Operating within the 5GHz licence-exempt spectrum, Atom has been optimised to work out-of-the-box with minimal configuration. What sets the Atom and Atom Lite solutions apart from their competitors is their ability to broadcast a signal to an unlimited number of receivers without pairing requirements. With an uncapped range, users are able to extend the array of the system using specialised antennas.

As with all Atom products, both the Atom and Atom Lite systems are fully cross-compatible and will work with all systems, current and new.

“Visitors received a sneak preview of our new Boxx Atom and Atom Lite systems at NAB 2018, and feedback was very positive,” says Kyle Faircloth, Sales & Marketing, Boxx TV. “We are now looking forward to introducing these solutions to the European market and invite those attending IBC to visit our stand to learn more.”

“We are very proud to have been the first company to introduce zero-delay wireless systems to the broadcast industry a mere decade ago. Since the release of the Atom product line three years ago we have received a lot of feed back; with many of our customers agreeing that a range of 100 metres was more than sufficient for their requirements as long as the system included timecode and record trigger. In response to this feedback we have released the new Atom Lite system; a full-featured solution in a compact and lightweight form factor. The Atom Lite system is competitively priced while maintaining the quality our customers have come to expect from Boxx,” adds Darrell Bilton, CEO, Boxx TV. “We look forward to attending IBC this year and having the opportunity to discuss and demonstrate the benefits of the Boxx Atom Lite solution.”

For 2018, Boxx TV is attending IBC as part of the GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland pavilion. The GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland pavilion is supported by the Department for International Trade which helps UK-based businesses ensure their success in international markets through exports. It is sponsored by techUK, the trade association for the UK Technology industry.


Broadcast Pix
Stand 7.C06

Broadcast Pix will introduce BPswitch RX, a portable model in its popular line of integrated production switchers, at IBC2018 (Hall 7, Stand C06). A self-contained unit complete with touchscreen display and integrated streaming to Facebook Live and other CDNs, BPswitch RX provides multi-camera production and high-end motion graphics for live production on location.

Ideal for sports, concerts, and event coverage, BPswitch RX features four multi-definition video inputs, plus two IP inputs that support RTSP and NDI protocol. It also includes eight channels of clips and graphics, built-in audio mixer, three keyers with DVEs, and seven outputs. The integrated NewBlueNTX multi-layer 3D motion graphics CG includes hundreds of title styles and templates, so it is easy to create and update lower-thirds, bugs, animations, rolls, crawls, and looping effects like a glint or shine.

BPswitch RX offers the full complement of Broadcast Pix workflow tools, including built-in program recording, clip and graphic stores, file-based macros, ClearKey chromakey and Virtual Studios virtual sets, and customizable multi-view. The system is housed in a durable aluminum alloy chassis with built-in handle for easy transport.

“These days, ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough when you’re on location. Viewers expect high-end productions, whether you’re in a studio or a stadium,” said Tony Mastantuono, product manager. “BPswitch RX provides an all-in-one video production solution in a rugged, compact package designed for mobile productions.”

Although BPswitch RX can be operated with the included keyboard and mouse, users can connect a traditional Broadcast Pix control panel or use the optional Broadcast Pix Commander™ customizable touchscreen interface. With its simplified controls, Commander helps non-technical personnel easily switch live productions, add titles, insert clips, and control robotic cameras. The recently updated iPixPanel and iPixPad provide other control options, allowing a second operator to complete specific production tasks through an iPad or iPhone.

Like other models, BPswitch RX provides full-motion video and complete access to all sources and workflow tools through a browser-based interface that can be accessed by tablet, phones, and laptops. The company’s BPNet™ IP ecosystem, powered through the ioGates cloud-based media management platform, delivers BPswitch’s control-over-IP capabilities with low latency, as well as extended encryption and two-factor authentication for secure performance.

BPswitch RX supports optional robotic camera control as well as BPfusion, Broadcast Pix’s optional software for streamlined data-intensive CG graphics for sports, election, and news coverage. Broadcast Pix also offers soft and hard carrying cases for additional protection for air travel or other transport. Priced at $14,995, BPswitch RX will be available at the end of September.

Stand 5.B78

OTT video revenue topped $11.9 billion in 2017, a 41 per cent increase over the prior year, according to a Convergence Research Group. study. It is expected to continue to climb, reaching $16.6 billion in 2018 and $25.6 billion in 2020. To take advantage of these opportunities, content providers and pay-TV operators need scalable and secure content delivery solutions that ensure a flawless quality of experience across all screens.

At IBC. Broadpeak will demonstrate its solutions for not only cable, telecom, and satellite operators but also for content providers, including a CDN for managed networks and OTT distribution, origin packager, ad insertion, and comprehensive video delivery analytics.

Solutions for Cable and Telecom Operators

nanoCDN Multicast ABR Solution Boosts QoE, Minimizes Bandwidth, and Dramatically Decreases Latency

As the first provider of ABR multicast technology, Broadpeak is revolutionizing live multiscreen video delivery. At IBC2018, the company will demonstrate its nanoCDN multicast ABR solution, which makes live HTTP video delivery to any device truly scalable by turning millions of broadband gateways, cable modems, Wi-Fi routers, and STBs into active components of an operator’s content delivery infrastructure. Leveraging home networks, operators can cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of live multiscreen services for millions of simultaneous viewers using only a few megabits per second from their network. nanoCDN has been successfully deployed by leading operators worldwide for live television delivery to any screen with ultra-low latency. Broadpeak will demonstrate innovative new features for nanoCDN, such as Common Media File Format (CMAF) and chunked transfer encoding support to further decrease latency for OTT live streaming.

Cloud PVR — Deliver Petabytes of TV Recordings and Playback on Every Screen

Following a record year of deployments worldwide, including several tier-1 operators, the Cloud PVR from Broadpeak will be a key highlight at IBC2018. Providing operators with a simple, scalable, and flexible solution for delivering time-shifted TV services, Broadpeak’s solution enables subscribers to launch multiple recordings on various channels simultaneously without any constraint on the available bandwidth or the number of tuners on the reception device. With Cloud PVR, service providers can deliver start-over and catch-up TV, as well as impulsive recording, using a shared or private copy model. The recorded content can be processed on the fly to be viewed on any device type.

Solutions for Satellite Operators

At IBC2018, Broadpeak will introduce new features of its nanoCDN solution for satellite, which allows operators to deliver a true OTT experience while preserving the quality of traditional satellite distribution. Broadpeak’s nanoCDN for satellite allows operators to provide live TV, VOD, and catch-up TV content. By leveraging storage available on the receiver, operators can further expand their offering to include advanced non-linear services such as time-shifting or start-over TV for increased monetization. The solution can be combined with a hybrid broadband network or used without internet access. Solutions for Content Providers and Broadcasters Broadpeak® is dedicated to optimizing quality, reducing costs, and strengthening security for content providers. During IBC2018, Broadpeak will demonstrate its origin packager complemented with video delivery analytics, which enables content providers to deliver secure live, time-shift TV, and VOD services to any device. In addition, the company will highlight its watermarking solution in partnership with NAGRA NexGuard. Integration between NexGuard watermarking and Broadpeak’s BroadCache Box allows content providers to protect live and VOD content on every screen.