IBC Exhibitors I – J – K


M.E.I Group, editor of the online solutions FlameFy & OKAST, announces that it will be presenting its blockchain based solution at IBC. iKAST.io aims to solve crucial problems faced by content providers, such as lack of promotion and visibility for independent video contents, lack of distribution channels and consequently a lack of monetization and return on investment.

With iKAST.io, any Content Provider can by himself launch his own video platform, promote his own brand, editorial contents according to his own business rules.

Then, Content Providers can reward viewers for their watching and promotional activity by sharing part of their revenues. These incentives drive watching consumption, attract advertisers and brands, generate steady revenue that will fuel more content production.

In order to register all these activities and provide a transparent ecosystem, iKAST.io solution offers a rock-solid mechanism, at 3 different levels:

  • Proof of eXperience, validating that a watching session is valid and generate the viewer’s reward. Each content is registered in an open, secured, global registry, via a dedicated public blockchain;
  • Proof of Rights, this registry validates with a smart contract the business conditions and establishes a decentralized trustee. It will then track all contents consumption and manage the fair distribution of the generated revenue;
  • Proof of SHare, all sharing and referring activities from Viewers will be checked and validated thanks to tamper-proof history of social activities and traceable referral codes.

These 3 blockchain-based features will allow creating the most secured and fairest rewarding ecosystem where every user’s engagement has a positive effect on the whole value chain.

A solution gathering best-in-class video platform, AI and blockchain technology partners to disrupt the Entertainment & Media industry

iKAST.io is based on already successful existing products and top-class technology partners,
gathering best-in-class premium video platform (OKAST), AI (FlameFy) and blockchain technology. These partners, gathering many experts and veterans in the blockchain, video platforms and big data field, will ensure a fast go to market and a solid technological product.

The project is supported and followed by many personalities from the TV, Cinema and Advertising industry.

Cedric Monnier, iKAST’s CEO, says: “We too often read about new disruptive technologies that will change the world. But it’s the first time that a new technology – blockchain – will really impact our entertainment industry. Decentralized, secure, it gives back full control of rights to creators, content owners and allow a real direct access to final customer. We are thrilled to build a new economy, with fair retributions, which will help out all kind of cultures to grab the right eyeballs.”


Stand 12.A31

Ikegami, a leader in advanced cameras and production equipment for television content producers and broadcasters, will introduce its latest HDR-compatible range of camera systems and an expanded range of monitors at the September 14-18 IBC 2018 exhibition in Amsterdam. Exhibiting on stand 12.A31, Ikegami will be represented by senior managers from the company’s global network of sales and support offices.

“The 2018 summer of sport encouraged many production companies to invest in High Dynamic Range which enables them to capture images with a much wider dynamic range than previously possible,” comments Michael Lätzsch, Broadcast & Professional Video Division Manager at Ikegami Electronics (Europe) GmbH.

“Lighting in television studios is carefully controlled to prevent over-exposure of highlights or corresponding under-exposure of shaded areas. Broadcasters televising large public events from locations such as open-air stadiums or theatre auditoriums face the much greater challenge of real-world lighting; from very bright sunlight on white stadium canopies to the darker detail of shaded viewing stands.

“Our HDK-99 and HDK-73 cameras allow the full dynamic range to be captured within a single exposure setting, eliminating the need to adjust the optical aperture or imaging sensitivity in mid shot. The difference in picture quality is nothing short of stunning when viewed on HDR-compatible displays such as our new HQLM-3125X broadcast production monitor.

“4K UHD is also attracting an increasing level of attention from content producers as a way to maximise the long-term value of their programmes. The HDK-99 delivers a processed output from its control unit, allowing the camera to be used in a mixed-format production environment.

“The SD to HD transition is still in progress after nearly 20 years and it is quite possible that the transition to UHD will take a similar timescale given the practicalities of delivering high bandwidth content to the viewing public. The Ikegami strategy is to support and encourage the highest possible production standards without forcing the pace of technical development faster than broadcasters choose to adopt.”


Imagine Communications
Stand 4.A01

Imagine Communications invites attendees at IBC2018 (14-18 September 2018, Amsterdam) to visit their stand at the Amtrium, #4.A01.  Industry experts will be on hand to demonstrate practical innovation and migration strategies that enable media companies to personalize the path and pace of their transition to next-generation architectures and business models.

IBC attendees are invited to bring their technical, operational and business questions to Imagine experts who can share insight on key industry issues from how SMPTE ST 2110 actually works in the real world, to how value can be extracted from remnant advertising inventory, to when it makes sense to virtualize playout operations or transition content origination and distribution to a public cloud.

“The end goal of an all-IP environment is now widely agreed upon across the industry, but the journey will be unique to every customer,” said Imagine CEO Tom Cotney. “The timing and availability of capital will be different for every customer. And there are various schools of thought about when to buy into the maturity curve of new technology.  Our goal is to serve our customers regardless of how the variables converge for them and help them meet their goals.”

Cotney continued, “With their businesses in transition, our customers need partners, not vendors. Partners need to have a complete understanding of how a media company makes money today and where capital is being applied to enable them to compete — and be ready with a solution that matches their strategy. People come to Imagine because we can take a 360-degree view of their business and present them with a new technology solution or the migration strategy that is right for them.”


Interra Systems
Stand 7.C09

OTT video consumption is growing rapidly. By 2021, European OTT video revenues are expected to double, according to Frost & Sullivan. Big revenue opportunities are up for play, yet the OTT environment is complex, with new standards, formats, and device types and with changing video production and delivery approaches. OTT service delivery is driven by file-based workflows. Service providers are handling an ever-growing library of VOD and SVOD assets. Without comprehensive video insights and a streamlined file-based workflow approach, service providers in the region are challenged to deliver high-quality OTT offerings.

At IBC2018, Interra Systems will showcase its industry-proven expertise in file-based workflows, demonstrating how OTT service providers can deliver exceptional audio-video quality on every device. Beyond offering unified QC and monitoring solutions, Interra Systems plays a larger role in the digital media solutions space through innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) techniques, which will also be highlighted at IBC2018.


Jünger Audio
Stand 10.A49

Jünger Audio will be introducing flexAI at IBC, an entirely new Audio Processing platform that is set to redefine how broadcasters approach their audio processing requirements. Jünger Audio’s Senior Product Manager Friedemann Kootz will explain how this software-based solution is transforming Jünger Audio’s business model by enabling the development of new audio processing products on the go, without making compromises due to hardware limitations.

Jünger Audio’s CEO Martin Schlockwerder will also be on hand to answer questions about the company’s current ideas and plans to make it more market focused and future oriented. Furthermore, restructuring expert Stefan Ludwig will answer questions on how Jünger Audio is reorganising its business model and on the current status of the M&A process.