IBC Exhibitors P – Q

Stand 10.B12

PHABRIX, a worldwide leader in test and measurement solutions will present several European debuts on Stand 10.B12 at IBC 2018, demonstrating how it is helping customers in the transition to IP, UHD and HDR.

Phillip Adams, Managing Director, PHABRIX commented: “These major changes in broadcast technology have far-reaching implications across facilities, so it is imperative that customers are prepared. We see customers at varying stages of transition, from research and consideration to full-blown replacement of equipment. Regardless of where they are in the process, our future-proof test and measurement solutions will support them before, during and after transition to IP, UHD and HDR.”

IP Ready Solutions

PHABRIX will show the latest hybrid IP/SDI test and measurement tools for SMPTE ST 2022-6 workflows and, for the first time in Europe, for ST 2110 workflows – on both the top of the range Qx Series and the handheld Sx TAG. Qx IP now offers SMPTE 2110 support with PTP, with -10, -20, -30 and -40 showing on the stand.

The company will also highlight remote monitoring for both the Sx TAG and Qx Series, enabling engineers to respond and troubleshoot issues wherever they are. On the Qx, up to 16 simultaneous scalable instrument windows can be viewed simultaneously. The Sx TAG has a brand new Audio/Video Delay option which combines a programmable AV test signal generator with an automatic AV delay analyser providing the ability to track audio to video timing within a signal chain.

UHD/HDR Ready Solutions

PHABRIX will present the latest HDR toolsets on the Qx Series, including support for Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and S-Log3, which is ideal for visualization and enhancement of UHD/4K and HD content. New features making their European debut include TIFF import and all-new test patterns, as well as a SDI STRESS toolset, an advanced toolset for 12G-SDI interface stress testing. The Qx also offers 12G-SDI physical layer analysis with RTE™ (Real-Time Eye) technology for SMPTE compliance verification.

HD Ready Solutions

The full range of HD-ready Sx handheld instruments will be demonstrated – SxA, SxD, SxE and Sx TAG. The ultra-compact Sx portable test and measurement range offers advanced capabilities including hybrid IP/3G/HD/SD performance and physical layer testing, along with proven rugged design and exceptional ease of use.

In addition the Rx Rasterizer series will be on display, delivering advanced 2K/3G/HD/SD signal generation, analysis and monitoring for faster compliance testing and fault diagnosis of video and audio.


Stand 5.C80

Pixel, a global provider of software solutions for the media and entertainment industry, has today announced updates to Fuse Metadata Manager to allow customers to leverage metadata across their entire ecosystem.

Fuse Metadata Manager puts metadata at the heart of the business to address issues caused by legacy systems. By improving integration of broadcast and linear workflows, reducing reliance on manual process and avoiding duplication, businesses can better organise their back office to improve agility and deliver better services.

Updates to Fuse Metadata Manager include:

  • Federation of multiple sources of metadata to visualise metadata in a single place
  • Improved search, validation and conformance
  • Increased quality and depth to unlock the potential of archived content
  • Powerful Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to enrich metadata intelligently and at scale

These new updates will allow businesses to provide a superior viewing experience, while boosting agility by reducing inefficiencies that impact on cost, volume and speed.

“We’ve recognised that many companies within the media and entertainment industry struggle to utilise their metadata efficiently, as they’re still battling against legacy systems and disparate internal silos” said Piksel co-managing director Kristan Bullett. “The new features in Fuse Metadata Manager directly address these issues and empower media and entertainment businesses to enhance the quality of their metadata systems and processes, allowing companies the flexibility to explore new revenue streams and stay ahead of customer demands.”

This update follows the recent announcement of the Piksel metadata ecosystem, bringing together a range of vendors across Europe to deliver advanced recommendations and content discovery functionalities to customers. Fuse Metadata Manager will be available for demos at IBC 2018.


Playbox Technology
Stand 8.B71

PlayBox Technology celebrates its 18th anniversary and over 18,000 branding and playout channel installations at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam. Central theme of the company’s exhibit on stand 8.B71 will be the latest versions of the server-based Neo and cloud-based CloudAir playout systems and the ease with which these can be combined into a single system.

“2018 is a true landmark year not just for us but for the broadcast industry in its entirety,” comments PlayBox Technology CEO Pavlin Rahnev. “Having embraced the cloud as a ‘catchup’ transmission medium supporting their terrestrial and satellite channels, broadcasters are increasingly exploring the potential of online streaming. This creates the freedom to produce tightly themed channels which are becoming highly attractive to advertisers. An avant-garde of entrepreneurs have already taken up this challenge, streaming well produced channels in high signal quality for viewing on smart TVs and mobile devices. The very expression ‘smart TV’ has become superfluous because practically every television receiver now sold can be connected direct to the internet; they are all ‘smart’.”

“Our flagship AirBox Neo broadcast playout server is fully transmission agnostic, giving operators the option of reaching their audiences via terrestrial, satellite, cable or IP networks, in SD, HD, UHD or indeed all three resolutions. They offer a high degree of flexibility in the way broadcasters choose to work. An AirBox Neo system can be located in the channel’s onsite apparatus room or controlled via a standard desktop computer, even a laptop, linked to a remotely located service provider. Structurally, AirBox Neo can be configured from a wide range of modules to match any desired workflow.”

“CloudAir extends the remote-access model by opening up a whole spectrum of subscription-based channel management opportunities including fast-startup of new channels and potentially limitless remote archiving. CloudAir also allows easy establishment and operation of disaster recovery facilities more economically and efficiently than renting and supervising an off-site suite.”

“At IBC we will be demonstrating the strengths of Neo and CloudAir as standalone solutions, plus the unsurpassed versatility made possible by combining the two into a fully integrated server/cloud system. Individually or together, they are very easy to operate. Programmes, commercials and promotional interstitials can be uploaded and scheduled for fully automated playout while retaining the freedom to insert live content after any currently-playing item. On top of that, AirBox Neo solutions are scalable for any size of customer operation, from a single playout server to a multi channel turnkey broadcast centre. Whether you are an existing broadcaster or just nurturing an idea for a new channel, come and see us!”


Stand 8.E47

Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level content monitoring and analysis, will introduce Vision-VOD, a new automated, file-based solution for front-end QC and back-end quality of experience (QoE) verification of video-on-demand (VOD) content. The fully virtualized application stands apart from competitive systems by taking the responsibility for last-mile content verification out of the broadcaster’s hands, and without limitation as to where and how widely it can be deployed.

The infinitely scalable software solution enables immediate verification of media files, wrappers, QoE, and content metadata, which includes automated audio level normalization, at the origination point. Following these front-end file-based QC verification tasks, Vision-VOD offers clear identification of audio, video and metadata defects from origination through delivery for networks of any scale, and without any end user operation. Furthermore, thresholds for any level can be established and continually adjusted for optimized performance, with the added power of management by exception.

Vision-VOD is available as a SaaS-based add-on within Qligent’s Vision monitoring and analysis platform. Qligent will demonstrate the new application at IBC2018 (September 14-18 RAI Amsterdam), where the company will exhibit at Stand 8.E47.

“Few companies offer both upfront file-based QC and back-end/last-mile VOD content verification, and only Qligent offers a service capable of supporting large enterprise-level deployments in a SaaS-based model,” said Ted Korte COO, Qligent. “Vision-VOD is virtualized for deployment in large-scale networks to quickly ramp up end-to-end verification of linear and/or non-linear OTT and other VoD-based networks, and without the need to install, train and staff the operation. Its most important value is removing dependency on human resources and infrastructure, while verifying the content quality and automating business-critical procedures.”

In addition to front-end QC and back-end QoE tasks, Vision-VOD offers a highly configurable, value-added analysis component supporting a wide range of media formats. Notifications can also be established with Vision-VOD to alert users if the content doesn’t pass the test. This means that broadcasters and other VOD service providers have an immediate and automated point of reference if loudness levels, presence of black, or other performance issues continued for configurable lengths of time.

“The trend analysis is of particular importance for VOD services that rely on customer loyalty for growth,” said Korte. “Vision-VOD strengthens insight into performance and consistency over specific time periods, and arms the customer with the intelligence required to address content quality problems and improve quality of experience, protecting their revenue streams.”

Vision-VOD will also be demonstrated with Qligent’s established Vision-OTT monitoring and analysis platform, with an emphasis on delivering a richer, comprehensive service for OTT networks across linear and non-linear content.


Stand 3.B30

Quicklink, 2018 has been a year of celebration with the Skype TX being honoured with an Emmy Award for Technology & Engineering, Quicklink receiving a Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation and a 15-year company anniversary.

At this year’s IBC show, Quicklink will be unveiling its latest technological innovation – the Quicklink Studio Solution. The Quicklink Studio Solution ensures high quality content is sent with confidence, using the latest best in class, bi-directional audio and video link platform. Unlimited contribution devices such as professional broadcast hardware, iOS apps and standard browsers can be used with the public internet or hosted on your own private network. The Quicklink Manager portal allows management of your links and control of your Quicklink remote devices. Input/output interfaces include HD-SDI, HDMI and IP (NewTek NDI, MPEG-TS).

Quicklink will be presenting their latest solution which features:

·     365×24/7 global usage and availability

·     Virtual waiting rooms for contribution links

·     Full access control of portal Managers, Operators and Users

·     Full control of contributors and feature/settings selection

·     Remote control of camera, audio and lights (ST150 and ST500)

·     Superior HD quality content- based on the VP9 codec – HEVC equivalent

·     Fully rate adaptive video up to 1080p 30 Mbps 60 frames per second

·     Ultra-low delay bi-directional video/audio, supporting real time teleprompting via SDI as well as NDI

·     Full duplex multi-channel audio, ideal for remote IP commentary

·     Two factor authentication and end-to-end encryption

·     Guest invites with time expiration for ad hoc users via SMS/email – no software download required

·     Off-air recording managed from the control room

The Studio Solution can be used for full remote control of HD broadcast contributions; ultra-low delay latency, HD encoder/decoder between main and remote studio; or for contributions from any device connected to the internet.

The Quicklink Studio Solution will be shown at IBC from the 14th – 18th of September at RAI Amsterdam. To discover more about the solution at the show, visit the Quicklink team at stand 3.B30.


Qvest Media
Stand 3.B40

At this year’s IBC in Amsterdam, Qvest Media will be showcasing its latest product development, Qvest.Cloud, in a pre-launch presentation. Qvest.Cloud is an advanced management platform that enables third-party cloud applications to be networked into one integrated end-to-end workflow and used and monitored via a central user interface. Integral components of the platform that has been designed as cloud native application are cross-application functions such as workflow orchestration, cloud automation, user management with single sign-on, access management, monitoring, measuring & billing and comprehensive IT security.

With Qvest.Cloud it is easier than ever to integrate and operate media services and applications using modern web technologies. Qvest.Cloud completely breaks down the barriers between installations in local data centres, private clouds and public clouds – such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Based on an open interface design, third-party IT and media applications can be easily aggregated with Qvest.Cloud, merged together and used without having to deal with the hurdles of as many user and administration interfaces: Qvest.Cloud gives users direct access to all functions enabled for them.

This benefits not only traditional media companies, but all companies wishing to efficiently manage, edit, distribute and monetise media assets along their digital media supply chain. With Qvest.Cloud, almost all business processes and media workflows can be accelerated and made agile in order to be able to react flexibly to changing market conditions and production requirements at any time. Vertical and horizontal scalability of the Qvest.Cloud platform allow for the short-term and temporary addition of required services and additional computing power. Load peaks of on-premise applications can be automatically scaled using cloud resources as a hybrid solution, eliminating the need for the technically complex and cost-intensive expansion of locally operated infrastructures. Contract management is also radically simplified, as only one usage contract is concluded with Qvest Media.

Qvest Media offers its new product for applications of all sizes: from pay-as-you-go models and bundles for traditional media production to tailored corporate solutions and enterprise installations that can be used to integrate the infrastructural requirements of large companies.

“After a multi-stage evaluation process, we made the decision in autumn 2017 to realise Qvest.Cloud. The acquisition of the software specialist HMS media solutions was subsequently completed and we entered into development. Qvest.Cloud will be fully market-ready at the NAB show next year“, says Peter Nöthen, CEO of Qvest Media Group. “The pre-launch at IBC is an important milestone on this development path. Here we will get to know first-hand what business and technological aspects can play an additional role for Qvest.Cloud. Moreover, the trade show offers the best opportunity to win further manufacturers and partners for the Qvest.Cloud ecosystem“, Nöthen continues.

Qvest Media will be presenting Qvest.Cloud to the public at its stand 3.B40 at this year’s IBC in Amsterdam for the first time. In live demonstrations, visitors will have the opportunity to gain their first views of the product range, as well as the functionality and use cases of Qvest.Cloud.