IBC Exhibitors A – B

Actus Digital
Stand 3.C69

At IBC2019, Actus Digital will demonstrate how its mandatory compliance solution is part of a much larger platform, providing cross-organizational benefits to the operations, marketing and research, and new media departments of broadcasters and media companies. The platform includes solutions for compliance, quality-of-service assurance, content repurposing, rating analysis, and more.

“We have enhanced the Actus Digital intelligent media platform to include more functionality, additional AI options, and extended automation related to compliance, clips creation and export to social media, and content monitoring and analysis,” said Raphael Renous, CTO at Actus Digital. “At IBC2019, we will present how the new platform improves the daily workflow for media companies.”

A Compliance Platform That Goes Beyond Standard Requirements

Media companies today need a compliance solution that pushes the boundary of innovation, going beyond supporting simple tasks, such as logging, monitoring, and regulation compliance. They expect the compliance solution to provide quality assurance tools, video analysis reports, advanced clip creation, OTT monitoring, and multiviewer capabilities, all from a single platform. Moreover, since the industry is changing rapidly, the industry needs flexible solutions that support a range of deployment models. At IBC2019, Actus Digital will demonstrate the expansive functionalities of the Actus media monitoring platform, which offers an intelligent approach to monitoring and support for multiple deployment environments, including on-premises, virtualization, the cloud, and hybrid combinations.

Clip Factory Makes Content Repurposing Fast and Easy

Being able to publish content as fast as possible to new media platforms, integrate with social media, OTT platforms, and leverage the benefits of AI is becoming an increasingly important requirement today for media companies. The content repurposing workflow has to be simple and fast.

Actus Digital’s Clip Factory clips creation workflow offers a simple web browser interface for creating and exporting clips, enabling content repurposing from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Clip Factory ensures that all content is exported fast, whether it’s done manually or automatically. With Clip Factory, media companies no longer require a special workstation or professional editors.

Hands-On Demo at IBC

Visitors will have an opportunity to book a one-to-one meeting with Actus Digital experts. During a demo at the stand, visitors can see the efficiency of Actus Digital’s platform, how it’s being used in the real world.


Stand 5.B72

Agama Technologies, the specialist in video service quality and customer experience, will be presenting its industry-leading monitoring, analytics and visualization solution for multiplatform and multiscreen environments at IBC.

The Agama solution empowers operations, product management, marketing and customer-facing teams with awareness and insights that drive customer satisfaction, lower operational costs and increase agility.

Agama’s IBC highlights include:

Agama will showcase Agama 360 Analytics for IPTV and head-end

At IBC Agama will showcase its award-winning solution Agama 360 Analytics. Within its unique view, every stream flow is correlated and visualized across the entire delivery chain in real-time with in-depth KPIs and metrics; from encoding to delivery to STBs, apps and devices – across technologies. The solution enables a deepened customer understanding and makes it easier than ever before to find the root cause of a problem in complex delivery chains.

Assuring SCTE 35 targeted advertising and digital program insertion signaling

Ad insert requires time critical signaling for ads to be correctly played. The Agama ad insertion assurance offering includes the monitoring, validation and visibility needed to assure frame accurate ad insert services for multicast and OTT.

Head-end assurance for on-prem, virtualized & cloud

A modern head-end processes many new and advanced technologies such as SDI, UHD/4K and SCTE 35 ad inserts. It also creates content for multiple platforms and screens. With the flexibility to deploy on-prem, cloud or hybrid, including containers, Agama can monitor your services wherever they are created.

Self-learning AI Anomaly Detection – enhancing situational awareness

Agama’s feature AI Anomaly Detection automatically identifies anomalies based on information from every subscriber and provides actionable alerts, clear visualization of detected anomalies and powerful interactive analytics – enabling faster analysis and problem resolution.

Remote PHY monitoring for next generation cable services

The remote PHY monitoring capabilities of the Agama Analyzer gives full insight into the DEPI streams, from the CCAP core towards the remote PHY devices, ensuring that any issues in stream or content integrity can be detected.

Visit the Agama team at IBC, stand 5.B72, to see a demo of their end-to-end monitoring, analytics and visualization solution.



Stand 1.D35

At IBC 2019, Akamai, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, will showcase solutions that can support OTT operators’ revenue goals, manage viewers and secure valuable content and services against evolving piracy and cyber threats. These solutions are designed to help operators meet the performance and security requirements demanded by today’s audiences and a multi-faceted threat landscape.

Reaching new heights of video quality across every stream
With the OTT market advancing, operators want to deliver a consistent, high-quality experience, particularly for the growing audience accessing content on large screen TVs. Enhancements to Akamai’s flagship streaming service, Adaptive Media Delivery, are designed to address operators’ needs through a range of new innovations:

  • Quick-Retry intelligently detects any signs of bottlenecks along internet delivery routes and finds alternative connection paths, helping to ensure streams don’t drop during playback.
  • Segment Pre-fetch prepositions anticipated video segments at the edge during playback, resulting in faster video start-up times and lower rebuffering rates. Prefetch is currently available with Akamai Media Services Live 4 and Azure Media Services acting as the origin/packager.
  • Use Case Optimisations builds on Akamai’s 21 years of experience in video delivery with a series of optimised delivery configurations. This helps OTT operators to fine tune their configuration with selected tried-and-tested settings that map to live or on-demand use cases.

Supporting Commercial Goals
Akamai’s mPulse and Identity Cloud solutions can give OTT operators a competitive edge and help boost commercial success by providing deep performance analysis of apps and OTT services and enabling secure management of audience data.

  • mPulse helps operators track, analyse and understand the impact of their OTT apps and services on their commercial success. Using advanced machine learning, mPulse gives content providers a granular view of performance data, including visibility into how their apps are performing on different devices or under varying network conditions.
  • Additionally, operators can use Akamai’s Identity Cloud to capture, identify and securely manage viewer information and privacy permutations to drive more personalised viewing experiences or advanced programmatic advertising strategies.

Content, Application and Infrastructure Protection
Media companies are among the organisations most targeted by cyber-attackers, with threat actors looking to capture viewer data, hijack and cripple services, or steal critical media assets or information. Akamai is announcing several security innovations at IBC that protect content, customer data and the enterprise.

  • Watermarking – Scalable watermarking support from Akamai, pre-integrated with several leading third-party providers, makes it easier to label content so that it becomes identifiable in the event of theft, allowing operators to more simply trace pirated content back to the source.
  • Access Revocation – This offers OTT operators control over individual viewing sessions in order to prevent users from illicitly sharing video streams.
  • Customer Identity Management – Akamai Identity Cloud helps OTT operators to securely hold viewer identity data separate from their own network, helping them remain compliant with regulations such as GDPR.
  • Enterprise and Web Security – Akamai will showcase its Enterprise Threat Protector solution at IBC, part of its broad portfolio of security solutions to protect against crimes from ransomware to credential stuffing.

Cyber Security Forum
Akamai is also continuing its sponsorship of the Cyber Security Forum at IBC on Thursday, September 12th. Bringing together CTOs, CISOs and CIOs, this year’s programme will focus on protecting the content supply chain as well as exploring the latest innovations in AI, cloud asset protection and the increasing threats associated with IoT security.

As part of the forum, Akamai Editorial Director and Security Researcher Martin McKeay will Join DAZN Group CISO Jaspal Jandu in presenting “All Roads Lead to Fraud.” The presentation will examine the roles that DDoS, credential stuffing, phishing and application attacks play in defrauding OTT operators, merchants and banks.


ALi Corporation
Balcony Suite 20 – Hall 1, 2F

ALi Corporation, a leading Set-Top Box (STB) chipset provider, proudly announced that the company will showcase a wide spectrum of digital entertainment innovations in the upcoming IBC 2019, from September 13th to 17th, at balcony suite BS 20 (Hall 1, 2F), RAI Amsterdam, as the stage to present ALi’s latest achievements.

At IBC 2019, ALi will demonstrate the latest innovations including HEVC S2 solution targeted for major operators in Europe and SAARC regions, next-generation fully-featured T2/T/ISDBT SoC, and highly cost-effective chipsets already deployed by a leading browser company to run high-level applications. On the other hand, to meet the trends of Smart Home, ALi will also present our recent smart home innovation, such as Smart alarm.

“ALi has a long-established reputation in PayTV SoC design”, said “Sophia Liang, CEO of ALi Corporation. “This time at IBC 2019, we are determined to demonstrate our latest innovations in digital entertainments and I am confident that our SoC will offer the high-performance with cost-effectiveness for operators worldwide to gain more market shares. In fact, we will also introduce our Smart Home solutions this time at IBC to meet the home IoT demands. Our continued innovations are evident and ALi is dedicated in forming the value chain with our customers”.


Stand 14.G04

Amino, the global media and entertainment technology solutions provider, will showcase its next-generation solutions portfolio at IBC2019, enabling pay-TV operators to meet today’s market conditions and the demands of the modern TV consumer.

Discussing IBC, Donald McGarva, Amino’s CEO commented: “In today’s highly competitive media market operators need to adopt smart and cost-effective strategies which deliver cutting-edge viewing experiences. IBC 2019 is the perfect opportunity for operators to learn how Amino can help them leverage Android TV, advanced management tools and the upcycling of existing set-tops to both reduce OPEX and provide exciting next generation video experiences.”

At this year’s IBC, Amino will host briefings in The IABM Lounge exploring its innovative operator ready Android TV solutions and will discuss:

  • Operational Agility: Learn how AminoOS gives operators increased flexibility to deliver the video services their subscribers want. AminoOS integrates with leading OTT app providers and middleware solutions like MOBITV, Tivo, Espial, Minerva etc.
  • Upcycling: enabling operators to create new and compelling video services through software upgrades to already deployed set-top boxes, AminoOS provides a smart, cost-effective strategy for operators looking to solve legacy issues and deliver modern TV experiences.
  • Service Assurance: AminoOS Engage service assurance management tools enable operators to efficiently and proactively support and improve quality of service across any network by solving configuration issues remotely, preventing truck rolls and reducing OPEX.
  • 2nd Generation AndroidTV devices: Amino VU Amlogic powered devices will provide increased processing power, higher capacity SD cards and USB 3.0 support – enhancing device capabilities for both linear and streaming app services.

In addition, following its recent acquisition by Amino, the 24i business unit will demonstrate the powerful combination of Its Next Generation video experience management platform and Amino TV to deliver Live VOD and EPG content across iOS, Android, Web, and Android TV at IBC2019 (#14.G04).

Also on show from 24i are:

  • Android launcher video experiences for live content and EPG.
  • Real-world deployment of 24i SmartOTT and Backstage products by operator and broadcaster customers, including Slovak Telecom, NPO, iflix, KPN, PureFlix, RTE, NLZIET, Fox Sports, Globo and Sinclair Broadcasting Services.
  • Gathering metadata with Microsoft Video Indexer, powered by the 24i BackStage to create hyper-personalised video. experiences for viewers
  • Examples of how to integrate voice into video experiences
  • HbbTV TV portal including rich EPG, Archive, Live TV and TV Games running from our HbbTV Playout KIT.


Appear TV
Stand 1.C61

Appear TV, a leading provider of next-generation high-quality video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming, will showcase a range of its hardware and software solutions at IBC 2019. In addition, Appear TV will feature its low-latency Video Assisted Referee (VAR) contribution solution at the booth.

Adaptive Bitrate Linear Packager (ABR)

Today’s viewers watch content across a myriad of devices, from traditional TV to smartphones, tablets and laptops. As part of Appear TV’s OTT software portfolio, the Adaptive Bitrate Linear Packager (ABR) provides different resolutions and video streams depending on the type of device being used, while maintaining quality video. It adapts video quality to changing network conditions dynamically, providing optimal user experience according to bandwidth.

ABR is more than a packager, it is a powerful video segmentation engine that provides high-performance storage with internal and external options, just-in-time packager/DRM engine, origin server and optional offline encoding/transcoding. The software complements an encoder to produce streamable content and can adapt to varying workflows without affecting the end user, which contributes to overall user improvement.

Updates to the X-Series Platform

Appear TV’s X-Series (X10/X20) offers the complete spectrum of encoding codecs, and helps broadcasters adopt the many benefits of an IP-centric operation in their own timeframe and with extreme simplicity. The modulator also has an RF input that can be connected to a backup transponder, which can then be routed to the main output in case of a hardware failure on the main transponder. The X10 and X20 can each output two transponders featuring switchable L-band or Intermediate Frequency (IF) with 72 Mbaud bandwidth.


Stand 1.D71

ATEME, the emerging leader in video delivery solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT, will be demonstrating its latest innovations at this year’s IBC Show, including its new TITAN Playout solution, to highlight its ongoing support for content providers, service providers and new media as they enter a new era of broadcasting..

Visitors to ATEME’s booth (Hall 1. D71) will be able to find out more about TITAN Playout, which is the ideal answer to the growing demand for tailored video content: enabling both the origination of 24/7 linear TV channels and the easy creation of popup channels for short-term events or personalized programming on D2C/OTT services.

Additionally, ATEME will demonstrate its latest video quality improvements across all codecs and major latency reductions, as well as:

  • the latest additions to its feature-rich TITAN modular family and how it helps customers to migrate to full-IP workflows thanks to high-density SMPTE 2022-5/6 and SMPTE 2110;
  • its Content Adaptive Encoding set of tools built on Machine Learning algorithms which allow service providers and pure OTT players to reduce bitrate, and so CDN costs, by up to 50% with the same video quality;
  • ATEME’s linear/file full microservices converged headend running live on the booth from hybrid cloud and covering all use cases for delivery to any screen, up to and including UHD, HEVC, Dolby AC-4 and DASH for 5G;
  • its AMS application, which offers new views like service management and a scheduler for ad insertion/blackout used by content and service providers to monetize their channels’ line-up;
  • an end-to-end AV1 processing chain based on TITAN for encoding and decoding using Broadcom’s BCM72180 AV1 set-top box prepping a new era for OTT services;
  • its ‘Future Zone’ which will display 8K streams encoded in various use cases by TITAN and how it has a key role in upcoming standards like VVC and AV2 to make this new end-user experience a success.

After months of live trials using the award-winning Kyrion and TITAN solutions, ATEME will also showcase how BISS-CA, the EBU’s open, interoperable and secured standard, allows broadcasters to secure high-value content in contribution and distribution to combat streaming privacy.

Remi Beaudouin, Chief Strategy Officer, ATEME said: “We’ll be exhibiting a number of exciting developments at this year’s IBC, including our new product, TITAN Playout. Ahead of the event, we will also be making our latest white paper “The Single Critical Factor for High-Quality Streaming, Now and Forever’’ available to download which will explain how our technology allows those in the broadcast industry to go beyond the classic cost vs quality debate to enable a simpler and more fundamental concept: value.”


IABM lounge, Hall 4 Level 2

Bitmax, the digital media management and licensing company, will be at IBC 2019 showcasing its Maestro content orchestration system. They will be meeting with content owners, distribution partners and technology suppliers in the IABM lounge in Hall 4, Level 2.

The Maestro content orchestration system was launched at NAB earlier this year, and since then has been used by a number of content owners and platforms including Here Media, Distribution Solutions and High Octane Pictures.

Maestro is a symphony of tools and services, not just software, providing a seamless

process for licensing and selling content across platforms such as iTunes, Prime, Netflix and Vudu. Content owners and distribution partners are able to:

  • Plan and execute monetisation strategies across all OTT platforms including transactional view based SVOD to ad-supported AVOD
  • Log in and initiate order and track assets across the supply chain
  • Create Avails
  • Customise and auto ingest asset package elements
  • Confirm carriage confirmation
  • Process royalties
  • Eliminates redundant forms

With 24 hour customer service, content owners around the world are able to plan and execute distribution to a variety of OTT platforms.

Jim Riley, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer, Bitmax, said: “We’ve had a great response from content owners and platform partners to our Maestro orchestration system since launching it in April. The service provides a total monetization approach to managing and delivering content in the complex worlds of AVOD, SVOD and TVOD. We’re excited to show the services to the European market at IBC.”


Stand 14.E12

Bitmovin, a world leader in innovative cloud-based video streaming solutions will reveal at IBC how it is enabling developers to play, encode and analyze video seamlessly, in broadcast quality, anywhere. Visitors will see a dozen new demonstrations showing how cutting edge entertainment experiences can be delivered to audiences using Bitmovin products:

  • Encoding: Bitmovin Video Encoding delivers high-quality streams to every device, processing videos for MPEG-DASH and HLS 100x faster than real-time. Including support for Per-Title Encoding and Multi-codec streaming, the container-based architecture enables agile media companies to deploy modern virtualized encoding servers across a variety of environments from full cloud, to fully on-premise, to any hybrid combination in between.
  • Player: The Bitmovin Player delivers high-quality video everywhere. The dynamic solution addresses device compatibility, platform updates, new streaming formats/codecs, content protection and advertising support – enabling  service providers to deliver advanced, differentiated experiences that support a range of monetisation strategies.
  • Analytics: Bitmovin Analytics delivers real-time insight into video performance and audience behavior to empower strategic decision making. Service providers and content owners can monitor end-to-end video performance metrics from the encoder right through to playback and make adjustments to deliver the best possible viewing experience.

Bitmovin will be bringing its interactive, hands-on developer learning lab to IBC for the first time. Taking place on Friday 13th September in a dedicated zone in Hall 4,  the four-hour workshop will provide attendees with advanced, practical techniques for enhancing video streaming workflows, including best practices from industry leaders.

“Digital video delivery is becoming increasingly competitive and while the battle lines have been drawn around content, the companies that will emerge triumphant are the ones that are the quickest to deliver high-quality multi screen experiences,” said Stefan Lederer, CEO at Bitmovin. “Visitors to IBC will be able to get hands-on with the latest advanced technologies and have the opportunity to join our learning lab sessions where we’ll be sharing the latest techniques powering the future of digital video.”

Bitmovin also invites IBC attendees to join its series of hourly on-stand  “pop up” presentations featuring practical guides for enhancing video streaming from its video experts and trusted technology partners.


Black Box
Stand 8.B59

Black Box will showcase products across its high-performance Emerald™ Unified KVM (keyboard, mouse, video) portfolio and introduce the new MCX AV-over-IP system in Europe. The Black Box stand, 8.B59, will feature demo areas that address the need for convenient and intuitive real-time access to multiple computers from multiple locations, whether across rooms, floors, buildings, sites, or even cities. Black Box offers consultation and tech support services along with every solution delivered, and the company’s representatives at IBC2019 will highlight complete IP-based and 4K AV visualization and distribution solutions tailored to the unique requirements of modern control rooms, post and media productions, and broadcast playout environments.

Remote App for Black Box Emerald Unified KVM Platform

At IBC2019, the Remote App for the Emerald Unified KVM platform will make its European debut. The first-of-its-kind software-based solution gives authorized users simultaneous remote access to one or more sources — PCs, servers, or virtual machines — across an Emerald KVM network, enabling cost savings as well as greater flexibility, ease of access, and efficiency. Supporting multiple simultaneous connections and industry-leading performance for full-HD video up to 45 fps, the new Emerald Remote App is ideal for tasks such as remote process and applications monitoring. With authentication against the award-winning Boxilla™ KVM network manager from Black Box, the Remote App offers users a convenient list of connections and provides access quickly and easily, just like a standard hardware-based system. However, because the Remote App is not tethered to a fixed location, users can access the Emerald KVM network from anywhere using their own computers or laptops.

ZeroU DVI Transmitter for Emerald Unified KVM Platform

At IBC2019, Black Box will showcase the new Emerald ZeroU DVI transmitter for the company’s award-winning, high-performance Emerald Unified KVM platform. A little bigger than a smartphone, the compact ZeroU transmitter works with the Emerald SE receiver to give users a seamless desktop experience anywhere on a TCP/IP network — with actual hardware housed securely in a corporate data center or in the cloud. With dimensions of 7(w) x 15.5(l) x 2.5(h) cm, the ZeroU device is ideal for applications in which space is limited or costly. Supporting visually lossless full HD DVI video up to 1920 x 1200 and requiring less than 40 Mbps of bandwidth for 1080p video, the transmitter brings high-performance connectivity to a wide variety of applications including broadcast, postproduction, and more. Like all Emerald devices, the ZeroU transmitter can be managed by Boxilla, the award-winning KVM network management system from Black Box.

Black Box MCX Multimedia Management System

Officially launching in Europe is the new Black Box MCX multimedia distribution and management system. The solution takes advantage of SDVoE and modern 10 GbE infrastructure to allow AV and data payloads to exist on the same IT networks. Through advanced chipset technology, common control APIs, and interoperability, SDVoE technology ensures zero latency and uncompromised video while offering significant cost savings along with enhanced system flexibility and scalability.

While enabling truly converged network AV, Black Box MCX ensures almost zero latency, instantaneous switching, bandwidth efficiency, and high-quality video and audio. MCX simplifies and accelerates the process of consolidating AV and data on a single network, enabling organizations in virtually any industry to reduce network management time and costs, as well as total cost of ownership. Rather than deploy an entirely new network, users can take advantage of the software-defined solution to leverage existing infrastructure for delivery of better-quality audio and video, which can translate to greater customer satisfaction and faster time to revenue.


Bridge Technologies
Stand 1.A71

At IBC 2019, Bridge Technologies will have its largest and most prominent stand to date, located strategically at the main entrance to Hall 1 – stand 1.A71.

“We’ll be able to meet many more prospective customers, and show a much more representative selection of our broad product range than we’ve been able to before,” said Simen K Frostad, Chairman, Bridge Technologies. “We’ll also have more space to welcome our existing customers and partners, and make them even more comfortable.”

Upstairs on the Bridge Technologies stand will be the NOMAD Café. Not only will it provide an excellent space for meeting and relaxing, but it will also feature demonstrations of NOMAD, the ultimate highly portable, all-in-one monitoring and analysis solution for the technician on the move.

“We also have an exciting announcement we will be making at IBC that will confirm our technology leadership in helping our customers manage their networks,” Frostad continued. “We will, once again, be well ahead of the game, providing the solutions today that our customers will need tomorrow.”

The larger stand area provides Bridge Technologies with the opportunity to showcase its well-known end-to-end monitoring and analysis solutions.

Bridge Technologies will be discussing with visitors the continuing high level of interest in, and success of, the VB330 network probe with its unique support for Remote PHY/L2TP. This makes the VB330 suitable for unpacking and monitoring the multicasts targeted towards Remote PHY CCAP nodes – and thus the ideal probe for cable operators looking to maximise the quality of experience they offer to their customers.

Visitors will also be able to see for themselves the range of application areas beyond IP network management that Bridge Technologies’ solutions address, such as RF interfaces, satellite, terrestrial and broadband cable. For RF, for example, Bridge Technologies offers the VB120 broadcast probe, an efficient and powerful monitoring solution, covering the most commonly available signal formats. In particular, the VB120 is capable of monitoring IP unicasts and multicasts, OTT/ABR streams as well as a whole range of RF formats.

For satellite, one of the solutions Bridge Technologies can offer is the VB273 Intelligent Redundancy Switch which provides full dual path redundancy for satellite signals with autonomous operation and deep signal analysis on both signal paths for the ultimate in switching decision making. The solution is ideal for providing fast and robust redundancy switching for permanently installed satellite up-links or in outside broadcast systems.

Among Bridge Technologies OTT solutions is the VB288 network probe, which performs objective video and audio monitoring of MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 and H.265/HEVC streams and offers a unique web browser-based remote video-wall capability providing full visual status from anywhere.  Also available is the microVB system, a breakthrough in both form-factor and functionality for real-time analysis of access network and customer home network performance. This unobtrusive device provides deep packet inspection and end-to-end visibility in broadcast quality media delivery over any IP-based infrastructure including OTT media in unmanaged networks.

The market-leading VB440 dual 100 Gigabit Ethernet network probe, with its intuitive Instrument View user interface, will be on display catering for the production industry, and can also be seen as part of the IP Showcase and Future Zone.

As always, the social side of Bridge Technologies’ presence at IBC will be to the fore, with mojitos on the Friday and Saturday. As at previous shows, Bridge Technologies will also be hosting boat trips on Amsterdam’s legendary canals through Monday.


Stand 5.B78

The video streaming market is growing rapidly, and 5G networks promise to shape the future of content delivery on mobile devices. As content providers and pay-TV operators look to capitalize on new business and monetization opportunities, they need scalable, cost-effective content delivery solutions that ensure a flawless quality of experience across all screens, whether delivered over managed or unmanaged networks.

At IBC2019, Broadpeak will demonstrate its elastic CDN, multicast ABR (mABR), video streaming over satellite, personalized ad insertion, and local video-caching solutions, with examples of large-scale real-world deployments. Broadpeak’s ultra-low latency, Android TV, Cloud PVR, and 5G technologies will also be on display, showcasing how these innovations are leading the charge for better QoE and efficient content delivery.

Reduce CDN Costs With Local Video-Caching Technology

As broadcasters and content providers look to lower CDN costs, Broadpeak’s BroadCache Box offers a unique solution that leverages local video-caching technology. At IBC2019, Broadpeak will demonstrate how HBO Latin America is using its BroadCache Box to dramatically reduce CDN costs while boosting subscribers’ QoE by deploying local caches into operators’ networks. Since the content is streamed from a location closer to end users, latency and network congestion are reduced, resulting in higher video bit rates, faster start times, and uninterrupted viewing sessions.

Enhance Content Quality With umbrellaCDN and CDN Diversity

Broadpeak’s umbrellaCDN CDN selector allows content providers to choose the best CDN’s for streaming their content. At IBC2019, Broadpeak will highlight video-analytics features and CDN Diversity, a groundbreaking feature of umbrellaCDN that allows content providers to dynamically take into account the instantaneous quality of several CDNs as a service, combine their contributions, and deliver the content at a quality level exceeding what would be achievable with the best CDN alone.

Record, Package, Protect, and Deliver Video Content in All ABR Formats

Broadpeak’s BkS350 Origin Server and Packager improves multiscreen video delivery on managed or open internet networks through unique on-the-fly packaging and cache-management capabilities. At IBC2019, Broadpeak will showcase its BkS350 Origin Server and Packager, which supports all streaming formats including low-latency CMAF and a wide range of applications, including live, VOD, cloud time-shifting, start-over, and catch-up TV. The BkS350 platform can be run on hardware or virtual machine, providing operators with maximum deployment flexibility. By providing an easy migration path from QAM to IP distribution, the BkS350 increases video-delivery efficiencies and cost savings.

Innovations for 5G and Mobile Video Delivery:

Broadpeak has taken an active role in providing solutions to optimize video delivery over 5G for use cases that include local caching, cell congestion management, and service routing. At IBC2019, Broadpeak® and Telstra will demonstrate an innovative solution that optimizes video quality and efficiency over fixed and mobile networks. The joint solution combines Broadpeak’s umbrellaCDN/BkA100 analytics with Telstra’s intelligence in mobile sports apps and real-time network awareness to increase video streaming quality and efficiency for telco operators while providing the best possible QoE for end users.

Broadpeak’s technologies have been successfully used in 5G trials in collaboration with the SaT5G project and the industry consortium 5G-Xcast, groups whose goal is to develop broadcast and multicast communication enablers for the fifth generation of wireless systems.

Innovations for Satellite Operators:

Broadpeak’s nanoCDN multicast ABR technology for satellite is at the heart of the ready-to-deploy, cost-effective solution for OTT delivery, allowing operators to address scalable, multiscreen streaming with transmission over satellite. At IBC2019, Broadpeak will showcase innovative use cases and new business opportunities for mABR for satellite, including direct-to-home OTT, 5G backhaul, mobility, and VSAT.

Innovations for Pay-TV Operators:

At IBC2019, Broadpeak will demonstrate how IPTV DASH enables a better-quality television experience on all screens compared with IPTV. Using Broadpeak’s CDN and its nanoCDN multicast ABR solutions, pay-TV operators can deliver content on managed set-top boxes (STBs) and open devices via IPTV DASH. Broadpeak’s solutions have been successfully deployed on more than 100 devices, including Android TV and Apple TV. Through the implementation of mABR in MPEG-DASH (or HLS) format, operators can benefit from the greater flexibility offered by OTT combined with the scalability and low latency offered by IPTV.

A variety of premium IPTV DASH applications will be showcased at IBC2019, including:

• Ultra-low latency: Broadpeak’s nanoCDN Multicast ABR solution enables ultra-low latency on every screen in all ABR formats, including HLS. New features for nanoCDN will be demonstrated, such as CMAF format and chunked transfer encoding, which further decrease latency for OTT live streaming. The feature can also be used to synchronize all the devices in the same home network.

• Multicast ABR for Android TV: Broadpeak enables the easy integration of mABR with Android TV. At IBC2019, Broadpeak will, for the first time, showcase its mABR TV Input, which plugs into the Android TV Input Framework (TIF) on Technicolor STBs.

• End-to-end Android TV ecosystems: At IBC2019, Broadpeak will present a range of the pre-integrated, end-to-end, technical Android TV ecosystems that include the company’s video delivery technologies.

• 4K UHD HDR video streaming: Broadpeak’s nanoCDN solution supports premium video delivery with the highest quality. We are proud to be collaborating with Dolby® to showcase its industry leading Dolby Vision technology at the Broadpeak booth at IBC2019.

• Personalized ad insertion: By leveraging manifest manipulation, Broadpeak can insert or replace video content to help operators and content providers monetize their live and on-demand services with the highest value.

All the components used to build these solutions can be deployed on COTS hardware or virtual machines, or as containers in a dockerized system, bringing an unmatched level of elasticity.