IBC Exhibitors E – F

Stand 8.B37

Embrionix will feature its range of software-defined (SMPTE ST 2110) IP conversion and processing solutions geared toward simplifying the path toward and during the transition to IP. The company will highlight its emVIRTU IP-to-IP media processing and core infrastructure platform, as well as its emFUSION and emVIEW IP gateways. IBC2019 attendees also will have the chance to explore the Embrionix emSFP range of SFP-based IP gateways and to take a look at the company’s emQUAD and emSFP-QUAD multiviewers.

emVIRTU IP-to-IP Media Processing Platform for HD up to UHD

The award-winning emVIRTU IP-to-IP media processing and core infrastructure platform from Embrionix is housed in a high-density, 1RU frame that is packed with serious IP media processing power for mission-critical and all-IP media production environments. The platform offers an efficient, passive-frame design that allows users to minimize energy costs and cabling while optimizing space. With aggregation bandwidth reaching up to 1.6Tb/s, the platform is also designed to allow broadcasters and other users to produce high-resolution UHD, HD, and 3G content efficiently and without constraints.

For UHD environments, the platform is designed to offer up to 64 IP processing functions from its small footprint. The Embrionix platform supports a modular approach, enabling the selective addition of virtualized processing functionalities such as frame synchronization, up/down/cross-conversion, and multiviewer capabilities.

emFUSION and emVIEW IP Gateways

Embrionix will showcase the company’s compact emFUSION-6 SDI-to/from-IP and IP-to-HDMI gateway with support for HD, 3G, and SMPTE ST 2110 UHD. The software-defined, stand-alone gateway is ideal for remote broadcast production, interconnecting SDI signals to an IP infrastructure via a single 25GE aggregation link or via dual links for (SMPTE ST 2022-7) hitless redundancy. The emFUSION-6 supports up to three channels of encapsulation and three channels of de-encapsulation. Black burst can be extracted from the PTP to synchronize cameras.

The compact emVIEW IP-to-HDMI 2.0 gateway from Embrionix offers universal support for all 4K/UHD signal formats and resolutions up to 4K/UHD 60Hz/hitless redundancy, with support for any wide, linear, and narrow sender. Making the most of a 25GE IP interface (hitless), this versatile gateway guards the integrity of the 4K/UHD image on an HDMI display, regardless of signal type or format, whether from a quad ST 2110 1080p flow (Square Division or Two Sample Interleaved) or a single SMPTE ST 2110 4K/UHD flow.

emSFP SMPTE ST 2110 All-IP Down-Converter

This miniaturized emSFP SMPTE ST 2110 all-IP-to-SD/HD/3G down-converter from Embrionix enables 4K UHD IP content to be seamlessly viewed and monitored on a HDMI display in a lower resolution while maintaining the sharpness of the original IP signal. The unit will be demonstrated at IBC2019 with a variety of new all-IP up/cross-conversion options.

emQUAD and emSFP-QUAD Multiviewers

Embrionix will showcase its versatile emQUAD quad-split multiviewers and its miniaturized emSFP multiviewers, which enable smart IP monitoring on HDMI displays. The emQUAD creates a mosaic view from four SMPTE ST 2110 streams and can be installed neatly on the back of any HDMI monitor. The emSFP-QUAD will be demonstrated creating a 16-image mosaic from SMPTE ST 2110 IP streams.


Stand 8.B90

Innovative design and the latest technologies, including machine learning and native support for IP, are the driving force behind new production and storytelling solutions on show from EVS at IBC2019. On stand 8.B90, EVS presents its future lean production solutions offering live production standards accessible at lower operational costs. Full IP interoperability and integration with third-party tools are also inherent in all new EVS solutions and updates.

IBC attendees will see the launch of a new automated multi-camera positioning and framing system that analyzes the images of robotic camera feeds in real time and guides these cameras toward the live action with the appropriate zoom. Designed and tested to precisely mimic the movements of human camera operators, the solution uses machine learning enabled by VIA Mind, EVS’ AI-driven functionalities and assistance component that assists operators to focus more creatively through the automation of certain tasks.

The new solution integrates seamlessly with the EVS X-One unified production system for ‘lean production.’ X-One ingests up to six camera feeds, no matter the source – humanly operated cameras, autonomous cameras or a mix of both – enabling low-cost, broadcast-standard live productions of small and mid-sized events.


Stand 2.A51

Facilis, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks today announced that IBC2019 will see the first European presentation of its newly shipped HUB Shared Storage System, and previews of version 8.0 HUB software management. Built as an entirely new platform, Facilis HUB represents the evolution of the Facilis Shared File System with the block-level virtualization and multi-connectivity performance required for demanding media production workflows. Additionally, version 7.2 of the Facilis system software and FastTracker 3.0 is now available and included in all HUB systems.

“The newest HUB Server boasts incredible performance that, when compared to other systems of a similar performance, enters at an incredible price point. The Tyrell team have always been fans of Facilis and we are excited by the potential of this system,” said Dan Muchmore, Sales and Marketing Director, Tyrell.

Tommy Sassenberg, Technical Director, Story House, said “After successfully having used Facilis shared storage systems for a number of years, updating to the new HUB solution was a logical choice. The integration of the new system into our edit facility has been seamless and very easy. The new architecture offers not only a significant increase in speed, but we’re also seeing much improved stability and reliability. Continuing to rely with our post production on a Facilis shared storage system has again absolutely been the right decision for Story House.”


Stand 14.B42

Fincons Group, a leading IT business consultancy, is proud to announce it is attending IBC2019. The Group is an IBC veteran and has been attending since 2007. This year Fincons has planned a series of activities that will make it impossible to miss!

Fincons will be presenting its latest projects and technology alongside clients at its booth (B42 – Hall 14). Visitors will be introduced to exciting new developments in Next Gen Hybrid TV and in the next AI-enabled level of TV transformation: from Brand Monitoring and Shoppable Contents, to Contextual Advertising, but also Face Recognition applications to bring Rights Management to the next level. Real-life case studies will help explore the topics that are revolutionizing TV as we know it such as Interactive and Addressable Advertising, Multi-dimensional Rights Management, OTT solutions, Metadata and Media Asset Management, focusing on how these solutions can be harnessed to improve media business operations and profitability.

“We’ve just had a very positive NAB Show experience where we were able to present European broadcasting innovation to a market that is just starting to grapple with Hybrid TV, but at the same time promises to run very fast in its business transformation” confirms Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO Fincons Group and CEO Fincons.US. “We’re now delighted to bring to IBC2019 our broad international view of the media industry enriched by what we have acquired in the US, where we showcased at the last NAB in Vegas the first full stack ATSC3.0 implementation running on prototype TV sets provided by the major international manufacturers.”

Thanks to the company’s investment in research and its involvement with EU programmes such as Horizon 2020, Fincons will also showcase the AI-enabled project “Content4All” that aims to create a photorealistic 3D human avatar for sign-interpreted content creation, to enable cost-effective personalisation of content for the hearing impaired without disrupting overall viewing experience and to develop automatic sign-language translation. The project will be presented at stand F02 (Accessibility Cluster) in the Future Zone, a specially curated space dedicated to the very latest ideas, innovations and concept technologies from international industry and academia.

Michele Moretti, Fincons Group CEO, comments: “IT and digital transformation are no longer a nice-to-have, rather, they are taking on an increasingly critical role in defining business strategy. We are directly involved on this front and support our clients in this important task even by enabling new business models. The experience developed working in different markets is critical and, for example, our experience in Europe has been fundamental for our American expansion. At the same time, what we learnt and developed in the US further bolsters the capabilities and value we offer in Europe where we are in fact continuing to expand, as demonstrated by the opening of our new office in Munich, Germany.”

Francesco Moretti will also be delivering a speech alongside Gianluca D’Aniello, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President at the Associated Press, presenting their successful “Product & Price Configurator” project. In response to the rapidly evolving news distribution market, AP called on Fincons Group to help them develop a new software tool which enables the flexible unbundling and repackaging of content based on several criteria and improves product and price definitio


Stand 2.A51

For years FOR-A has been at the forefront of 12G-SDI/4K technology, designing and manufacturing production switchers, video servers, keyers and test signal generators that support both 12G-SDI/4K and 3G-SDI/HD resolution. At IBC 2019 the company will again highlight its wide range of 12G-SDI/4K systems but will also emphasize the capabilities of its video-over-IP compatible technology. Other FOR-A booth highlights will include HDR upgrades to the FA-9600 signal processor and FT-ONE-SS4K Ultra High-Speed Camera.

Video-Over-IP Highlights

IP video solutions taking the spotlight for FOR-A at IBC include FOR-A’s SOM-100 media orchestration platform, the USF-10IP IP Gateway, and the MBP-1000VS-IP video server, transmission system in collaboration with MediaLinks.  In addition to those, FOR-A’s IP IF product line-up includes video switchers, processors and test signal generators.

An integrated baseband/IP control and monitoring system, the SOM-100 is designed for use in a mixed SDI/IP environment. The SOM-100 offers seamless operation of a variety of video equipment, monitored centrally from its interface. SDI and IP routing switchers are managed as one routing switcher in a virtual group. It can execute routing system control and process control, so that it supports collective operational changes of multiple pieces of equipment and executes time reservation. The system also features a web interface for easy access from multiple computers.

A 12G-SDI/IP multi-channel video server, the MBP-1000VS is ideal for 4K editing environments, offering multi-input/output 4K and HD support and ingest, playout and 4K  recording functionality. Users can choose from three SSD capacities with maximum 15TB to meet their system needs and can add an LTO option for immediate archiving of captured 4K material or extended recording.

New at IBC this year, the 12G-SDI/IP USF-101MDX4-12G/101MDX8-12G audio multiplexer/demultiplexer supports eight channels of AES I/O. It can support transfer rates of 270Mbps to 12Gbps.

The ESG-4200 12G/IP test signal generator will also be on hand in FOR-A’s IBC booth. The ESG-4200 supports 12G-SDI, Video-over-IP SMPTE ST2022-6 or ST2110 interfaces and provides a range of audio and 4K video testing.

An optional SFP connector that supports an IP interface on the 3 M/E HANABI HVS-6000 will be shown for the first time in Europe at IBC. The HVS-6000 newly offers 25G IP input/output capability and HD input capability. Offering 12G-SDI capability on all inputs and outputs, the 12G-SDI production switcher uses a single cable link. Video signals are processed throughout as a single image. The HVS-6000 is a 12 RU switcher, with a maximum of 80 inputs/32 outputs or 64 inputs/48 outputs at 4K operations.

12G-SDI Solution

FOR-A’s new FRC-9100 builds upon the success of the FRC-9000 frame rate converter, delivering full motion compensation high-quality frame rate conversion. Designed for live broadcast transmission, the system offers up to two independent 3G/HD/SD-SDI frame rate converters, along with optional 4K and 12G-SDI support.  The FRC-9000 has a proven track record for the broadcast conversion of, live sports, and other live applications, offering high quality real-time conversion.

Support for Live HDR Production

The new version of FOR-A’s popular FA-9600 multi-purpose signal processor supports 3D LUT for advanced color grading and Sony’s SR Live workflow for live HDR production. The FA-9600 flexibility allows for customers own LUT’s to be loaded into the FA-9600 and saved to a user LUT for instant recall. The dual-channel unit provides HDR and Wide Color Gamut support and conversion of multiple formats, such as: 12G-SDI, 4K (UHD), 1080p, and SD/HD-SDI. SR Live for HDR to 2K-SDR down conversion provides the same picture quality without deterioration. Each of the FA-9600 processor’s two HD/SD-SDI inputs includes a frame synchronizer. Because the multi-purpose signal processor features 12G-SDI terminals, optional software opens the door to 4K(UHD) production.

Specially designed for live, instant replay in ultra-slow motion, the FT-ONE-SS4K ultra high-speed camera is another IBC booth highlight. The FT-ONE-SS4K camera offers UHD frame rates of up to 1000 frames per second, along with a 4K real-time live output. The use of native 2/3-inch imagers, enables the use of standard 4K broadcast lens (B4 bayonet) directly with the cameras. With a 2.5 stop light advantage over previous generations of super slow-motion cameras, the FT-ONE-SS4K offers higher frame rate image capture than was possible before. During one of the most prestigious football tournaments this year, several FT-ONE-SS4K camera systems were used in the live broadcast from Madrid.